Monday, April 5, 2010

slurp it from your palm

hey guys, it's the day after easter, so i don't have to cringe at any more OMG JESUS WUZ A ZOMBIE jokes !

my weekend played out exactly like i described it ! on friday, i got out of work at 2 and came home and started a new chewbacca. that last one was so fucked up and gigantic ! i managed to get it down to the correct size (4.5") and finish it this weekend, but it's still obviously my first project. the stuffing came through in a few places and his eyes are crooked and i forgot to sew his face on before i sewed him up so i had to improvise after, and he unfortunately did not get a nose.


overall i'm pretty pleased that i learned a new skill but making that teeny bandolier was so annoying that i may never crochet again.

on saturday, christina and i went to whole foods to get groceries. i bought um.. "sandwich flats"? which may be good for eating veggie burgers on since i'm not into hamburger buns (though hot dog buns are my fave?)


i also got some icelandic chocolate easter eggs which i forgot about and are probably melting somewhere, 2lbs of strawberries, weird vegetarian meatballs, and like... yogurt? maybe. it's all irrelevant though because i forgot to bring any of it to work with me so i'll be eating whatever i can scavenge here, which includes two reeses peanut butter eggs so far. we also went to loop so i could pick up my yarn. i got some more berroco vintage to finish some projects, and one of these things that is oddly called a kacha kacha?

kacha kacha

saturday night, mouse, christina, and i went out to adobe in manayunk for dinner. i was weirdly not hungry so i ordered a salad and broccoli bisque. the salad was just like, the saddest salad in the universe (2 slices of cucumber, 3 slices of mushroom, 2 slices of tomato, 2 slices of green pepper, 4 pieces of shredded carrot, and lettuce) and i um, forgot what bisque is? haha. so i was kinda disappointed to get... bisque. i also got a half pitcher of white sangria which turns out was too much sangria for one person. i don't know what happened but i'm suddenly bad at eating at restaurants...? haha


after dinner, we drove out to chestnut hill (or mt. airy?) to go to the ice cream trolley.

trolley car

it's in a beautiful area and everything, but the allure is that SOMETIMES they have tofutti and mouse can have ice cream too. they didn't have any on saturday, but i'd made him a vegan easter basket so he had treats too.

easter basket
jelly bellies, orbit bubblemint gum, panda black licorice, marzipan ritter sport

i got a waffle cone with soft serve and rainbow sprinkles (the best) and christina got birthday cake ice cream, and then we drove around for awhile looking at chestnut hill in the dark. it was a really beautiful night spent with my favorite people on earth (minus jeanne d. and my mom ! haha).

on sunday, i tried to clean my room. i separated my laundry into four piles:

- garbage
- dirty
- clean
- not dirty but not quite clean

and threw out any trash in my room + the garbage clothes (i had NOTHING to donate because i don't take care of my clothes and everything is from old navy and is like, holey as hell), bagged up the dirty laundry, put away the laundry that was already folded... and left a bunch of not dirty not clean stuff all over the floor. it looks leaps and bounds better, but even doing that took me like five hours because i hateeeee cleaning and didn't want to do it and kept complaining ! haha.

after that, mike came over and we went to get food (i got beet salad which turned out to be raw and gross, ravioli pasta salad with asparagus, sundried tomatoes, and olives, citrus roasted potatoes, and an orange) and ate it in clark park by the dog bowl with christina.

dog bowl
the dog bowl in wintery months

it was so beautiful out and we got to see the cutest toddler (her dad gave us a flier for a craft fair at the firehouse next weekend ! i may stop by, but christina will be in boston) and the best dogs. it was pretty weird, there was a teeny puppy on the blanket next to us who was identical to mike's old dog molly.


after that we came back to our house and christina and mike ignored me for warcraft huhuhuhuh while i crocheted. i guess i was ignoring them for crocheting, too. we also watched the next episode of the pacific but mike aggressively "who's that guy?"'d me so i missed a lot of the fine details. um, it didn't exactly strike me as gripping and entertaining though. god damnit, why isn't the pacific any good yet? it's also weird that i find the dude playing leckie to be super hot


and his character is by far the most, um, "meaty", and he's the best actor so far of the main characters (i have high hopes for joseph mazzello but he hasn't been in it much yet), but like... i just fucking hate his character? he's so pompous and arrogant and they're writing him so heavy-handed. ugh. anyway, i'll report later once i watch the episode.

nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww i'm at work and i've already eaten so much candy and am basically cornholio right now

have you seen my portfolio?

so i'm going to go do the handful of things i have on deck for the day and maybe watch some netflix instant viewing while i do it.


  1. i keep forgetting to take my cornholio portrait (cornholiortrait?)!

    is kacha kacha supposed to be an onomatopoeia? if so, i am into it.

  2. you should add a cornholio photo to your... portfolio.

    i think kacha kacha is an onomatopoeia ! i can't find any information about it online anywhere.

  3. oh man those sandwich flats have become a STAPLE FOOD in my house. except you can't use too many condiments with them b/c they leak through the holes (heh heh heh heh).


  4. i can't wait to try them ! i wish i hadn't forgotten them, i had to suffer through a bun today :(