Thursday, June 10, 2010

ride it- my pony

wazzaaaaaaaaaaa. i'm so ridiculously caught up at work that i'm digging around for stuff to work on. summer is our slow season at work, and i have a few summer projects lined up, and i may start them early because i'm so bored.

last night was business as usual, at least for the forseeable future. i came home and hung out with christina for a bit (we watched vocal adrenaline's performance on the glee finale) and then played borderlands with perry. my character leveled twice, so now it's level 9 or 10? and we got the ability to ride in a vehicle. i think maybe i'm getting the hang of targeting shit? we dueled each other and i won twice, but only cause i killed him while he was explaining stuff to me and wasn't shooting back. he said that he didn't mind because it shows that i have the killer instinct and he can respect that.

killer instinct

then my friend ken and i watched a movie together. one thing you may NOT know about the xbox 360 is that you can form a party with friends and all watch the same netflix movie together- like, it syncs it up on everyone's tvs ! it's basically the coolest thing ever, though our movie choice of robot vs. aztec mummy was a poor one. while i love mystery science theater 3000, i have to admit that it's pretty hard to talk during them because you're automatically competing with one person and two robots who are funnier than you are.

robot vs. aztec mummy

it actually didn't occur to me until i watched that that mummies can be from places other than egypt. this opens up a whole world of mummies that i've never thought about !

what else? i talked to mouse and made plans to hang out tonight. he's been getting jiu jitsu compliments from his instructors lately. could a purple belt be in the works?!??!! unfortunately, brazilian jiu jitsu isn't like YMCA karate (how many of us knew black belts in like, fifth grade?) and it takes a few years to advance, and he only got his blue belt recently. it's oddly exciting for me to hear about his progress because he loves jiu jitsu so much and i still remember him stopping by after his first class, happier and more psyched than i'd ever seen him, super excited to tell me about... getting his ass kicked?

jiu jitsu
some jiu jitsu guys doing a thing

oh yeah, i forgot to mention this- my xbox gamertag is scummanifesto (hee hee), so you can add me and maybe we can play one of two games i have together? i should have left 4 dead 2 soon too.

p.s. i'm bored !!!!!!!!
p.p.s. i've been thinking about it and i'm oddly excited to buy school supplies for my classes in july?


  1. dude i love south american mummies! ive seen a bunch!!/photo.php?pid=6101025&id=781615205

    ive also seen some asian ones!

    my faves are the japanese monks that MUMMIFY THEMSELVES!!!

  2. have you ever looked up 'sky burial' on wikipedia? if not be warned that it has photos of irl dead bodies being cut up and eaten by vultures. that's cooler than your petty MUMMY.