Wednesday, June 30, 2010

i've never felt like this before, i say that every hour

okay ! i'm going to start with my to-do list ! and i'm going to add a thing to it so it looks like i did more !

- straighten up bedroom
- read my history chapters and take notes
- view the online portal for my history class and do the set-up for my german class
- tune up/grease/clean bike
- straighten up the kitchen and livingroom
- go back to trader joe's for some frozen crap
- catsit hoolie !
- brush my own cat and clip her toenails

after work i had my online meeting with my german professor where he showed me how to work adobeconnect and stuff. we actually use that for (i apologize for using this word) webinars at work so i was kind of familiar with it. he seems like a very nice dude and the class should be fun ! i also signed into the online portal for my history class. the professor introduces herself there and i'm less intimidated and nervous now because she seems like a nice history nerd !


we had to write introductions for ourselves on the site and we are instructed in the syllabus not to use humor or sarcasm in our online postings, so i was kind of at a loss. i figured i'd focus on my excitement about history and how grateful i am for the opportunity to go back to school for free, and i basically ended up writing this wooden dorky thing? the jumpoff questions were about where we were this summer, what made us sign up, etc.

Hello! My name is Roxann **** (I prefer Roxy, but Roxann is okay too). I will be in Philadelphia this summer, working at ***** and attending this class and a German language class through Penn LPS. While that may not sound exciting to many, I am really looking forward to returning to school after a hiatus of nearly 10 years, and am thankful that Penn's generous tuition reimbursement for employees is affording me an opportunity I would not have otherwise.

I too have been interested in history since childhood, and am particularly interested in war and warfare. I've spent most of my life reading history books and more recently listening to history podcasts (Hardcore History podcast by Dan Carlin is one of my favorites), and it finally clicked for me that studying history in an academic setting was an option for me, and an exciting opportunity for me. I'm eager to learn and to turn my favorite hobby into a real area of study, as well as to learn from our texts, the instructor, and my classmates.

nerd alert

think that doesn't sound too bad? well, i edited it and took out some of the dorkier words ! cause i was too embarrassed to even show you guys.

after that, i straightened up my room and ate dinner (a hoagie !) and then settled in to not do my history homework or anything. i played left 4 dead 2 with my friend ken for awhile- we were on the last campaign and it was pretty exciting. i regret our choice to switch to easy at the end because i think it was TOO easy, but the end of the campaign is navigating a fucked up bridge full of zombies to get to a helicopter.

left 4 dead 2

the bridge part was a lot of fun ! ken was a good leader and didn't do my least favorite video game thing (freaking out and repeating a word or command over and over again- RUN RUN RUN RUN RUNR UNR UURN RUNR UNR RUN) so i didn't get stressed out or anything. unfortunately this means we're done with the game, unless we want to go back and do stuff on different difficulty levels. there is an achivement where i can get a gnome though? and a depeche mode shirt?

depeche mode

after that, we watched the lost world (not the jurassic park sequel, the silent movie based on the doyle novel). i was taken in by the dvd cover and put it on my queue right away, and wasn't disappointed.

the lost world

first of all, silent movies are great for watching on xbox live because you can talk all you want and you don't really miss anything ! second, there's a part where they see an allosaurus and are like, "ahhh, the allosaurus, pest of the dinosaurs" which cracked us up, but then the allosaurus is such a factual pest throughout the movie ! he literally just runs around taking bites out of every dinosaur. not even eating them, just killing them and maybe taking a bite. at one point he jumps up and bites a pterodactyl out of the sky !!! and then he just spits it on the ground and steps on it.

what a jerk

the basic plot of the movie is that a crazy old scientist (dr. challenger !) thinks dinosaurs are alive in brazil based on a diary he found, and then he goes with an expedition team (including a young journalist whose girlfriend won't marry him because he isn't adventurous). some other shit happens and they see dinosaurs and are terrorized by an ape man- the ape man looks vaguely like an olde timey racist stereotype, which made me uncomfortable until i saw the member of the expedition team who is straight up a white dude in blackface. ugh ! ken said he was going to tell people i watched a movie with blackface characters, but i think it would be even more controversial if i was rumored to watch a movie that featured womanface.

blehh. i'm gonna go do some work. jeanne and mike b. are coming over tonight and i'm really excited (by the way, if i ever talk about 'mike' it's usually my friend mike g. if i talk about a mike in conjunction with JEANNE, it's mike b.. also if i mention drawing, weird al, or madballs, it's mike b.) because mike has never been to my house or met my cat.


i only have a few more days to complete my to-do list so wish me luck.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

like the fool i am and i'll always be

ohhhhhhhhhhhkay, i'm going to start with my to-do list from yesterday and cross off the stuff i did.

- straighten up bedroom
- read my history chapters and take notes
- tune up/grease/clean bike
- straighten up the kitchen and livingroom
- go back to trader joe's for some frozen crap
- catsit hoolie !

- brush my own cat and clip her toenails

not too much progress there, and i'm actually cheating a little because i decided not to go to trader joe's this week ! haha. oooops.

i stopped by after work to visit hoolie. she was doing well but was very very lonely, so i petted her and let her show me her toy mice and let her roll over a bunch for me. i also cleaned her water bowls and gave her fresh water and made sure she had enough food (this is what catsitting is if you didn't know). here she is, hanging out:



i also noticed that jon is weird:


i ended up taking a cab home after that because i'm an adult (and also because it was rush hour and i didn't want to be jammed into a trolley or bus with a bunch of assholes). i came home and tried to go to bed really early because i was feeling really anxious, but i ended up waking back up around 9:30 and killing zombies with ken. this is coach, the character i usually play:


i usually prefer an axe or a chainsaw as my melee weapon, but i feel guilty because a coach should probably use a baseball bat. oh, one way i've noticed that i am at a clear disadvantage when playing some video games is that i do not know anything about weapons. i know a lot about history and wars, but i know very little about guns and grenades and shit ! i think it has a lot to do with the fact that male childrens' toys come with weapons and weapon details and most female childrens' toys come with like, makeup you can also wear. fucked by society !

i decided that my favorite gun is the M16. did you know that the name stands for model 16? i looked at wikipedia.


it's frustrating though because the dudes i'm playing with will be like, "grab the submachine gun ! use your sniper rifle !" and i'm like, "lol?". like, i'm an intelligent person and i would like to learn more about it (i guess i'm more interested in the history of weaponry and how it relates to warfare than like, HEYYY TOTALLY SWEET SHOTGUN BRAH, though) and i find it frustrating that nothing in my childhood prepared me for this. you dropped the ball, ann m. martin ! my brain is full of impractical babysitting tips !

babysitters club

(all joking aside, i think it's a bummer that even as like, a gross nerdy tomboy with a cool older brother and cool mom, gender branding in toys/play/products/books/other media was so intense that i have gaps in knowledge as an adult)

my main plan for this evening is to clean my room and read some chapters for history. i have to meet online with my german professor tonight to test out my internet connection and headset for our class. i'm getting kind of nervous because my history professor said we'd be doing something like that "at the end of the month" but hasn't written again to make appointments, and she comes across as kind of coarse so i don't want to bug her.

miss nelson is missing
viola swamp !

okay. if i post here tomorrow and my room is messy and i haven't done my reading, i want you guys to punch me into little pieces.

p.s. ughhh i just realized i should clean up tonight too cause mike and jeanne are coming over tomorrow ughhhh. maybe i just won't let them in the kitchen?

Monday, June 28, 2010

it doesn't really matter if we live or die

hey buds ! what's up ! i'm at work with a fan kind of blowing my skirt up. JEALOUS? the first thing i heard this morning was a security guard telling everyone who passed her that a guy had died on the bench outside my office over the weekend. i was like, 'oh, that's really sad' and she reacted really blankly. i blame video games !

i don't actually remember what i did on friday? i think i may have taken a nap, watched tv, and knitted. working on the entrelac scarf is kind of stressing me out. no matter how many people reassure me, i have major knitting anxiety and cannot imagine what type of person would wear this thing.

here's a good example
here's a good example, from this stage crew nerd's blog

i'm also a little unsure because the yarn is thick/thin and i think it looks lumpy? maybe i can fix that by blocking it. anyway, i don't know- i think i'm going to send it to my craft swap recipient with express instructions to give it to a high school art teacher or with an IOU for something better.

on saturday, i got a car share car by myself (christina had to finish her paper for her class) and went yarn and grocery shopping. i had to parallel park outside of the hospital at 19th and south, and it was like... the most stressful thing ever. the second i started backing into the spot, both the person in front of me and person behind me got into their cars and tried to pull out of their spots? but there wasn't room because 19th is a narrow one lane road there, so everyone was honking at me and i wanted to cry.

hayyy parallel parking

i don't drive often, don't have depth perception, never really learned to parallel park, and crack under honking, so i finally gave up and just drove around the block and pulled into the now-gigantic spot. man, it doesn't sound like that bad of an experience now that i wrote it out but at the time i was suuuuper embarrassed ! i immediately put out an open call when i got home to anyone who will teach me to parallel park and i've had a few takers. people i know, i mean, not like craigslist sex and parking maniacs. anyway, i went to loop and got more noro kureyon 250 for the aforementioned craft swap scarf.

noro kureyon 250

i also finally caved and got two skeins of imperial stock yarn because they were on sale for $7.50 each (down from $12.50). there was a color i'd been admiring for awhile and i couldn't resist, though i try to be conscious of not being a Yarn Person- a lot of my friends who knit get overwhelmed by all the beautiful yarns in the world and buy yarn faster than they can use it, or with no projects in mind- this is not a judgment, it just doesn't make sense for me/my budget/my knitting skill.

imperial dusty rose
imperial dusty rose- the color is a lot paler and more muted in person

after that i went to trader joe's to get some bagged risotto because i want all of my dinners to cook in 5 minutes or less during the summer, but the entire italian frozen crap case was empty. i did get some pretty cool chipwiches though.

i wish trader joe's was not so drama club-y in its demeanor and packaging. it's JUST A CHIPWICH

mike and mouse had plans to wrestle (they both do jiu jitsu, though mouse does brazilian jiu jitsu and mike does um, japanese art of softness jujutsu) which i wanted absolutely no part of, so they did that while i took a nap. then we went to lemon grass, which is normally my favorite thai restaurant but they served me a bum royal bath this time- the royal bath being the thing i always order. it's just a gigantic pile of spinach and tofu with peanut sauce

tofu and peanut sauce
sorta like this but with better presentation

but this time the tofu was all desiccated and there was barely any spinach, and it was $1 more expensive ! i wasn't super hungry anyway but it was still a total ripoff. after dinner we came back to my house and watched futurama and had dessert, and christina finally came home and we deliriously bro'd down until she had to go to bed.

yesterday i slept super late and tried to tackle my to-do list. i worked on my scarf a little and played borderlands with perry and gavin (i think i may just like... not be good at borderlands? but not being able to read quest text or weapon stats on my tiny tv doesn't help) and watched inglourious basterds again because of daniel bruhl.


i didn't even like the movie THAT much, but i am totally weird about celebrity crushes- like, NOT like fan fiction and posting on messageboards and calling them by a nickname weird but like... uh, when i liked bill paxton i befriended billy bob thornton's former personal assistant to get dirt. so like, not harmless stage crew virgin weird, but like actual creepy real life weird?

annnyyyyyway, here's what was on my list:

- straighten up bedroom
- read my history chapters and take notes
- work on my craft swap scarf
- hang out with christina

- tune up/grease/clean bike (mouse and i are going to nockamixon this weekend)

i absolutely need to do the rest of that stuff this week, and i only have plans wednesday (mike and jeanne are coming over to watch wolfhound !), so it shouldn't be too hard. here is my revised list:

- straighten up bedroom
- read my history chapters and take notes (despite the first chapter being called "DOING HISTORY")
- tune up/grease/clean bike
- straighten up the kitchen and livingroom
- go back to trader joe's for some frozen crap
- catsit hoolie ! (i didn't make it on thursday cause of the storm- i'm not the worst person ever, there is someone else sharing cat sitting duties)
- brush my own cat and clip her toenails

i'm going to keep you guys abreast of the situation as it develops.

p.s. i changed the way my blog looks
p.p.s. OH YEAH ON FRIDAY NIGHT I ATE CAT FOOD BY ACCIDENT. i was crushing up a pill in some wet food for my cat and i ABSENTMINDEDLY LICKED THE BACK OF THE SPOON. it was so disgusting and tasted like gross unseasoned gravy without human flavors and ufslkdjflskdjglskhg. i'll never be the same again.
p.p.p.s. i saw a guy eating taco bell somehow at 8:30 am (philly BARELY has taco bells and i don't think they open that early?) so when i pick up my birth control and buy tokens, i'm totally having the most taco bell for lunch. 21 layer burrito !

Friday, June 25, 2010

mrs. BAUMbach, mrs. BAUMbach

dudes !!! yesterday around 3pm there was a huge storm in philly. i didn't think that much of it, because i'm from florida- it lasted about 20 minutes tops with wind and hail and torrential rain but like... again, that happens several times a day every day all summer in florida ! i didn't think it was a huge deal, but when i went outside there were tree branches and fallen trees everywhere on penn's campus ! when i got home, i saw that there was a giant tree bough in our power lines and everyone was outside, which i correctly guessed meant our power was out.

the corner of my street

i talked to my neighbors and heard that the electric company had no estimated repair window, so i called mouse to ask if i could stay over and packed an overnight bag and headed to milk and honey to use their air conditioning and internet until mouse was home. unfortunately, everyone else also had that idea and i ended up sitting in a random table-less chair eating an ice cream cone while a 5 year old stared at me in pure jealousy and contempt as her mom tried to make her eat food that wasn't an ice cream cone.

after that, mouse and i walked over to clark park to check out the devastation. it was pretty crazy- TONS of trees were down, like 100+ year old trees, with random dudes with chainsaws cutting them up for firewood. here's a mixture of pictures mouse and i took (his are the real pictures, mine are the camera phone ones):

people climbing on two downed trees

mouse trying to pet a dog

boughs surrounding the world's only charles dickens statue

kids climbing on trees

another downed tree at the 43rd and baltimore entrance of the park

we went over to mouse's afterward and he made spaghetti (i wasn't hungry cause, um, i ate an ice cream cone) and then we ate a ton of watermelon and watched tv. at this point i was getting really cranky because i hateeeee not sleeping at my house, but mouse was being reallllllly accommodating and cool and nice (not that he isn't usually, but he totally doesn't usually put up with my tantrums). we walked back to my house to check if the power was back on, and it totally wasn't, so we went back to his house and went to bed. this was at like, 10pm, which is roughly four hours earlier than i usually go to bed (mouse and i have very different lifestyles, though if i didn't have cable or video games i'd go to bed at like 5pm).

smug bastard
early to bed !

soooooooo at around 2am, the heat in his building started BLASTING. he said that they were hotter than they'd ever been in the winter ! at around 4, it woke mouse up, so he put wet towels and a blanket on top of the radiator. that helped for awhile, but around 5am it became unbearable so i gathered up my stuff and went home. i felt bad leaving him in the disgusting heat, but i had to get out. the power was back on at my house, but our internet and cable were out, so i got bored and came into work super early. now i'm going to leave early because i've been here foreverrrrrr.

comcast (the worst !) is sending a technician to check out my cables since they say the service interruption in my area was fixed. it's obvious that like... a cable is loose somewhere because the picture on the tv/internet/phone service kept flickering in and out, so hopefully they can find the problem without me being there, causeeeee i'm at work.

i have no real plans this weekend. hopefully my internet will be fixed and i can play some video games? other than that, i want to:

- straighten up my room
- do my reading for my history class (it hasn't started yet, but the instructor suggested we do it in advance)
- work on my craft swap scarf (and possibly go pick up 2 more balls of noro kureyon for it at loop)
- hang out with christina if she finishes her paper (my baby's first class is almost over !)

what else? i just got a few cheap summer dresses with an old navy 30% off coupon.

i'm going to remove that belt and wear a wide black belt with it

green dress
also going to wear a wide belt with this

i don't care about clothes still, but i'm trying to dress like a normal person at work. i think most clothing looks weird on me (because all plus size clothing options suck) but wide stretchy belts have really opened a lot of doors for me cause now i can just wear whatever... belted.

okay i'm gonna go do a mild amount of work and complain about my crappy night to coworkers to get sympathy !

Thursday, June 24, 2010

hoo's on first

they're cleaning the windows at work so all the blinds are open and it looks so sunny and cheerful in here. unfortunately the building is like... entirely windows so if we live the shades up we get cooked like ants under a microscope.


i got my first textbook yesterday and intended to do my reading for my first class ! and then of course i totally didn't do it. class doesn't start til july 6, so i have time ! heh? i helped paul make a website, which so far just contains a picture of his dog

tico garcia

and ate some m&ms and tried to watch another movie with daniel bruhl called ladies in lavender, where he um... plays a violinist who washes up on a beach and is nursed back to health by maggie smith and dame judi dench. i have to say, it is not quite as exciting as it sounds.

what the fuck
they're all... wearing lavender

what the fuck ! what the FUCK ! why am i watching this shit ! my celebrity crushes (though i don't get them frequently) rarely make sense and usually involve me watching a bunch of movies the person was in and then resenting them because i had to do that- my biggest celebrity crush ever was BILL PAXTON, and this was all wayyyyyy before he was on big love. for every aliens and near dark he made, there's like 20 boxing helenas and twisters. he wears a MESH SHIRT in boxing helena and utters the line, "hasta whatever." that's what i had to put up with ! god.

what? anyway, i unfortunately could not make it through ladies in lavender. i think i was supposed to feel for the old ladies, who were clearly hopelessly in love with their young guest, but as a young person it made me uncomfortable? like the dude obviously thinks of them like grandmothers and they let him rest his head on their shoulders and get grandma hugs and stuff while wanting to fuck him? that's weird, right? unfortunately the plot had not become apparent an hour and 20 minutes in so i am not actually sure what the story was.

bill paxton

there's bill paxton at his best to cleanse our palates.

after giving up on that, i did another left 4 dead 2 campaign with ken. this one was in a swamp, and it was sort of comforting because it looked like the black hammock (the area i grew up in).


i did half as well as ken which i've deduced as promising because he's MORE than twice as good as me. not sure how i worked that out, but whatever. this is only the second time i've played and i think i actually did worse this time. i definitely need a bigger tv, but that's going to have to wait until i'm very rich which is never going to happen because i have no ambition and i hate money, and i'm also not going to buy a tv just for video games.

or am i?


tonight mouse is coming over to eat spaghetti. i'm going to try to get him to bring a watermelon too but i'm not entirely sure how that's going to go. my plan is that he and i can both have some watermelon and then WHO WANTS TO CARRY A CUT WATERMELON HOME?? so i get to eat the rest of the watermelon.

mouse gets that little piece !

i gotta go, i have a meeting. BYE

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

i eat stickers all the time

heyyyyy dudessssssss. i'm feeling pretty good ! i slept pretty well last night and once i'm done writing this stupid thing i'm going to get a gigantic iced coffee !

you guys haven't really missed much. our internet was out for a few days, so comcast came and replaced our router. it confuses me that no one at comcast understands how the internet, computers, tvs, or cable works. like every single person i talk to is clearly doing that thing where they make up an answer and hope you don't understand computers or whatever enough to question them.


among other things, he told us that the reason our internet was fucked up was because our router was too old and not "compatible with xfinity" (really? it isn't compatible with an intangible thing that amounts to little more than a marketing campaign?), that hdmi cables "don't work" (the sound on our dvr box cuts out, and he said it was because "hdmi cables don't work" and no one uses them and we should use component cables, which are "the same"), and asked me if i painted my frank frazetta prints.


anyway, our new router seems to work. i'm really nervous because i'm taking online classes starting in july and i hope to have a reliable internet connection so i don't have to take them at work.

when christina got home from work yesterday, we watched youth in revolt. i remember liking the book, which i got in the same shopping trip as girl by blake nelson, both based solely on their covers, with a walden books gift card i got at school for being a nerd.

youth in revolt + girl

i can't say i actually remember much about the book so i couldn't really compare it to the movie, but the movie was really wooden and dispassionate. like, there were definitely some really weird/funny things in it, but overall it seemed like everyone was phoning it in. they had a great cast too ! it just like... lacked any kind of feeling or excitement which seems like important stuff for a movie about first love and blowing stuff up. i assume the book wasn't that good either though because i barely remember anything about it, though i totally hated girl and i remember every single word of it (todd sparrow, cow dress, we are all pretty candy, sins of our fathers, etc.).

i knitted for awhile and made some progress on the entrelac scarf. i'm being super annoyingly insecure about it because i can't believe anything i don't like is desirable in any way to any person, so give me some reassurance. here's some stuff i don't like.

entrelac scarf
entrelac scarf

john krasinski

bell peppers

mint stuff that is green instead of red, pink, or white

no one likes any of that stuff right? ugh. i hope my craft swap recipient has an art teacher aunt she can pass it on to if she hates it.

last night i was going to kill zombies with ken, but i missed my chance, so i ended up watching love in thoughts, which i only added because i'm weirdly fixated on daniel bruhl (my celebrity crushes have no rhyme or reason- my last big one was bill paxton? and this was before big love ever aired, when he was pretty low profile). i'm happy to report, though, that i am into him even when he isn't dressed as a nazi (my biggest fear being that i'd somehow developed a "nazi thing") !

love in thoughts

the movie is about a suicide pact gone awry. it takes place in the 70s and involves a straight virgin and his openly gay best friend getting involved in a weird love triangle (virgin is in love with his best friend's sister, sister is in love with HANS, best friend is also in love with HANS, HANS makes out with brother AND sister, sister's best friend is in love with virgin) that leads to them deciding to kill everyone who stands between them and love (aka sister and HANS) and then kill themselves. it was really beautiful to look at, and they did a wonderful job portraying first love/first sexual experiences. the actress playing the sister, hilde, was really amazing, especially considering that she was like 18 or 19 when it was filmed. it was a little frustrating to watch a german subtitled movie though because i could understand what they were saying 75% of the time and it didn't always match up with the subtitles exactly. so like, maybe don't watch it if you took a bunch of high school german?

by the way, the reason i kept capitalizing hans is because hans was super funny looking and it was so funny to see people pining for him !


i have to go make fundraising calls now. twice a year, every year, everyone in my office has to do it, and it's always the worst day of the year. at least hardly anyone answers !

Monday, June 21, 2010

love those wildwood days

what's up dogs ! this weekend was kind of brutal because our internet is fucked up ! it was out for the majority of the weekend, so i had to watch dvds and regular cable and knit and read like a CAVEPERSON.

on friday, mouse came over to watch the phillies game. it was pretty great, except for our catcher getting obliterated by a broken bat. poor chooch !

looking at these pictures still makes me all choked up !

on saturday, christina and i went to loop to look at yarn for the craft swap i entered. the entrelac scarf calls for a variegated yarn, and i don't really like varigated yarns so i was a little apprehensive, but all the noro yarns came in beautiful colors. i got noro kureyon 250 for the craft swap project:

noro kureyon #250

and weirdly fell in love with this one for myself:

noro taiyo #8

i wasn't going to get the second yarn for myself, but i got $5 off and couldn't pass it up... even though i'm realizing more and more that really, i REALLY do hate variegated yarn and have no idea what i'd make with it ! that said, i started on the entrelac scarf for the swap and the pattern is like the most fun ever to knit.

it's much brighter in person, like the yarn above

i'm very concerned that it's too art teachery and patchworky and "crafty" looking. like, that look is the exact opposite of everything i like so i can't tell objectively if it's something that a young cool person would think was cool and would actually wear? but it's blue, purple, and geometric !

christina and i went to new jersey on saturday afternoon to pick up nick and sandi (he was there for his grandma's birthday party !) and take them back to philly ! !!!!! we had the best time, though i was feeling kind of sick so i wasn't my usual super exciting entertaining really cool self. we went out to vientiane for dinner and by'd our ob (one 950mL bottle of la fin du monde is enough to do me in now because i never drink anymore !). instead of getting tofu lad na, like i always do, i got the crazy pineapple fried rice. it was okay, i guess.

like this, but with white rice. and no peppers. and more vegetables. and not as pretty !

after dinner we got dessert treats from the gas station (they didn't have any fudgicles or choco tacos, so sandi and i were bummed, respectively) and went back to our house to watch movies and be weird. nick and sandi are the best and i hope they move here and live here forever and i get to keep them and marry themmmmm. what?

on sunday, our internet worked intermittently, so i spent most of the day knitting and watching the second season of party down. it definitely isn't as good as the first season (less ken marino and no jane lynch !) and i don't know if i've actually laughed at much, but i enjoy the story and the characters enough that it doesn't matter? also i'm romantically in love with lizzy caplan.


i do find it suspicious though that she's a comedian on the show but they don't really give her any funny lines? i guess cause she's miserable and hates her life and job?

ahhh, what else? i'm starting to get preliminary junk for my summer classes (which start july 6) and i'm really, really nervous. we're getting our router replaced on tuesday, but what if my internet goes out ! what if i don't remember how to write papers ! what if i can't manage my time effectively in an online class ! i know i'm an adult now (unlike the first time i went to college when i was like, 18) and i have way more tools to keep me organized now, and even as a dumb irresponsible teenager i did most of my work on time.

a stock photo of the typical college student

i've spent so much time lately with literally nothing going on that i feel really easily overwhelmed at the thought of suddenly having a few things to do. the classes are only six weeks long but i feel like i'm going into a convent or something because my evenings will be all tied up (well, from 7:30 - 8:45pm on MW and from 6:00pm to 8:45pm on TTh). i might try to make dinner after work with mouse and/or christina more often so we can hang out.

blahhhh i also just realized that this means i may not be able to play call of cthulhu with mike and co. depending on what day they do it ! school is the worst ! it's already making my life suck and i'll probably have to do it for like 6 more years !!!! blehhhh.

the stress is driving me mad !

i guess i should do some actual work now.

p.s. any time i see the phrase "male nurse" on wikipedia i edit it to just say "nurse".
p.p.s. i'm catsitting for the IT guy at work for the next two weeks, so look forward to some blurry cellphone pictures of ms. hoolie:


p.p.p.s. i just realized i haven't actually applied for the fall semester yet (summer semester is basically open to any employee without applying to the program) and i need to submit my application.