Monday, June 7, 2010

electric avenue

hey !!!! i had a great birthday weekend. friday started out with christina and i ordering thai food for dinner (veg. pad thai and a goat cheese/macadamia nut salad from pattaya grill) and uh, buying valentine's day on payperview? we saw a preview for it and we were like, "HOLY SHIT THERE'S SO MANY ACTORS IN THIS !!!!!" and expected it to be like, entertaining and bad, but it was like 3 hours long and so wooden and boring and forced. like, there were 20349 characters and none of them really connected and no one did anything funny and you kept forgetting who was with who- also, i thought jennifer garner and ashton kutcher were siblings, so their romantic subplot surprised me. in short, i do NOT recommend buying valentine's day on payperview.

valentine's day
p.s. bradley cooper's character is gay, which is a plot twist, and his boyfriend is an NFL player, butttt of course they cut away before they can kiss in the movie

i also put kiehl's drawing paste on my birthday zit but um, i kept licking it off so i'm not sure if it worked. i think putting rubbing alcohol on it periodically did more to dry it out and shrink it. it didn't HURT on saturday but it's still kind of prominent today.

on saturday, i got up and got ready and packed my bags, and then nick and sandi got here !!! christina had a zipcar, so we went down to target to pick up snacks, contact solution (for christina), and a copy of red dead redemption for myself as a birthday gift. then we went to pat's so sandi could experience a philly cheesesteak.

pat's king of steaks
pat's is the non-racist one, unlike geno's, so i'll forgive them for the pepsi products thing

they don't have anything i want there, so i sulked at a picnic table, but i couldn't be toooooo mad because sandi said, "i love sandwiches... i mean, my name is SANDI" which was the cutest thing in the universe.

we went to the hotel after that and started setting stuff up and mostly like, sat around and enjoyed being inside a hotel. the windsor is my favorite property in philadelphia (and i've been to like all of them for stupid work shit !) and they were really accommodating and nice (they put that it was my birthday in the system so everyone told me happy birthday !). we also had the best view up the parkway:

like this, but um, lower

then jess and laszlo got there !!!!!!!!!!!! it was great to see jess and to finally meet laszlo, who is super funny and likes weird al as much as me. people started trickling in after that so i put on my itunes cool music playlist (which, it turns out, did not have enough songs for an 8 hour party) and ordered pizza from lazaros. people always recommend them to me but i found their sauce to be too sweet ! anyway, we had soda and pizza and hung out and had the best time.

oh, yeah- the party had an accidental bigfoot theme. first, jeanne made me this (amazing) cake:

the teeth are white mystery airheads

and i also got several bigfoot presents, as evidenced below:

autographed picture of bigfoot from mouse, book about the night witches from jeanne !

dinosaur projector, franksteiny zombie finger puppets, and grow-in-the water dinosaur and alligator from jess, laszlo, and kati

madball (dust brain) from kati, poop-shaped soap and bathbomb with a capybara inside from mark, and vegan dracula gummis from nick

beautiful sasquatch watercolor from kati's bf alan

not pictured: gift card to spool sewing from christina so i can take sewing classes !!!, gift card to old navy from kati, gift card to trader joe's from mark, and like 400000lbs of twizzlers from nate and anna which are currently in my stomach.

it was really great to see everyone and i haven't laughed that hard in awhile (like, since last weekend) and this was the best birthday since last year !

the next morning, christina, jess, laszlo, nick, sandi, mouse, and i (phewwww) went to morning glory for brunch. the wait was pretty long for a party of 7 who wanted a table, but it was shady outside and kind of breezy so it wasn't terrible. the food, however, was kind of lackluster ! i think that every time i eat there so i'm not sure why i keep going back- i always forget they're bad and i always forget they have the grossest tofu scramble ever and subject my vegan friends to it.

challah french toast

i had a good time though and drank several sodas. i don't want to sound wimpy but being around those six people filled me with such happiness that i thought i was going to explode and die. after brunch we walked over to john's water ice so i could get a chocolate water ice

water ice

for those not from the area, water ice is just italian ice. not sure why it's called that, since the name definitely sounds like someone is just describing ice.

after our friends went back to new york (and mouse went to work out in the park), christina and i came home and napped hard (well, i did, and that was her intention, but i was like... dead to the world). christina did a very thorough allergy cleaning of the livingroom and i HELPED SLIGHTLY ! and tried to stay out of her way. then mouse came over and we caught up on doctor who a little. i LIKE the new season so far, but i don't LOVE it. like, i keep forgetting about it and now we're 2-3 episodes behind i think? the episode we watched was vampires in venice


it was okay ! the episode was very FUNNY, but i'm sort of tired of all of the mopey "OUR BLOOD IS ON UR HANDZ DOCTOR !!!!" shit? and doctor loving and protecting human beings so much. i also think that the dude playing rory is a terrible bland actor and they should've found someone better. also, they better not do a love story between the doctor and amy because I'M SO FUCKING TIRED OF THAT and also he knew her when she was a child.

so, today ! i'm going out to lunch with my team for my birthday, but we haven't picked a restaurant yet- i share my birthday with another teammate and she keeps dodging me when i try to get her to pick ! when i get home tonight i'm going to thoroughly clean and dust my room and try to find all my tv remotes and finally hook up my xbox. it's a shame that i'm even procrastinating about playing video games !

hey guys.

p.s. we saw a license plate that said ROCDWN2 and when we finally figured out it said "rock down to" we saw that the bumper sticker underneath it said, "...and then we'll take it higher". totally weird, because like... one of five things i remember about my dad was that he LOVED that song ! haha.


  1. did you change your phone number? love bernie

  2. that cake was insane! happy birthday part 3 (weekend at roxy's).

  3. hahaha i love you kati !

    berna, i have the same number- do YOU have a different number? i didn't pick up the phone when you called cause it wasn't in my phone, but i have TWO other numbers for you !

  4. Ahhhh Jeanne is so cool, that cake turned out amazingly. It sounded like a really fun b-day and I know what you mean about being filled with happiness after a big hang. Maybe it's wimpy, but I'm OK with that!

    Does Alan have a website or Etsy shop? I'm intrigued by the watercolor and would love to have one of his works for my own!

  5. chrysta you should've come, nate and anna were there !!!! haha. i will ask kati if alan has a store or website or anything !

  6. hey! we are actually working on setting up alan's Etsy shop now, but you can look at all his work on flickr here:

    we're still saving up the skrilla to make prints (some of his pieces are already in the flat files at Transformer DC) so if you like something, just leave a flickr comment on it and he can let you know when a print is available.

  7. "for those not from the area, water ice is just italian ice."

    man i always assumed it was like a slurpee!!

    i'm glad you had a wonderful birthday <3<3 that cake is seriously AMAZING.


  8. Happy birthday, dude! That cake is awesome and it was super nice of Bigfoot to autograph something for you.

  9. Luv u! That cake was delicious. I want to go back to Philly!

  10. it was so nice to see you, and laszlo is the best !! i want you guys to come back when there isn't a rigorous party schedge