Friday, June 4, 2010

somewhere, sometime, let me make you mine

dudes !!! yesterday when i was going home from work i got really hot and i puked !!!!!! i don't know what was up- i felt super out of it and weird and hot and thirsty, and it wasn't even that hot out (like, 88?). i went home and put on the AC and like, languished in my bed for a few hours, but i ended up feeling crappy for the rest of the night. mouse stopped by to keep me company and put his feet on me and we watched part of terminator 2

did you call MOI a dipshit?

we decided to transition our friendship into a terminator 2 relationship but we can't decide who is going to be john connor and who will be the terminator. i think mouse can fight better so HE should be the terminator, and i'm a natural leader (aka bossy) so i could probably handle telling him what to do. we'll just have to see whose mom can do more pull-ups.

the other big news from yesterday is that my birthday zit is gross. it's super super painful and it hurts when i move my mouth, and it has TWO HEADS but won't squeeze.

birthday zit

upper lip pimples are my least favorite thing in the world because i'm already self-conscious about that area and i think it makes me look very mustachey, but my main problem is the pain. i LOVE moving my mouth. also i don't want everyone to not come to my birthday party because of my offensive zit, which i think is a possibility if my analysis of saved by the bell is accurate.


i don't know if it's a culmination of my crappy year last year, or just having my mom visit, or my dad dying and that being weird, or the heat, or what, but i'm not being a birthdayzilla like i usually am. i haven't even made an obsessive list of all of the stuff i want to bring or really thought about what kind of pizza to order or anything. nick and sandi are coming down early tomorrow and going beer/snack shopping with christina, and then we're going to check into the hotel and maybe go swimming?

preliminary halfhearted list of stuff i need to do
- send everyone a notice about how parking in center city will suck so they shouldn't try
- make a list of beverages i would like to purchase
- make a list of snacks i would like to purchase
- pack an overnight bag
- shave my legs? yeah right
- pick out a birthday outfit
- clean my room?
- go to an ATM
- get zit cream
- see if i have a bathing suit? i might not.
- buy myself an xbox game for my birthday

there's probably more stuff but i can't really think of anything ! maybe i am chilling out in my old age or something.

hey guys have a good weekend ! please don't forget my birthday is sunday if you would like to tell me happy birthday.

p.s. next week i want to write more about a plus size clothing thing. remind me !


  1. i never noticed how much lesley gore looks like that other hilton sister before!

  2. haha oh my god she does !!!!

  3. Why is Lesley Gore crying so much?!

  4. Hey, happy early birthday!

  5. ahhhhhhhh the patti smith thing !!!!!!!!!!!!

    i actually really like terminator 2, not as a terminator movie or a sequel, but as a standalone thing that came out at exactly the right time in my adolescence with exactly the right number of fucked up robots.

  6. Can Pizza come to the party? Are cats allowed in hotels? Would she be too freaked out by all the people? It seems rude having a hotel party while Pizza's at home alone..

  7. no cats allowed at the hotel, but she's having a party at home with her cat friends !