Tuesday, June 8, 2010

out with the ogre

yesterday i totally did what i said i was going to do and cleaned my room. unfortunately, i didn't actually START cleaning until like, 9pm. before that i took a nap, talked to people online, and watched a few episodes of the simpsons. oh, i also complained a lot !

i didn't just want to straighten up, i wanted to CLEAN. which meant dusting all my books and getting rid of clothes and books i don't want to make room for stuff i DO want. none of the clothes were in donatable condition, so i just tossed them. the books i'm going to put on my porch to see if anyone wants them, so uh, if you want every book by yukio mishima, somerset maugham, or emily dickinson stop on by !

poem lady

i also had a lot of dusting to do, which is a bummer because i'm allergic to dust. i dusted both bookshelves (only one is in the pictures) and the dust rag was like, black, and my sinuses felt like they were glued together by pain and some glue. i felt very sorry for myself !

i regret that i didn't take real pictures, but here's some before-and-after shots:

bedroom before
from the door before

from the door after
bed before
my bed before

my bed after

trolls before
some trolls and dust before

bookshelf sans trolls

so um, those trolls. i have a weird shameful... i don't want to say 'attraction' cause that implies a sex thing but like... a weird shameful attraction to troll dolls? i love them and i can't help it. despite this, i know that is really weird and lame so i never really bought any until a couple of years ago, when i found all those trolls for $1 at the flea market by holmesburg prison.


don't let that picture of historic holmesburg prison distract you though cause i still have some trolls ! i had those trolls shamefully hidden in my closet and when my mom was visiting, she somehow found them (when she was trying not to clean my room cause i wouldn't let her, which led to her picking up everything i own and asking me what it was) and put them on display. she also was like, "LOOK AT ALL YOUR RAT FINK DOLLS" and INSISTED that trolls were called "rat fink dolls" when she was little. please note that my mom is independently and keenly aware that this is rat fink:

rat fink

and wasn't confusing them or anything. this may be true, but my mom also insisted that the NEWSPAPER printed that rod stewart had to have a gallon of semen pumped out of his stomach (we were talking about who that rumor was about when we were growing up, and my mom was like, 'it was rod stewart... IT WAS IN THE NEWSPAPER !!!!').


rat finks

can someone look at the link and tell me how much those are and if they're for presta or schrader valves??

anyyyyway, i digress. i didn't finish cleaning until 12:30am, and then i took a cold shower and went to bed, so my xbox is not getting set up until today... unless mouse wants to hang out !!!!!

p.s. christina mocked my trolls until she came and looked at them and then we had this weird maniacal troll interlude where we were basically hysterical and at the end of it she got all serious and wouldn't let me throw them out.


  1. I was thinking that if those are for schrader (most cool ones are) maybe just leaving an adapter on would mean you could still use them even with prestas? I've been meaning to get adapters anyway since my pump mauls presta valves...

  2. i think they'd be a little intense, maybe i should just get new wheels built !

  3. haha maybe you should just get a whole new bike but instead of a bike it should be a rat shaped chopper.

  4. i should also transition from being a female human to a male rat fink and get my eyes goggled.

  5. I think you can save money by waiting for a foxy lady to walk by and letting your eyes goggle naturally....

  6. ok, I like that the t-rex looks angry in the messy room pic and normal in the clean room pic. And I remember that rumor, it was Gwen Stefani.

  7. ahaha natalie i didn't even notice his face ! i also remember it being alanis morrisette at JHMS !

  8. Uhm.