Monday, January 24, 2011

where have i been?

i've lost some of my ZEST for blogging, but i'm going on vacation this week, and my resolution when i return is to do more blogging. this means that i'll be posting updates both on this blog and on cool thoughts.

some highlights you've missed since thanksgiving
- i started using coconut oil as moisturizer and it has cured me of ingrown hairs
- i got some swamp things to supplement all my genocide/world war II reading
- i did not finish my genocide paper and have an incomplete in the class until i do. i really, really need to do that.
- i am taking one class this semester- creative non-fiction: perspectives on race, class, and gender. i was taking elementary german II, but i dropped it, because it was wayyyy too advanced for me. i think i'm going to take it over the summer.
- i laid in bed a lot and watched simpsons dvds.
- i have been watching every season of the x-files in order. in around 2 weeks, i got to season 5. i'm a little burnt out now, and since i know the story arc, i'm greatly enjoying the monster of the week episodes.
- i've been a hermit this winter
- i've been looking at fluffy white dreamboat cats on petfinder
- i'm in love with my life and my friends and i need to start acting like it. actually this is probably how i'd act if i was in love (moody and jerky and weird), but you know what i mean.

sit tight, dogs. i will try to be back next week. get off my sack a little.