Friday, April 30, 2010

there's your answer, fishbulb

man, today is boooooring. i managed to get enough work done from home yesterday that i'm not totally swamped today (i have a lot to do, but it's a manageable load. huh huh load), and none of my aim friends are online and no one is doing anything cool on facebook.

knitting group was kind of foiled again yesterday because the other green line had a show, so christina and i went to the regular green line and had iced coffees and knitted. kathleen ended up not being able to make it too, so "knitting group" may just be the code word for me and christina knitting somewhere besides our couch. hopefully we'll actually be able to get together with the real knitting group though, cause i gotta say that pizza is feeling left out by our current arrangement.

cats don't drink coffee

also the girls at the table next to us were talking about bobby brown and whitney houston and one of them kept saying, "BOBBI KRISTINA !!!!!!!!!!!!" and i was losing my shit ! i did have a weird moment where i started crying because of my teeth? like, talking to christina about the state of my teeth and how growing up poor without healthcare means that i am looking forward to $28,000-$50,000 of dental work as an adult, and my teeth always hurt. it was weird, i wasn't really sad and didn't mean to cry but it happened ! i am also having my period but i hate using that as an excuse for expressing my feelings.

cover the earth

we went to cvs after that because i had ten extra bucks burning a hole in my pocket, and i got mousse:


and, despite having a crying jag about my fucked up teeth, i got some hard caramels ! that one i can definitely cathy away with a period explanation though.

russell stover

because i don't think anyone who isn't having their period buys themselves a box of chocolate instead of like, regular candy.

our raid last night was poorly attended, so we just did the blood princes. i think paul and i are going to do refer-a-friend with each other, which is um... both of us buying new copies of the game and paying for 2 months of subscription so we can get a mount?

rocket mount

two people can ride in it ! i can take christina everywhere with me !

i think, for lack of better things to talk about, i'm going to post all of my rare mounts. haha. there are still a few i desperately want that i don't even want to talk about, but here's the ones i have:

swift brewfest ram
swift brewfest ram. 1.6% drop rate. you could try for it several times a day, but only during a 2 week period.

rivendare's deathcharge
rivendare's deathcharger (the baron's mount). 1% drop rate, but you can try to get it 5 times an hour. i got this without trying on my 2nd time soloing stratholme. it looks just like all the other undead mounts.

swift razzashi raptor. 0.9% drop rate, you can try for it every 3 days. i got this my second or third time in zul'gurub.

zulian tiger
swift zulian tiger. 0.7% drop rate, you can try for it every 3 days. i just got this after like..40 attempts !

white polar bear
white polar bear. 1% drop rate from a quest you can do every day. it took me about 2 months of doing the quest every day

raven lord
raven lord. 1.4% drop rate off of a boss in sethekk halls you can kill every day, but a druid has to summon him. i got this on my third try ! this is my favorite mount.

red qiraji battle tank
red qiraji battle tank. 1.1-1.8% drop rate. it is the rarest of the qiraji resonating crystals in ahn'qiraj and can only be mounted inside ahn'qiraj, unfortunately

green proto drake
green proto-drake. 2% drop rate off of an oracle egg. this is kind of weird- you get to revered with a tribe called the oracles, buy a "mysterious egg" from them, wait 7 days for it to hatch, and the mount may be inside. it's usually egg yolk or some pets, but 2% of the time it's a mount. i got it on my third egg !

i'm sure that was incredibly boring and stupid for most people on earth (even people who play wow) but i am psyched about it. there's a few more regular (pvp, mounts for sale, etc.) mounts i need to get and some rare mounts i need to try for !

this weekend is going to be pretty busy- kristen is coming to visit christina (and maybe me a little??) and they're going to the maryland sheep and wool festival tomorrow. i feel like such a turd for not committing to go because i bet it's going to be the best time in the world. on saturday, diana is coming down, and nate and mouse are coming over, and we're going to have a super crowded house. but it will be crowded with like almost everyone i like (jeanne where are youuuuuuuuuuu? and anna will be out of town too). on sunday i'll probably make mouse hang out with me and maybe mike?

p.s. this weekend i think i'm going to read the evolution of calpurnia tate if i have time.


  1. I also hate mentioning my period during any moment of weird emotional outbreaks, but it REALLY is amazing how much of a stereotypical chocolate craving crybaby I can be and I am never like that!

  2. i think during my period i do legitimately get worked up over small things and get upset, but i also think that i sometimes use it as an excuse to downplay the stuff that i am seriously upset about if i'm embarrassed afterward. so i want to try to stop !

  3. maybe i'll visit you too. a little.

  4. i didn't want to presumptuous !!!!!

  5. what wow server are you on? i want to transfer my crappy troll.

  6. because i don't think anyone who isn't having their period buys themselves a box of chocolate instead of like, regular candy.

    I used to, when I went through this "I-don't-need-you-I-don't-need-anybody" phase where I'd sit in my room watching pee-wee's big adventure or pete & pete over and over.. and I'd go to rite aid and get a heart shaped box of chocolates.
    I like surprises but I don't like most chocolates so I'd bite half of each of them, and then whenever abby was home or whatever, I'd pass her the box of half-eaten chocolates. How generous of me.

  7. my preference is to stick my thumb in them to see what flavor they are so i don't ever get a bad mouthful !

  8. Do you have the Sea Turtle? I got her yesterday.

  9. unfortunately, i do not. i don't fish :(

  10. I run the Glacial Salmon market on Horde side of my server, and the stupid turtle was still like my 23,418th thing caught. I'm running out of things to do between raids and I'm too lazy to level another character right now, so I think I'm going to start farming for some of your mounts. Ravenlord = WANT.