Monday, April 12, 2010

i knit i jah

guys ! i totally was sick, so my whole weekend was a bust. well, that's not true, i guess just saturday was a bust.

on friday, i got home from work intending to hunker down and do some knitting but my knitpicks order didn't come. in protest i like, went to bed at 10pm which is the earliest i've ever gone to bed since elementary school. i woke up at 5am though and that is the boringest most lonely time ever. i'll never make that mistake again !

on saturday, i went grocery shopping and got stuff to make meyer lemon orange lemonade with a new lemonade method. i zested a navel orange, a bunch of meyer lemons, and two regular lemons, and juiced them. then i put the zest in a dish with sugar over it and poured boiling water over it to dissolve it.


once it cooled, i strained it and added the liquid to the lemon/orange juice and added some plain cold water to it. overall i think it was pretty good but like, i don't really like orange lemonade so i should've just made regular lemonade. when i was done, i took the garbage out and got stabbed by a piece of glass that was in the garbage bag for some reason. oh my goddddddddd. i'm completely not grossed out by the human body but it was the third grossest injury i've ever gotten.


it looked like someone ripped apart a piece of latex with a hook. that's the only way i can describe it- my skin was just like, ripped open. i could see my arm intestines or whatever ! it doesn't really hurt though for some reason and barely bled?

after all that, my knitpicks order WAS there, so i started making some socks for mouse. by the way, at that point i'd bailed on going to mouse's show and going to the fights because i was sick (his friend who was fighting won in the first round by rnc !), so it was just me and shitty cable tv and yarn. so like, socks take fucking forever to knit? why does anyone do this? just buy socks ! i'm going to persevere because i want mouse to finally have something i knitted, and also because it won't be sock weather for like, eight months, so i have time, but i probably spent like 6 hours on it and i just have a cuff and two pattern repeats. which is like 2.5 inches of sock.

i really need to use my real camera for stuff like this

mouse came over after the fights to bring me some butterfly bandages (pictured above) and bandaged my cut. an eagle scout is like, the next best thing after a doctor ! he stuck around and ate some food for awhile and we watched the twistiest turniest SVU ever

ann-margret and jaclyn smith played sexy old ladies who did stuff or something

after mouse left, i unfortunately put on saturday night live in time to see tina fey be a total shitty anti-feminist sellout ! you guys know it isn't news that i'm continually bummed that 30 rock includes more and more rape jokes and more and more "lololol fat !!!!" jokes and stuff, and that tina fey did that totally fucking asinine vogue interview that made me think she is the dumbest person ever, butttttt


i tuned in just in time to hear tina fey go on a rant about what a skanky slutty skanky whore the woman jesse james cheated with is. like a poisonous vicious WEIRD rant about it, in her women's news update. i'd like to remind tina fey that SHE WROTE A FUCKING MOVIE WHERE SHE GAVE HER CHARACTER THIS LINE:

Ms. Norbury: Ok, so we’re all here ‘cause of this book, right? Well, I don’t know who wrote this book, but you all have got to stop calling each other sluts and whores. It just makes it ok for guys to call you sluts and whores

like, it's bad enough that she said all of that, but as angie points out, she did it on the episode with justin bieber when like every pre-teen girl is staying up late to watch. like blah blah it's hard to be a famous woman blah blah but stop selling out other women to get famous and make men laugh you fucking turd !

anyyyyyyyway. on sunday, mike came down and we picked up mouse with the intention of going to that cherry blossom festival, but we missed the samurai sword demonstration and parking was atrocious- like, too atrocious to deal with for a festival that would not include a samurai sword demonstration. like, trees are cool, but japanese house ALWAYS has trees ! i'm also not really sorry we missed it because i forgot that it would be overrun by creepy japanophiles !


so we went to capo giro instead. i got half pistachio half chocolate and we shared a bench and read an issue of mad magazine

mad magazine

then i watched mike and mouse box each other (really, i was just in charge of the timer, i was knitting) and then we got indian buffet. then mike came back to my house and diana and nnamdi came over and we hung out til midnight ! i guess that wasn't too bad considering i was sick.

christina is coming back from boston today and i truly wish i'd kept the apartment neater ! all my lemonade dishes are still in the sink. i'm really excited to see her though because i feel like it's been an eternity. i'm sure pizza feels worse because christina is her #1 bud. i wish i could be home for their reunion.

p.s. animals are cool. my friend went to lakota wolf preserve this weekend and i'm so jealous. jeanne and i are scheming ways to get there now even though neither of us drive !


  1. i keep obsessing about tina fey being an asshole and i think my main beef with it is that she did this and presented it as a "women's issue," like, "women love to talk shit about each other's bodies and slut-shame each other, of course, so this will be a really funny thing to do."

    i also initially thought "brownie husband" was funny in a kind of old-school liz lemon way, but it went on for way too long -- i realized that all the reasons i thought tina fey was funny (like that she would make fun of those individual dessert commercials marketing to single women so weirdly) WAS FAKE because she is really just making fun of the women themselves! I FEEL TRICKED.

    idolizing hillary clinton and talking about her sometimes in your jokes does not make you a feminist, apparently, SURPRISE. it makes me wonder if amy poehler is secretly tricking me, too, even though the feminist themes on her show make me almost cry every week.

  2. i don't think amy poehler is faking it- like, she has seemed sincere all the way and her characters are usually played with sincerity and sensitivity (even in 'baby mama' !) and the way her character acts on 'parks and recreation'. plus, 'smart girls at the party'.

    did you ever read this blog post?

  3. thx for the links, i guess i like sady doyle now! also, i forgot about smart girls at the party. my every heartbeat belongs to amy poehler.

  4. i am majorly pissed. i was watching it as it aired and i was like D:...

    i think you're so right about amy poeler seeming more sincere. if i view both 'parks and rec' and '30 rock' from a feminist framework, i find the former far far far less problematic (it's way less racist to boot).

    anyway, i am wishing i could start a group called TWAT.

  5. hahaha 'twat' makes me want to get a tattoo in solidarity

  6. TWAT accepts TWATs and WATs alike.