Wednesday, April 28, 2010

i don't give a damn about my reputation

okay the most exciting thing that happened yesterday was that i cut down the yarn trip wires all over my bedroom. i am working on this cowl for jeanne, which i'm double stranding, and the two balls of yarn fell off of my bed and got progressively more tangled as the weeks went on. like, pizza tried to run away with one of the balls and left it across the room, and it got tangled around my chair. the other one got tangled around my computer cords and my phone cord (yes, i have a landline, and yes, my phone has a cord !). i've sort of been gingerly stepping over it and getting tangled in it, but last night i cut it down !

last year i won a "garfie" for laziness !

i really thought that this whole thing would end with me tripping over the yarn and breaking my laptop, but i actually took care of it before that happened ! i'm super proud of myself, like i always am when i do the bare minimum to function on earth.

really, i got nothing. last night was a raid night. we've had a problem lately with raid attendance, since it's nice out, and our recruiting was kind of a disaster because a few guild chumps invited other chumps who love rape jokes and ardently defend their right to use them, etc., but my friend ibrahim invited a big group of cool people who are also good players (the rape dudes were not good players). so we formed the raid on time and made good progress with no wipes because of the 15% buff in icc !

saurfang !

being a girl who plays a video game is weird, especially playing an mmorpg. because of the nature of the game, i have to constantly interact with a mostly male population who are not the type of people i hang out with in real life, which can be both awesome and terrible. i play with a lot of friends and friends of friends who are all mostly old punk dudes, but since 25-man raids take 25 people, there's still a mishmash of random people in every raid.

my experience has been pretty weird. i've been on the receiving end of both extremes of sexism- getting special treatment and attention and opportunities for being female, and at the receiving end of extreme ire and unfair double standards and pretty vicious misogynist language (slut, bitch, cunt, insults to my appearance, worth based on who wants to fuck me, implications that i'm a bad player cause i'm a girl, rape jokes, etc.) for being female. the guys that know i know act normal and never disappoint me as far as being allies, making me do my own shit, etc. goes and they make the game worth playing for me. the other dudes are a mixed bag. i meant to write some kind of analysis of this but the best i can come up with is, "a lot of dudes are sexist and oblivious to their sexism."

also i just tried to find an image to put here but every single search related to women and video games was

1) naked or half naked women
2) naked or half naked female video game characters
3) motivational posters about how women suck at video games

here is the one with the smallest amount of nudity:

woman playing video games

i have to work a little late tonight (and probably like, every night forever until after my event) but after that i think i'm going to get coffee with mouse. this weekend should also be exciting because kristen is coming to visit christina and diana is coming to visit us and i'll probably do something with mouse and/or mike ! everyone ! how can i get jeanne in on this !

p.s. yesterday i didn't even get to see christina because i took a laziness nap and when i woke up she was taking an allergy nap (though i think that was actually bedtime so that was allergy sleep), but she did make something that made the whole house smell fucking good !

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  1. "i'm super proud of myself, like i always am when i do the bare minimum to function on earth."

    It's like you're inside my head.