Friday, April 23, 2010

your heart is ripshit

okayyyyyy so knitting group didn't happen last night. the girl who is always there posted on ravelry that she wasn't coming, so we opted not to go because last time it was just that girl and one other girl, and the other girl did not seem to find us as delightful as we find ourselves. haha. so we went to the regular green line by ourselves and drank a billion iced coffees and knitted.

i hope my uh, "thing" with iced coffee clears up soon because i've been on a medical cornholio watch for like 2 weeks because i keep drinking 230293 of them.

ic for my bunghole

we had a pretty good time as usual. there were two other cute girls there and i talked to one about my glasses and gave her the name of the ebay seller who makes my frames/the place i get my prescription put in them:

i bought both pairs... and a pair in solid black

and it was like the perfect moment for us to make a friend move and i choked ! usually in situations like that i'm like HI I'M ROXY DO YOU GUYS WANT TO BE FRIENDS (#@@)(#$)( and for some reason i didn't say anything... even though i wrote one girl a note with the ebay stuff, and told her that we would, ahem, be twins forever.

mouse met up with us after that and we had a good time with him, mostly because he had low blood sugar and was being really funny. his exciting news of the day is that he bought a yoga mat that used to belong to someone we know at the thrift store (don't worry, after going to jiu jitsu class with college dudes he is really careful about disinfecting stuff !).

on our way home we saw a beautiful fluffy tortie who we see all the time. it's like, the cutest most beautiful cat i've ever met and she makes pizza look like creamed crap and i can't believe her irresponsible owners let her outside? like not only for all the reasons no one should EVER EVER EVER let a cat outside (no exceptions, don't care if you had an outdoor cat who lived 17 years because for every cat that lives 17 years there's about 500 that get stuck/lost/killed by a car/killed by an animal/killed by a person/caught on a fence/got wounded or diseased/ate or drank something poisonous/picked up by animal control and euthanized/tortured/injured etc. and also cats kill tons and tons and tons of small birds and mammals), but i'd be afraid that someone would steal her because she's the most beautiful cat ever who LIKES BELLYRUBS?

this cat is a MERE SHADOW of this other cat

what else? oh, i got my yarn for the nightingale socks:

beautiful socks
by vintagepurls on ravelry, though these were knitted by pSTATqueen

i went with the stroll tonal yarn from knitpicks and it's fucking beautiful. how many times have i said "beautiful" in this entry?

i'm not doing much this weekend- knitting, iced coffee, doctor who, possibly watching mike and mouse box, saying weird shit with christina.

p.s. we named that tortie "randy"? don't know why.
p.p.s. june 5 2010 = my birthday party. put it on your calendar.
p.p.p.s. the rest of my team is on a retreat today (a lot of it is about fundraising stuff so i don't have to go !) and it's the best quietest.


  1. Right about the loose cats. I remember when poor Billy got poisoned. I am afraid to leave my dogs in our fenced yard unattended because someone would steal them.

  2. i think having like.. the majority of our cats be random ferals that we just fed and let into our house after people dumped them off was like... traumatizing. any time one would be nice and let me pet it and stuff, someone would poison it or catch it in a trap or it would get a big infected wound and have to be put to sleep, or it would just disappear from the face of the earth.

  3. what is the name of that ebay seller? is it weird if i ask.

    i have some beautiful glasses that look exactly like the first pair that i bought at a BEN FRANKLIN at the north carolina beach last summer for $3 and i was going to put my prescription in them but no one would do it because the lenses in them are glass? and every fucking person is like, "glass in glasses? leave my sight immediately"

  4. the ebay seller is licena36, but i have to warn you that these are BIG glasses for a big face. like normally big glasses are 138cm and these are 145cm. he doesn't always have this frame in stock but he has lots of cool stuff !

  5. Was I being funny? Saying as I don't remember anything I said, I suspect you were laughing at not with.
    Did you guys like my legs?

  6. god mouse that comment confused the fuck out of me until i figured out who it was.

  7. wow i usually hate handknitted socks but i love those socks more than anything i've ever seen before