Friday, April 2, 2010

dance dance dance dance dance to the radio

i would like to invite everyone in the world who works in an office to stop talking to themselves because it's annoying and distracting.

regrettably, i had to miss the cat birthday party (though jeanne texted me to inform me that cats apparently hate when people stand around and watch them eat) because i had gross cramps and just wanted to go put on something with an elastic waist


and relax. the green line made a facebook update earlier in the day that kept calling to me like a siren's song, though, because of my newfound love for foofy coffee-flavored non-coffee beverages:

Ask for a s'More Iced Latte today! A little marshmallow, chocolate, and espresso all mixed together to make yr trip to the park extra great.

so christina and i went over and got them (they are actually just an iced mocha with toasted marshmallow syrup). i also got a vegan chicken salad sandwich


and then felt like a total crazy person from all the sugar and caffeine ! christina showed me a few stitches i was unsure of on the chewbacca pattern. honestly i probably could have figured it out since i just didn't read the instructions but it was nice to have someone to help me. so um, boyyyyy this thing looks funny? haha


i should have put the eyes closer together before i stuffed it ! and it's weird because the vigorous brushing really stretches the stitches out so he has some weird gaps. i think it'll look fine but maybe like, slightly pathetic? but doesn't patheticness make stuff cuter? heh? i think the problem is that i used the materials suggested (size E hook, DK yarn) in the pattern and instead of being 4.5 inches tall, this motherfucker is 7 inches tall !

we also raided last night, and it was okay. we finally got the bloodqueen down and then did valithria really quick. it's sort of a bummer because a lot of good people kind of drifted off over the winter, and we had to recruit some people, and a lot of the new recruits totally suck? like, their damage will be good or whatever but they won't listen to instructions or make the same mistakes over and over. and a lot of them are totally lame internet video game people which isn't really the environment i'm used to or like playing in. i'm spoiled i guess because aside from a few total dorks, my guild is mostly cool people that i've met or know people i know. some good news though- the lungbreaker dropped off of valithria !!!


it's kind of bittersweet because the general vibe among the people i like playing with is that they don't really want to play anymore and i kinda feel that way too. i like hanging out with them and i like the actual GAME, but it's basically to the point where it's like a group project in college, where you have to work really really hard while other people slack off and then you either all pass because of you, or fail because of them.

plus it's really nice out now !

tonight i'm going to lay low, i think. maura might be around to hang out (though she has to babysit !) but if not, i'm just going to finish this chewbacca and then immediately start another more tightly crocheted chewbacca (christina thinks i'm crocheting too loosely), maybe watch up in the air, and maybe clean up my room. tomorrow i'm going to do errands with christina (and maybe finally pick up my yarn?) and then mouse and i are going to try to eat dinner outside. sunday mike and i are spending easter together eating discounted easter candy.

mini eggs

if i finish the second chewbacca, i'm going to start those beautiful heart socks ! that's my reward. what an exciting weekend full of neat friends.

p.s. i drank too much v8 and i feel like i drank lava


  1. "i would like to invite everyone in the world who works in an office to stop talking to themselves because it's annoying and distracting."

    how timely, the world's WORST FUCKING SELF-TALKER EVER is hovering at the corner of my desk at this very second, trying to get me to acknowledge her. i am too obstinate to even glance in her direction. STALEMATE.

  2. haha i'm right near our kitchen and allllllllll of the self talkers pause near me and go, "RIGHT, ROXANN?" as part of their self-talking and i just ignore it. like, you're in public, stop acting like an annoying asshole.

  3. Crocheting with you is easy cause you're beautiful.