Wednesday, June 9, 2010

a consolation prize will suffice tonight

booo i had meetings all morning and a greek salad just exploded on me ! and i had to like, pick feta out of indoor outdoor carpet which was awesome and i totally smell great now and am happy that i can cross that off my bucket list.

delicious feta

last night i finally hooked up my xbox. there was one minor snag that was um, me putting in commas instead of periods on my email address, but i got set up pretty quickly. i played borderlands with my friend perry for awhile. it's hard to get used to the headset because it's just.. on all the time. in wow, you set a button you press to talk, so you don't have to worry about everyone hearing you farting and singing songs to your cat. also, i'm like 99% sure the jack on my controller is fucked up because my headset sounds like when you'd yank out your walkman headphones too much and they'd get all fuzzy and you'd have to twist it to make it work !!! i'm taking it to the GEEK SQUAD.

borderlands was pretty cool ! we didn't really get very far, but i was surprised that it wasn't as hard to get used to as i anticipated. i didn't really have much trouble controlling my character (though aiming was kind of hard and i didn't really get the hang of it) and figuring out how to navigate, but it's very different from wow and the controller has nine billion buttons.


i'm not really sure what the game is about because i'm the worst at paying attention during cinematics and reading quest text. my friend jason described it as killing desert mosquitos and killing members of slipknot which seems about right. for example:

9 toes

this screen came up right before we killed this dude. he even has slipknotted *nipples*.

after that, i set up netflix instant viewing and was astounded at how amazing it is and all the stuff i could watch ! unfortunately, i totally choked and ended up watching season 1 of 30 rock. the show started out super funny right out of the gate, but i guess somehow at the time i ignored all the fucked up shit? the rape jokes start in about 6 episodes in. haha.


okay, this is very important. you guys need to recommend netflix instant viewing stuff to me. everyone i know watches such cool things but every time i look at what's available it's like, third rate american pie type straight to video stuff and 29302380293 seasons of the vicar of dibley.

stuff i am interested in
- documentaries about historical stuff, nature, cool things
- historical fiction
- things that are funny and do not have rape jokes
- episodic television that does not involve anyone who was involved with "buffy the vampire slayer"

stuff i am not interested in
- "buffy the vampire slayer"
- jud apatow
- romantic comedies
- um, anything made before 1956
- foreign films that are not in english (this isn't in general, but my tv is too small and i wouldn't be able to read the captions)

thank you in advance ! love, roxy.

p.s. i baked a cake last night for no reason and forgot to eat any D:


  1. Several thoughts:

    I should've read this before commenting on FB. Er, obviously cross off Bones. It was only good for a season anyway. Have you seen The Tudors? I've heard good things about it and it's on Instant Viewing.

    You're absolutely right about 30 Rock. Kind of a bummer.

    I was gonna make a dumb joke about Slipknot dude having a safety sign over his junk but then decided he's suffered enough !

    Uhhhh also I just got the CAPTCHA "blogeran." Welcome to Roxann Blogeran's blog.


    also, it isn't available to view instantly, but i highly recommend XXY.

  3. I got a blueray player and can do instant view and it literally changed my life. Here aer some suggestions:
    Seasons 1 and 2 of Dead like Me
    The Blue Planet
    Japan: Memoirs of a Secret Empire
    The Pink Panther and most of the Bugs Bunny movies are also on instant view.

  4. thanks for the recommendations, guys !

    chrysta, BLOGERAN made me laugh so fucking hard? i LOVE it. bones is rough for me anyway because i'm just like 'COME ON BONES, STOP BEING SO SOCIALLY AWKWARD' which means i missed the point.

    brooke, i'll add that to my irl queue !!

    natalie, my mom lovesssss 'dead like me' but it's hard for me to watch cause the main girl in it has exactly my voice.

  5. hmm. maybe that's why I like it.

  6. rainer maria! ahhhhhhhhhh

    let me talk about how i love all tv and these are things you should watch. i am certain not all of them are on netflix instant junx but you should do it anyway

    veronica mars
    better off ted
    party down
    sports night