Friday, April 9, 2010

one malooga, four loogas

what's up dudes ! i think i'm getting a cold just in time for the weekend ! i've been sneezing a lot all week, which is odd, but i've felt totally fine, and this morning my nose is stuffy and gross.

yesterday i had some errands to run after work, so mouse and i met up at the last word (my favorite used bookstore, which is um, conveniently located in my neighborhood !) because it was convenient to where i would be. haha. mouse wasn't feeling well because it's been hot at night lately and allergy stuff is bad right now. we went to radioshack so i could get a new mouse ($15 ! highway robbery ! also that sounds like a joke, like i replaced mouse with 'a new mouse' cause he wasn't feeling well, but my computer mouse actually broke earlier this week) and i got some coconut chip icecream that i couldn't finish. i bought a copy of the face on the milk carton by caroline cooney for $1.50 and read it after work:

face on the milk carton

i read this book when i was in elementary school and i remember it being super sexy and exciting and racy and it's like, unsurprisingly, total garbage? haha. the pacing is awful and every character talks in the same voice, from a female 50 year old ph.d in medieval history to a male 17 year old F student. if you aren't familiar with the story, a 15 year old girl sees a picture of herself as a 3 year old on a milk carton described as a missing child. she starts remembering snippets of another family and life, and when she confronts her parents, they say they are really her grandparents, and her real mother was their daughter (hannah) who got sucked into a cult and left her with her grandparents for safekeeping. THEN, she discovers that hannah actually abducted her from a shopping mall, so she WAS a kidnapped child but her parents weren't guilty. the two highlights though were:

- the evil, soul-sucking, kidnapping, money hungry, dangerous, violent, brutish cult that abducted the main character's 'real' mother are the hare krishnas !!!!!


- the lover's lane/makeout spot type place being called SEXUAL OVERLOOK

i didn't raid last night because i oddly couldn't get my new mouse working- it's a crappy simple usb mouse replacing a near-identical crappy simple usb mouse and i plugged it in and it didn't show up ! whatever. i also read more of the explosionist, which theoretically is really interesting and harrowing but not in a way that prevents me from putting it down every few pages. also um, i'm almost done with it and there's only been one explosion.

dy-no-miiiiite !

my plans for this weekend are pretty exciting- i'm hoping to get my knitpicks order tonight, which includes yarn to start some boy socks and new needles to work on my girl socks (though i may put those on hiatus until christina gets back so i can ask her questions). on saturday, mouse's band is playing at the human bbq at pi-lam (a... frat house that has punk shows? and has for a billion years.) and then we're going to see someone in his jiu jitsu class fight at an mma thing. on sunday, mike is coming down for the cherry blossom festival at the japanese house in fairmount park

japanese house

oddly, that was an idea planned out by mike and mouse? haha. they only invited me as an afterthought ! then i think they're going to box, and after that maybe we'll eat some indian food or something.

p.s. i'm sort of amazed that my entry about guy fieri got the most comments...?


  1. whoa I didn't remember that book being racy but I loved the titillating concept

  2. while janie and her boyfriend (REEVE SHIELDS- did i mention that the character names are pretty extravagant? hannah javenson, reeve shields, sarah-charlotte something, adair o'dell) don't go to 'sexual overlook' to have sex, some second-basing is alluded to ! and when they cover up for going to new jersey to find her birth family, they say they were at a motel for sex?

  3. i want to read it now just because there's an o'dell in it, haha. i wasn't allowed to read it as a kid for some reason!

  4. i'm pretty sure adair o'dell is a direct relative of you and alithea !

  5. Sexual Overlook! Reeve Shields! Band names!!!

  6. Did you read the sequel? I remember thinking it was good when I was 11.

  7. sandi, if you guys move here our band can be called 'sexual overlook' !

    natalie, i remember seeing the tv movie with kellie martin, but i don't remember actually reading the book. though if you had it when we were 12 i probably read it at your house.

  8. You should ask Nick about our new band name! I'm not supposed to talk about it. Sexual Overlook would be the perfect-est debut album title.