Thursday, April 29, 2010

if you liked it then you should have put a thing on it

hayyyy. yesterday was pretty cool ! i had to work a little late, but afterward mouse came over. i've been feeling kind of bummed and anxious lately and i think spending time with people is the uh, ointment i need. christina has been doing a good job of hanging out with me and listening to all my stupid jokes (and doing stuff like absentmindedly singing, "ooh vaginas are a place on girls" in the hallway to the tune of the belinda carlisle song).

we mostly ate food and watched DVR'd simpsons episodes (including one of the alltime worst episodes, the one with tony hawk where bart gets emancipated):

bart sad

we got chinese food, but i just got soup because i wasn't really hungry. christina came home while we were hanging out and she did a little spinning and laughed at like, every single thing marge said or did (which is cute, because i always say marge reminds me of christina's bff jess).

we also watched part of the 11th inning of the phillies/giants game !!! it was 5-5, and i'd like to give a shoutout to my man eugenio velez for playing like a chump


and giving us two runs.

after that, i tanked an icc10 on my paladin ! we got up through the plague quarter but couldn't get putricide down- one of the healers had to split, and one of the dps kept getting disconnected. i didn't do perfectly, but i think i did okay, and i learned about some paladin shit i was too lazy to learn before ! haha. i get too embarrassed to ask questions sometimes (related to being a woman- i'm afraid people will think i'm a shitty player or dumb because i'm a woman, but it's actually cause i'm a lazy player ! and i get pre-emptively indignant), and people call paladin abilities by nicknames (plus all the abilities are some combination of holy, divine, hammer, and light), so when people ask me to use (insert nickname of spell) i never know what to do.

saltpeter on the outskirts of dalaran

what else? oh yeah, i wanted to talk about the biggest injustice in world history. mike linked me to this article about bizarre victorian taxidermied things that sold at auction when a museum of weird victorian shit closed down, and this sasquatch sold for $1000:


i could totally fucking afford that and NO ONE TOLD ME ABOUT IT UNTIL AFTER THE AUCTION. why is this life !

tonight is knitting group + 25 man raid. i'm excited because christina told me that her coworker, kathleen, is coming tonight, and kathleen is cool ! plus maybe some of the actual group members will be there tonight and i'll make even more friends ! and we're finally moving on to tougher content in our 25 mans because we have new recruits, so i'm excited !

p.s. jess also linked me to this earlier. female fronted punk rock mix tape, 1977-1989. download it, get psyched, be a woman (or an ally to women).
p.p.s. last night i heard a tom waits song on tv and i thought it was everlast.


  1. I like to sing "If I like it then I better put a wig on it!!!" and picture myself walking around putting wigs on things that I like.

  2. hahah mine was inspired by our friend kristen, who said it the other day and haunted my brain with it.

  3. i wish i had known about that auction sooner. I also have no idea how you wouldve bid? but that would have been the BEST mail delivery day ever if you won it. could you imagine signing for a SASQUATCH?!

  4. i get my UPS packages at work so i'd have to take it home on the trolley

  5. oh my god your belinda carlisle remix <3!!@#1<3

    ps my capcha is COITING hahhah

  6. christina is like... the best?