Tuesday, April 20, 2010

bruce willis jr.

hey dudes ! yesterday i walked home from work because it was nice out and came home and hid in my room ! i unraveled that stupid sock and started over, which was a total bummer, but it was basically going to be a baby sock if i didn't do it. i had chocolate cheerios for dinner:

chocolate cheerios

i've been looking forward to trying these for awhile. i don't like cereal really, but i like cheerios and would like them more if they were sweeter. i LOVE cocoa puffs, but i find the shape to be detrimental to my mouth skin. i had cocoa puffs for the first time a year or two ago when i went to the weird cereal restaurant by my office (now out of business)


they seemed right up my alley, and i had to basically beg the people working there to not add anything to them (a small cereal came with THREE TOPPINGS and they wanted me to add like, chocolate chips or marshmallows to it ! i'm not CALIGULA !!!!), and then i ate them and like, cocoa puffs are like manna from heaven. i would be eating them right now if i had a wolverine mouth that healed itself immediately. oh, but yeah, chocolate cheerios- totally disappointing. they aren't sweet or chocolatey, but their brownish chocolate-like color shamed me out of adding sugar.

if there are any children reading this, i want to reiterate that when you are an adult you can eat sugary cereal for dinner, so don't commit suicide or anything.

mouse came over after that, and we forced christina to watch rocky, because she has lived in philadelphia for almost eight months without seeing it. by "forced", by the way, i mean we were like, "we should watch rocky" and she was like, "TOTALLY".

i love you rocky

if you haven't seen it or haven't seen it recently, rocky is one of the best movies ever made. it's super hard to reconcile sylvester stallone now with the person who wrote 'rocky', but he added so many perfect touches to the character (not being able to break the guy's thumbs, locker combination in hat, the turtles, having a crush on a shy nerd from the pet store, etc.) and plays it with such sensitivity. also, seeing philadelphia in the 70s ! also, butkus !

also, sylvester stallone was super hot? christina and i have recently been trying to wrap our brains around our appreciation of hunks

jr rodgers
jr rodgers, kirstie alley's personal trainer who we have a bone on for

like, her main celebrity crush is like... zach galifianakis. and i can't think of any of mine, but i'm just going to put it out there that i watch the king of queens every night, and it's not for leah remini (p.s. christina has a crush on patton oswalt, too !). and yet every time we see some shirtless hunk we're like, biting our fists. we are complicated women.

i'm gonna go do some work now and maybe eat a really unsatisfying lunch.

p.s. christina has also diagnosed me as gay for stacy london.


p.p.s. i had to look at zach galafianakas' wikipedia and copy and paste his name up there. and i just had to do it again to type that.
p.p.p.s. yes mouse, you're a hunk.


  1. I wouldn't kick this one out of bed for eating crackers:


  2. you have fine taste in hunks, old friend

  3. Ooh, this one too: