Friday, April 30, 2010

there's your answer, fishbulb

man, today is boooooring. i managed to get enough work done from home yesterday that i'm not totally swamped today (i have a lot to do, but it's a manageable load. huh huh load), and none of my aim friends are online and no one is doing anything cool on facebook.

knitting group was kind of foiled again yesterday because the other green line had a show, so christina and i went to the regular green line and had iced coffees and knitted. kathleen ended up not being able to make it too, so "knitting group" may just be the code word for me and christina knitting somewhere besides our couch. hopefully we'll actually be able to get together with the real knitting group though, cause i gotta say that pizza is feeling left out by our current arrangement.

cats don't drink coffee

also the girls at the table next to us were talking about bobby brown and whitney houston and one of them kept saying, "BOBBI KRISTINA !!!!!!!!!!!!" and i was losing my shit ! i did have a weird moment where i started crying because of my teeth? like, talking to christina about the state of my teeth and how growing up poor without healthcare means that i am looking forward to $28,000-$50,000 of dental work as an adult, and my teeth always hurt. it was weird, i wasn't really sad and didn't mean to cry but it happened ! i am also having my period but i hate using that as an excuse for expressing my feelings.

cover the earth

we went to cvs after that because i had ten extra bucks burning a hole in my pocket, and i got mousse:


and, despite having a crying jag about my fucked up teeth, i got some hard caramels ! that one i can definitely cathy away with a period explanation though.

russell stover

because i don't think anyone who isn't having their period buys themselves a box of chocolate instead of like, regular candy.

our raid last night was poorly attended, so we just did the blood princes. i think paul and i are going to do refer-a-friend with each other, which is um... both of us buying new copies of the game and paying for 2 months of subscription so we can get a mount?

rocket mount

two people can ride in it ! i can take christina everywhere with me !

i think, for lack of better things to talk about, i'm going to post all of my rare mounts. haha. there are still a few i desperately want that i don't even want to talk about, but here's the ones i have:

swift brewfest ram
swift brewfest ram. 1.6% drop rate. you could try for it several times a day, but only during a 2 week period.

rivendare's deathcharge
rivendare's deathcharger (the baron's mount). 1% drop rate, but you can try to get it 5 times an hour. i got this without trying on my 2nd time soloing stratholme. it looks just like all the other undead mounts.

swift razzashi raptor. 0.9% drop rate, you can try for it every 3 days. i got this my second or third time in zul'gurub.

zulian tiger
swift zulian tiger. 0.7% drop rate, you can try for it every 3 days. i just got this after like..40 attempts !

white polar bear
white polar bear. 1% drop rate from a quest you can do every day. it took me about 2 months of doing the quest every day

raven lord
raven lord. 1.4% drop rate off of a boss in sethekk halls you can kill every day, but a druid has to summon him. i got this on my third try ! this is my favorite mount.

red qiraji battle tank
red qiraji battle tank. 1.1-1.8% drop rate. it is the rarest of the qiraji resonating crystals in ahn'qiraj and can only be mounted inside ahn'qiraj, unfortunately

green proto drake
green proto-drake. 2% drop rate off of an oracle egg. this is kind of weird- you get to revered with a tribe called the oracles, buy a "mysterious egg" from them, wait 7 days for it to hatch, and the mount may be inside. it's usually egg yolk or some pets, but 2% of the time it's a mount. i got it on my third egg !

i'm sure that was incredibly boring and stupid for most people on earth (even people who play wow) but i am psyched about it. there's a few more regular (pvp, mounts for sale, etc.) mounts i need to get and some rare mounts i need to try for !

this weekend is going to be pretty busy- kristen is coming to visit christina (and maybe me a little??) and they're going to the maryland sheep and wool festival tomorrow. i feel like such a turd for not committing to go because i bet it's going to be the best time in the world. on saturday, diana is coming down, and nate and mouse are coming over, and we're going to have a super crowded house. but it will be crowded with like almost everyone i like (jeanne where are youuuuuuuuuuu? and anna will be out of town too). on sunday i'll probably make mouse hang out with me and maybe mike?

p.s. this weekend i think i'm going to read the evolution of calpurnia tate if i have time.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

if you liked it then you should have put a thing on it

hayyyy. yesterday was pretty cool ! i had to work a little late, but afterward mouse came over. i've been feeling kind of bummed and anxious lately and i think spending time with people is the uh, ointment i need. christina has been doing a good job of hanging out with me and listening to all my stupid jokes (and doing stuff like absentmindedly singing, "ooh vaginas are a place on girls" in the hallway to the tune of the belinda carlisle song).

we mostly ate food and watched DVR'd simpsons episodes (including one of the alltime worst episodes, the one with tony hawk where bart gets emancipated):

bart sad

we got chinese food, but i just got soup because i wasn't really hungry. christina came home while we were hanging out and she did a little spinning and laughed at like, every single thing marge said or did (which is cute, because i always say marge reminds me of christina's bff jess).

we also watched part of the 11th inning of the phillies/giants game !!! it was 5-5, and i'd like to give a shoutout to my man eugenio velez for playing like a chump


and giving us two runs.

after that, i tanked an icc10 on my paladin ! we got up through the plague quarter but couldn't get putricide down- one of the healers had to split, and one of the dps kept getting disconnected. i didn't do perfectly, but i think i did okay, and i learned about some paladin shit i was too lazy to learn before ! haha. i get too embarrassed to ask questions sometimes (related to being a woman- i'm afraid people will think i'm a shitty player or dumb because i'm a woman, but it's actually cause i'm a lazy player ! and i get pre-emptively indignant), and people call paladin abilities by nicknames (plus all the abilities are some combination of holy, divine, hammer, and light), so when people ask me to use (insert nickname of spell) i never know what to do.

saltpeter on the outskirts of dalaran

what else? oh yeah, i wanted to talk about the biggest injustice in world history. mike linked me to this article about bizarre victorian taxidermied things that sold at auction when a museum of weird victorian shit closed down, and this sasquatch sold for $1000:


i could totally fucking afford that and NO ONE TOLD ME ABOUT IT UNTIL AFTER THE AUCTION. why is this life !

tonight is knitting group + 25 man raid. i'm excited because christina told me that her coworker, kathleen, is coming tonight, and kathleen is cool ! plus maybe some of the actual group members will be there tonight and i'll make even more friends ! and we're finally moving on to tougher content in our 25 mans because we have new recruits, so i'm excited !

p.s. jess also linked me to this earlier. female fronted punk rock mix tape, 1977-1989. download it, get psyched, be a woman (or an ally to women).
p.p.s. last night i heard a tom waits song on tv and i thought it was everlast.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

i don't give a damn about my reputation

okay the most exciting thing that happened yesterday was that i cut down the yarn trip wires all over my bedroom. i am working on this cowl for jeanne, which i'm double stranding, and the two balls of yarn fell off of my bed and got progressively more tangled as the weeks went on. like, pizza tried to run away with one of the balls and left it across the room, and it got tangled around my chair. the other one got tangled around my computer cords and my phone cord (yes, i have a landline, and yes, my phone has a cord !). i've sort of been gingerly stepping over it and getting tangled in it, but last night i cut it down !

last year i won a "garfie" for laziness !

i really thought that this whole thing would end with me tripping over the yarn and breaking my laptop, but i actually took care of it before that happened ! i'm super proud of myself, like i always am when i do the bare minimum to function on earth.

really, i got nothing. last night was a raid night. we've had a problem lately with raid attendance, since it's nice out, and our recruiting was kind of a disaster because a few guild chumps invited other chumps who love rape jokes and ardently defend their right to use them, etc., but my friend ibrahim invited a big group of cool people who are also good players (the rape dudes were not good players). so we formed the raid on time and made good progress with no wipes because of the 15% buff in icc !

saurfang !

being a girl who plays a video game is weird, especially playing an mmorpg. because of the nature of the game, i have to constantly interact with a mostly male population who are not the type of people i hang out with in real life, which can be both awesome and terrible. i play with a lot of friends and friends of friends who are all mostly old punk dudes, but since 25-man raids take 25 people, there's still a mishmash of random people in every raid.

my experience has been pretty weird. i've been on the receiving end of both extremes of sexism- getting special treatment and attention and opportunities for being female, and at the receiving end of extreme ire and unfair double standards and pretty vicious misogynist language (slut, bitch, cunt, insults to my appearance, worth based on who wants to fuck me, implications that i'm a bad player cause i'm a girl, rape jokes, etc.) for being female. the guys that know i know act normal and never disappoint me as far as being allies, making me do my own shit, etc. goes and they make the game worth playing for me. the other dudes are a mixed bag. i meant to write some kind of analysis of this but the best i can come up with is, "a lot of dudes are sexist and oblivious to their sexism."

also i just tried to find an image to put here but every single search related to women and video games was

1) naked or half naked women
2) naked or half naked female video game characters
3) motivational posters about how women suck at video games

here is the one with the smallest amount of nudity:

woman playing video games

i have to work a little late tonight (and probably like, every night forever until after my event) but after that i think i'm going to get coffee with mouse. this weekend should also be exciting because kristen is coming to visit christina and diana is coming to visit us and i'll probably do something with mouse and/or mike ! everyone ! how can i get jeanne in on this !

p.s. yesterday i didn't even get to see christina because i took a laziness nap and when i woke up she was taking an allergy nap (though i think that was actually bedtime so that was allergy sleep), but she did make something that made the whole house smell fucking good !

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

it could have been a sauce

mannnnnnnnn today is going to be the most annoying day. like, ever. i have to take minutes for a conference call which i'm not even sure how to do (i'm a slow writer, and i automatically tune out anything i'm not interested in, AND i'm not good at distinguishing between voices !), i have like 85+ e-mails from yesterday (i was out of the office yesterday), and a million other things to do. plus two meetings ! i do want to update though.

i had like, the most laid back weekend ever. christina and i mostly like, hung hard around our apartment and knitted and watched tv and drank sodas. on saturday we met at the green line and went grocery shopping, which was pretty fun (i don't know why, but grocery shopping with christina is always like, the equivalent of going to lake tahoe for spring break with anyone else). i did cravings based shopping again (since i've been trying to work on eating disorder stuff, my brain has basically been shutting down to all the foods i like/should be eating) and ended up with:

cocoa puffs

kraft macaroni and cheese

mrs t's pierogies

right? i'm already sick of everything i got though.

on saturday i finished reading catching fire, the second hunger games book.

catching fire

i was dissatisfied at first because there's so much re-capping of the first book, and also she adds in details that she obviously didn't think of until after she wrote the first one that will be important later- like adding in that people were related or people did stuff they didn't do. like, the book was good and pretty entertaining/exciting, but i wish she'd fleshed it out more as a series before she started writing. i also really wish there were more books where a female character is brave and strong and clever and capable ON PURPOSE. the protagonist of this book spends so much time being like, "i didn't even MEAN for that to happen !!!!! i didn't know this cool exciting thing would happen, it happened by accident @#)@)(#(@#" that it really diminishes her accomplishments. despite that !!! it's good, you should read this series.

on sunday, mouse came over so he could watch the second episode of the new series of doctor who with us. i'm not entirely sold on matt smith as the doctor yet, but i love the new stories so far. i hope they mix it up a little so moffat doesn't get totally burnt out. my only real problem with this episode is that they have a great villain


but they don't really explain where these dudes came from or why they exist or what exactly they're for. like, obviously to kill people who question stuff sometimes...? but not all the time. or whatever. mouse hung out for awhile and it was nice to see him but i felt boring because we didn't really do anything.

i guess the... big exciting news from yesterday is that after like... a billion tries, i finally got the swift zulian tiger mount !

swift zulian

i've seriously been trying to get this forever- basically there's a 0.7% chance it will drop off of a boss you can kill every 3 days and i've been trying to get it (though not religiously) for almost a year. it was also my 100th mount (i've had 98 for awhile and wanted to fill up the last two slots with rare mounts, though one ended up being the the least rare mount), so i got this super ugly thing as a reward !

ugly mount

actually, due to my commitment to talking about wow in this journal like my readers understand/care i'm going to post all of my rare mounts tomorrow. fuck you !

okay, i have to go have a long stressful day at work ! maybe you guys can see me complain about it on facebook.

Monday, April 26, 2010

just me and my baby

hey guys i'm not at work today and don't feel like updating !!!!! today, i suggest you visit zooborns instead of reading my blog.

Friday, April 23, 2010

your heart is ripshit

okayyyyyy so knitting group didn't happen last night. the girl who is always there posted on ravelry that she wasn't coming, so we opted not to go because last time it was just that girl and one other girl, and the other girl did not seem to find us as delightful as we find ourselves. haha. so we went to the regular green line by ourselves and drank a billion iced coffees and knitted.

i hope my uh, "thing" with iced coffee clears up soon because i've been on a medical cornholio watch for like 2 weeks because i keep drinking 230293 of them.

ic for my bunghole

we had a pretty good time as usual. there were two other cute girls there and i talked to one about my glasses and gave her the name of the ebay seller who makes my frames/the place i get my prescription put in them:

i bought both pairs... and a pair in solid black

and it was like the perfect moment for us to make a friend move and i choked ! usually in situations like that i'm like HI I'M ROXY DO YOU GUYS WANT TO BE FRIENDS (#@@)(#$)( and for some reason i didn't say anything... even though i wrote one girl a note with the ebay stuff, and told her that we would, ahem, be twins forever.

mouse met up with us after that and we had a good time with him, mostly because he had low blood sugar and was being really funny. his exciting news of the day is that he bought a yoga mat that used to belong to someone we know at the thrift store (don't worry, after going to jiu jitsu class with college dudes he is really careful about disinfecting stuff !).

on our way home we saw a beautiful fluffy tortie who we see all the time. it's like, the cutest most beautiful cat i've ever met and she makes pizza look like creamed crap and i can't believe her irresponsible owners let her outside? like not only for all the reasons no one should EVER EVER EVER let a cat outside (no exceptions, don't care if you had an outdoor cat who lived 17 years because for every cat that lives 17 years there's about 500 that get stuck/lost/killed by a car/killed by an animal/killed by a person/caught on a fence/got wounded or diseased/ate or drank something poisonous/picked up by animal control and euthanized/tortured/injured etc. and also cats kill tons and tons and tons of small birds and mammals), but i'd be afraid that someone would steal her because she's the most beautiful cat ever who LIKES BELLYRUBS?

this cat is a MERE SHADOW of this other cat

what else? oh, i got my yarn for the nightingale socks:

beautiful socks
by vintagepurls on ravelry, though these were knitted by pSTATqueen

i went with the stroll tonal yarn from knitpicks and it's fucking beautiful. how many times have i said "beautiful" in this entry?

i'm not doing much this weekend- knitting, iced coffee, doctor who, possibly watching mike and mouse box, saying weird shit with christina.

p.s. we named that tortie "randy"? don't know why.
p.p.s. june 5 2010 = my birthday party. put it on your calendar.
p.p.p.s. the rest of my team is on a retreat today (a lot of it is about fundraising stuff so i don't have to go !) and it's the best quietest.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

is she weird, is she white, is she promised to the night?

hey ! last night we had nothing to watch while we knitted, so christina and i watched law abiding citizen, which is known in our home as law abiding guy (christina and i always bust on tv shows as we watch them and once a commercial came on for that and she snorted and said, "law abiding... guy", which was factually the lamest diss of all time).

law abiding guy

oh my god, this movie was hilariously bad. basically the premise is that clive owen or gerard butler (whichever one it is this time) is attacked in his home, and his wife and daughter are murdered, but he's not murdered for some reason. somehow they leave no evidence, so the really EVIL murderer cuts a deal with the prosecutor to plead guilty and inform on the nice murderer. the nice murderer is sentenced to death, and the evil one is released in like 5 years for rape and murder of an adult and child?

of course gerard owen goes totally ripshit and decides he's going to be a law abiding guy (NOT) and like, kills the murderers, including one scene where he scooby doos and removes a wig and fake mustache to reveal his identity ! but that's not all ! he decides that the system failed him (because they were upholding the law and weren't sending people to jail without evidence i guess?) so he starts killing everyone in the philly government in elaborate ways, all from inside his cell ! there's even a cameo by our nerdy fucking mayor michael nutter (he did not get a speaking part, presumably cause he's such a nerd)

before entering the machine that transforms him into his sexy alter ego, mikael nuttaire

the movie is like, 1/4 the fugitive and 3/4 saw. there are barely any beautiful shots of philadelphia. oh, did i mention that later in the movie they mention that clive butler's job before he became a law abiding guy was a guy who specialized in killing people without being in the room??? that's a job, right? he makes explosive cellphones and like, stranglin' neckties and all kinds of stuff that is supposed to sound scary but sounds like mad magazine jokes.

by the way, this movie sucks. i highly recommend it.

tonight christina and i are going to that goofy knitting group. my plan is to work on my sock a little at lunch today so it looks more impressive by 6pm. it was a little harrowing last night because my work fell off my needles and i had to reposition it, but i don't think i dropped any stitches. i'm excited, i like having a weekly thing to do, even if it's associating with yarn nerds at a coffee shop !

knitting nerds

that's about it for now, though i might buy a pair of flared jeans because i'm jeansless and nothing else comes in my size/length right now. it would be like $5 to get them tailored, buttttttttt i'd never bother to do that. oh, speaking of sewing, look at this cool thing:

sewing machine !

it's a sewing machine that scans fabric and uses cmyk dye to match the thread to the fabric. isn't that cool and luxurious???

p.s. Gothy Witchy Bird skull necklace. MADE BY A WITCH.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

blue cyclone

guys ! i had a revolutionary idea last night while i was eating a bowl of cereal while standing over the sink (saddest dinner?) ! i'm going to buy one of those sandwich press things.


totally serendipitous too, because i was digging through my wallet and found a $25 target gift card that my boss gave me for christmas that i totally forgot about ! imagine what i can do with this thing before i get tired of it ! it has terrible reviews on target's website because it's one piece and super hard to clean, but i don't care ! i want to make a HOT sandwich with fake ham, cheese, and tomato !


so yeah, that idea was basically the most exciting thing to happen to me yesterday. oh yeah, i also bought some alice crocs on ebay to wear in the rain:

#1 favorite rain shoe

and they sent a size 9 instead of a size 10 ! i was totally bummed, but the shipper refunded me and gave me $6 to ship them back to her. i knew it had to be too good to be true because i got them for like $14 with shipping included ! now all of my regular shoes will be ruined in the rainnnnnnn.

what else? we raided last night, much to my chagrin. i'm just not really feeling it anymore. our attendance is low because of the summer, so we do all the boring easy bosses on tuesday, and then no one shows up thursday to do the hard stuff, so i feel like i'm wasting a night a week doing boring old stuff. i guess we're still getting some gear for people who need it, but i feel like my time could be better spent staring at christina or reading a young adult novel.

icecrown citadel

i do like playing with paul and ibrahim and jeff and gavin and a few other dudes though. last night i had an extended conversation about dr bronner with them and another about how we think people do not deserve gifts for getting married !

tonight i have to get working on my sock ! i assume christina and i are going to the west philly knitter and crocheter meetup again tomorrow, and i want to have at least SOME of the pattern knit (i started over, remember) because last week i mostly fucked around and didn't knit and i want to um, prove my knitting chops. fuck you nerds !

p.s. christina and i didn't start a blog of the weird things the other says while we are watching tv or hanging out- that would be weird.
p.p.s. two of my friends' gmail accounts have been hacked, so i assume my gmail will get hacked next. obviously don't open any random viagra or online casino links from me !

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

bruce willis jr.

hey dudes ! yesterday i walked home from work because it was nice out and came home and hid in my room ! i unraveled that stupid sock and started over, which was a total bummer, but it was basically going to be a baby sock if i didn't do it. i had chocolate cheerios for dinner:

chocolate cheerios

i've been looking forward to trying these for awhile. i don't like cereal really, but i like cheerios and would like them more if they were sweeter. i LOVE cocoa puffs, but i find the shape to be detrimental to my mouth skin. i had cocoa puffs for the first time a year or two ago when i went to the weird cereal restaurant by my office (now out of business)


they seemed right up my alley, and i had to basically beg the people working there to not add anything to them (a small cereal came with THREE TOPPINGS and they wanted me to add like, chocolate chips or marshmallows to it ! i'm not CALIGULA !!!!), and then i ate them and like, cocoa puffs are like manna from heaven. i would be eating them right now if i had a wolverine mouth that healed itself immediately. oh, but yeah, chocolate cheerios- totally disappointing. they aren't sweet or chocolatey, but their brownish chocolate-like color shamed me out of adding sugar.

if there are any children reading this, i want to reiterate that when you are an adult you can eat sugary cereal for dinner, so don't commit suicide or anything.

mouse came over after that, and we forced christina to watch rocky, because she has lived in philadelphia for almost eight months without seeing it. by "forced", by the way, i mean we were like, "we should watch rocky" and she was like, "TOTALLY".

i love you rocky

if you haven't seen it or haven't seen it recently, rocky is one of the best movies ever made. it's super hard to reconcile sylvester stallone now with the person who wrote 'rocky', but he added so many perfect touches to the character (not being able to break the guy's thumbs, locker combination in hat, the turtles, having a crush on a shy nerd from the pet store, etc.) and plays it with such sensitivity. also, seeing philadelphia in the 70s ! also, butkus !

also, sylvester stallone was super hot? christina and i have recently been trying to wrap our brains around our appreciation of hunks

jr rodgers
jr rodgers, kirstie alley's personal trainer who we have a bone on for

like, her main celebrity crush is like... zach galifianakis. and i can't think of any of mine, but i'm just going to put it out there that i watch the king of queens every night, and it's not for leah remini (p.s. christina has a crush on patton oswalt, too !). and yet every time we see some shirtless hunk we're like, biting our fists. we are complicated women.

i'm gonna go do some work now and maybe eat a really unsatisfying lunch.

p.s. christina has also diagnosed me as gay for stacy london.


p.p.s. i had to look at zach galafianakas' wikipedia and copy and paste his name up there. and i just had to do it again to type that.
p.p.p.s. yes mouse, you're a hunk.

Monday, April 19, 2010

sugar bear

hey dudes ! i had a pretty good, busy weekend this weekend. on friday, i came home and did nothing as planned. like, put on comfy pants, took a nap, watched tv, ate dinner, hung out with christina, etc. since i had to get up super early on saturday.

on saturday, mouse and i left for nyc at 7:30 in the morning. it was stressful from the beginning because it seemed like we were going to be late for the bus, but luckily the bus was super late so we made it ! i was already kinda cranky at that point because rushing around and having a tight schedule puts me on edge. the ride to nyc went by super fast. when we went over a bridge, mouse made me put his headphones on and his mp3 player was playing the theme from 'taxi'.


we had some subway trouble when we got there- i figured out what we needed to do beforehand and one of the trains we needed wasn't running. i figured out a workaround, but not before taking us to harlem by accident ! oh, by the way, we were going up to go to moma. mouse had never been before ! i've been there approximately 400 times but i do like the museum and i like doing stuff with mouse ! all the same junk was there as always, though i did take a picture of this mondrian that is in roxy colors:


we also saw the marina abramovic exhibition and it was the coolest thing ever. i obviously like, don't know shit about art, especially not performance art, so i wasn't impressed when we passed by her exhibit on a lower floor- basically, she sits at a table silently staring at the chair across from her and anyone can sit and stare at her for as long as they want.

marina abramovic

when we got to the actual exhibit upstairs, though, i was blown away. while i might not be educated about art i can always appreciate a total weirdo. part of the exhibit (which you may have heard of, for groping reasons) is two naked people standing inside a doorway and you're supposed to squeeze between them. i didn't do it, but lots of middle aged mom ladies with fanny packs did ! my favorite part was the room with parts of her installment balkan baroque (which included six thousand pounds of cow bones !)

balkan baroque

after the museum, we went to candle 79 for brunch.

candle 79

it was okay ! a lot of people recommended it to me really highly, but i thought it was kind of bland and overpriced. i got pancakes with strawberries and strawberry butter, a side of yukon gold skillet potatoes, and an iced coffee. the pancakes were kind of tough, the strawberry butter just tasted like salt, and i got like.. two strawberries cut up on it. the only saving grace was their ginger maple syrup, which was delicious. the iced coffee was okay, but they only had raw sugar, which does not dissolve in iced coffee, like, at all. haha. also the menu said it was $3 and they charged me $4.

the potatoes were actually the worst thing of all. doesn't "yukon gold skillet potatoes" evoke like, country potatoes with crispy edges or whatever? it was skinless boiled potatoes with some green onions and some spices, served by an icecream scoop ! i know that sounds terrible, but the ginger maple syrup was so good that they get an 'okay' rating. mouse had tofu scramble with seitan sausage (the sausage was in imperceptible teeny chunks in the scramble), potatoes, and toast. he finished it, but i'm not sure what he thought !

this is what i expected !

anyway, we made our way to the bus after that. i kind of dislike new york. it's full of transplants and tourists who don't know how to walk on a sidewalk and i did not pass a restaurant without seeing at least 2 people taking iphone pictures of their food ! i had a good time though, despite being kind of cranky, cause i like hanging out with mouse. he also tickled me a lot on the bus ride home cause he was bored and i enjoyed that, because i'm basically a toddler.

on the bus ride home, i finally read the hunger games and totally loved it.

hunger games

if you haven't read it, the basic premise is that teenagers in a bleak future are forced to compete in a "battle royale" type scenario, but like... more interesting ! it's been awhile since i've been so into a book i read- even though it's pretty clear from the beginning that the protagonist will prevail in some way (this is not a spoiler- there is no way there would even be a book if this wasn't the case), how she does it and the actual outcome were both super interesting to read. there were a few times that i felt frustrated by her waffling over her feelings and thoughts, but it was actually a pretty realistic interpretation of what would go through a teenager's head in that situation. all in all, the only thing i didn't like was the wolves. i'm not doing a good job of hyping up the book because i don't want to give any actual spoilers ! ahhhh.

after i got home, i took a very brief nap and regrouped with mouse and christina to watch the first episode of the new season of doctor who.

doctor who

1) i love amy pond. i love how they introduced her and i loved her as an adult, and i'm so excited to see what happens with her
2) matt smith is okay so far ! kinda funny but kind of seems like he's aping david tennant. maybe that was the point, since he was just getting used to his regeneration? but i truly don't think i can take another like, "theater" doctor.
3) the story was pretty good, though i guess they're saving their special effects money for later stories. it wasn't quite as goofy and over the top as i expected
4) HATE the new theme and rebranding !

overall i'm pretty excited to see what happens ! i haven't been able to watch the show almost as it airs since the revival started- i've mostly had to download episodes or wait til the seasons were over.

my big plans for sunday were to wear comfy pants all day. they were somewhat foiled when christina and i decided to go to the green line and have iced coffee and knit, and then do some grocery shopping. i decided to buy the exact food i ate every day when my eating disorder was in check, so i'll be having gross black bean burgers for lunch every day and maybe that will magically cure me until i can get a new e.d. therapist. magic is real right?


after that, we cleaned up the kitchen and made pierogies and watched tv and knitted together. super super super relaxing day ! i started on my sweet socks, and switching colors is surprisingly easy. i watched like 30 seconds of a youtube and just decided to keep both colors of yarn over my left index finger (i knit continental) and just grab whichever color i needed with the needle.

sweet sock

sweet sock back

unfortunately, though, i've been knitting super tightly, as i'm wont to do when i learn a new technique, so the socks are like... baby sized. i'm obviously going to have to start them over with better tension, but i'm totally dreading it. oh well- my hands and wrists are killing me from knitting so tightly, and i have blisters on my thumbs from sliding the stitches off my super pointy needles. haha. ohhhhh welllllll.

oh yeah. i wanted to mention that i've kind of given up on the pacific. i'm 1.5 episodes behind- i tried to catch up yesterday and i had to turn it off halfway through because it's so motherfucking boring.

the pacific

my problems so far
- they are trying to create a 'band of brothers' feel to it by obscuring the fact that leckie, sledge, and basilone don't know each other and aren't in the same unit.
- the pacing of each episode is so terrible; it's impossible to tell if one day or one year has passed at any given point.
- they are doing a horrible job of telling the story of the war. very little talk about strategy or battles or japan or like.. anything, besides the tom hanks narration at the beginning. if i didn't already know what was going on i'd think that the soldiers spent like, one night in the pacific and either one long weekend or one year fucking australian girls so far?
- the episodes are like 30 minutes long with a bunch of padding
- they've wasted so much time trying to work on character development, yet i cannot name a single person besides the three main characters and don't know who is in what unit and don't care about any of them
- everything seems way too modern. nothing really looks old and no one acts like people did in the 40s.
- it blows

okay, time to go do some actual work. this entry has taken me forever and ever to write because my super annoying coworker has been annoying the fuck out of me all morning !!!!

p.s. i forgot to mention that i tried that thing where you wash your hair with baking soda and apple cider vinegar (i refuse to say 'no-poo') and my hair looked okay but felt disgusting and greasy and my whole face felt greasy all day ! and despite rinsing my hair for like 239283 minutes under warm water, 3092830293 under cold water, waiting a day, washing it with HEAD AND SHOULDERS and conditioning with pantene, my head smelled like apple cider vinegar today when i blowdried. and the mix was definitely not too vinegar-y- if anything it was not vinegar-y enough because i filled the shampoo bottle without a funnel.