Monday, June 28, 2010

it doesn't really matter if we live or die

hey buds ! what's up ! i'm at work with a fan kind of blowing my skirt up. JEALOUS? the first thing i heard this morning was a security guard telling everyone who passed her that a guy had died on the bench outside my office over the weekend. i was like, 'oh, that's really sad' and she reacted really blankly. i blame video games !

i don't actually remember what i did on friday? i think i may have taken a nap, watched tv, and knitted. working on the entrelac scarf is kind of stressing me out. no matter how many people reassure me, i have major knitting anxiety and cannot imagine what type of person would wear this thing.

here's a good example
here's a good example, from this stage crew nerd's blog

i'm also a little unsure because the yarn is thick/thin and i think it looks lumpy? maybe i can fix that by blocking it. anyway, i don't know- i think i'm going to send it to my craft swap recipient with express instructions to give it to a high school art teacher or with an IOU for something better.

on saturday, i got a car share car by myself (christina had to finish her paper for her class) and went yarn and grocery shopping. i had to parallel park outside of the hospital at 19th and south, and it was like... the most stressful thing ever. the second i started backing into the spot, both the person in front of me and person behind me got into their cars and tried to pull out of their spots? but there wasn't room because 19th is a narrow one lane road there, so everyone was honking at me and i wanted to cry.

hayyy parallel parking

i don't drive often, don't have depth perception, never really learned to parallel park, and crack under honking, so i finally gave up and just drove around the block and pulled into the now-gigantic spot. man, it doesn't sound like that bad of an experience now that i wrote it out but at the time i was suuuuper embarrassed ! i immediately put out an open call when i got home to anyone who will teach me to parallel park and i've had a few takers. people i know, i mean, not like craigslist sex and parking maniacs. anyway, i went to loop and got more noro kureyon 250 for the aforementioned craft swap scarf.

noro kureyon 250

i also finally caved and got two skeins of imperial stock yarn because they were on sale for $7.50 each (down from $12.50). there was a color i'd been admiring for awhile and i couldn't resist, though i try to be conscious of not being a Yarn Person- a lot of my friends who knit get overwhelmed by all the beautiful yarns in the world and buy yarn faster than they can use it, or with no projects in mind- this is not a judgment, it just doesn't make sense for me/my budget/my knitting skill.

imperial dusty rose
imperial dusty rose- the color is a lot paler and more muted in person

after that i went to trader joe's to get some bagged risotto because i want all of my dinners to cook in 5 minutes or less during the summer, but the entire italian frozen crap case was empty. i did get some pretty cool chipwiches though.

i wish trader joe's was not so drama club-y in its demeanor and packaging. it's JUST A CHIPWICH

mike and mouse had plans to wrestle (they both do jiu jitsu, though mouse does brazilian jiu jitsu and mike does um, japanese art of softness jujutsu) which i wanted absolutely no part of, so they did that while i took a nap. then we went to lemon grass, which is normally my favorite thai restaurant but they served me a bum royal bath this time- the royal bath being the thing i always order. it's just a gigantic pile of spinach and tofu with peanut sauce

tofu and peanut sauce
sorta like this but with better presentation

but this time the tofu was all desiccated and there was barely any spinach, and it was $1 more expensive ! i wasn't super hungry anyway but it was still a total ripoff. after dinner we came back to my house and watched futurama and had dessert, and christina finally came home and we deliriously bro'd down until she had to go to bed.

yesterday i slept super late and tried to tackle my to-do list. i worked on my scarf a little and played borderlands with perry and gavin (i think i may just like... not be good at borderlands? but not being able to read quest text or weapon stats on my tiny tv doesn't help) and watched inglourious basterds again because of daniel bruhl.


i didn't even like the movie THAT much, but i am totally weird about celebrity crushes- like, NOT like fan fiction and posting on messageboards and calling them by a nickname weird but like... uh, when i liked bill paxton i befriended billy bob thornton's former personal assistant to get dirt. so like, not harmless stage crew virgin weird, but like actual creepy real life weird?

annnyyyyyway, here's what was on my list:

- straighten up bedroom
- read my history chapters and take notes
- work on my craft swap scarf
- hang out with christina

- tune up/grease/clean bike (mouse and i are going to nockamixon this weekend)

i absolutely need to do the rest of that stuff this week, and i only have plans wednesday (mike and jeanne are coming over to watch wolfhound !), so it shouldn't be too hard. here is my revised list:

- straighten up bedroom
- read my history chapters and take notes (despite the first chapter being called "DOING HISTORY")
- tune up/grease/clean bike
- straighten up the kitchen and livingroom
- go back to trader joe's for some frozen crap
- catsit hoolie ! (i didn't make it on thursday cause of the storm- i'm not the worst person ever, there is someone else sharing cat sitting duties)
- brush my own cat and clip her toenails

i'm going to keep you guys abreast of the situation as it develops.

p.s. i changed the way my blog looks
p.p.s. OH YEAH ON FRIDAY NIGHT I ATE CAT FOOD BY ACCIDENT. i was crushing up a pill in some wet food for my cat and i ABSENTMINDEDLY LICKED THE BACK OF THE SPOON. it was so disgusting and tasted like gross unseasoned gravy without human flavors and ufslkdjflskdjglskhg. i'll never be the same again.
p.p.p.s. i saw a guy eating taco bell somehow at 8:30 am (philly BARELY has taco bells and i don't think they open that early?) so when i pick up my birth control and buy tokens, i'm totally having the most taco bell for lunch. 21 layer burrito !


  1. i love yr new layout.

    "i don't drive often, don't have depth perception, never really learned to parallel park, and crack under honking"

    this is exactly why i don't drive and that experience sounds almost exactly like how i failed my driver's test the first time! (except i was entering an exit instead of parallel parking and almost hit a pedestrian due to upsetedness. so i guess not actually that much the same...the honking and humiliation and panic sound dead on, though!)

    i had no idea the cryptkeeper was the entrelec scarf type.

  2. i'm glad you like it !!!! the only other feedback was jeanne and i basically made her compliment it. watermelon summer !

    i have all these horrifying moments while driving where i realize i'm not paying attention or i did something deadly. like, i swerved around a double parked car to avoid it and then realized with horror that i hadn't even LOOKED in the other lane to see if i was cool to do that. luckily nothing happened.

  3. Is that one thing in the new background a creme brulee? There's a watermelon, and a cherry, and a spotted onion, and... a creme brulee?

    Also, I lol'd at "without human flavors."

    P.S. Allen said he doesn't really want to move back to Philly. Sigh.

  4. tell allen i said to SHUT UP and DO IT !

    okay, i see a cherry, a watermelon, i think the spotted onion is a pomegranate, and i think the creme brulee is maybe half an orange? or a KIWI !!!!

  5. Pretty new layout. Also, fun (?) fact: to get to your page, all I have to type into my browser is 't' !

  6. hahaha yessss, i have arrived !

  7. my bf doesn't have any depth perception either! mostly because he is blind in one eye, i guess. i will gladly parallel park for both of you any time.

  8. whoa ! my vision is okay in both eyes (though farsighted), they just don't work together, most likely because i had an eyepatch as a little kid for a lazy eye.

  9. haha all three of us have a lazy eye