Friday, April 16, 2010

i don't do too much talking these days

hayyyyy guys. last night, christina and i went to the west philly knitter and crocheter meet-up at the other green line. the group is a ravelry group- i didn't know ravelry had groups because i'm not an overly attentive internet patron but christina found it !

we got there a little bit late, which was fine because there was only one other person there. her name is min and she... well, lives in west philly, and she was making a baby cardigan and is originally from minnesota. she was really funny and immediately riffed with christina and i and we spent a lot of time talking about how the recession is negatively impacting the clowning industry

fears of a clown

and nurse strikes and stuff. after awhile, a second girl named elizabeth showed up. she... also lives in west philly, and works with kids and was making an adult sweater. both ladies were really nice, and they said attendance is usually higher (and one of the women who goes is the girlfriend of a guy i used to be friends with [not that we're NOT friends now, i just haven't seen him in awhile] and i always thought she looked neat and wanted to get to know her). we'll probably go next week too and i'll have another iced mocha and stay up all night !

please note that i barely did any knitting at this thing. i had mouse's sock with me and the teeny stitches + black yarn + lack of christina's ottlight = me not really being able to see what i was doing. plus i was excited and wanted to bug everyone !!!


i didn't make it to mouse's show afterward because it was in an awkward location. not like, the worst neighborhood ever, but it would've required me to walk alone at night through some rough spots. i don't think he minded though because his m.o. for shows on weeknights is like, play and then go home and go to bed as soon as possible.

when i got home, there weren't enough people for a raid, so we did a ten man. it was like, the dullest ten man of my life? paul and jay were in my group and they're great, but there were lots of boring duds and no one talked on vent (the program we use to talk to each other during raids). we ended up wiping on blood princes because we didn't really have an optimal way to tank the orbs.

blood princes

tonight, i really truly hope to do nothing. my ideal night would be:

- taking a nap
- eating a hoagie
- messing around in wow a little bit
- starting my sweet socks over on metal needles
- hanging out with christina.

saturday, mouse and i are going to new york to go to look at some art. it's kind of a bummer because it's just a quick day trip and there's so many people i want to hang out with, plus everyone in the world will oddly be in nyc this weekend. oh wellllllllllll. saturday night, i hope to watch the new series of doctor who.

matt smith

i know bbc america is three or four episodes behind but i'd rather not download them, soooo don't try to talk to me about them OR tell me to download them ! haha. i'm skeptical about this new doctor because he's half my age and looks like frankenberry but i'm willing to give him a chance.

i'm like 99% sure i promised someone i'd hang out with them on sunday but i truly cannot recall who or what i said i'd do. hopefully i'm mistaken and can have a repeat of my ideal friday. hey dudes ! let's have a good weekend.

p.s. i started uploading all of my blog images to an alternate flickr account yesterday and it was so so so so so so so so tedious. my calendar is pretty clear for the day today so i will try to finish it, but i'm buying myself a v8 as a bribe.


  1. i wish i knew enough about WOW to rewrite 'two princes' with words relating to the blood princes. do you think the orange-beadazzled princes are pissed that there are two orange guys and then one special turquoise guy? cause both those orange dudes look INCREDULOUS.

  2. i honestly am not sure which is which- i think turquoise guy is prince valanar, and the orange guys are prince keleseth (valanar's brother) and prince taldaran. they're princes that you kill in other fights throughout the game, and then in the current raid, bloodqueen lana'thel resurrects them so you fight them all at once.

  3. i am so glad frankenberry is taking off. hahahah <3