Thursday, April 15, 2010

my mirrors are black

how's it going dudes ! yesterday was an annoying stressful day at work- i now have one popeye arm from stapling stuff. i guess the event went really well so it was worth it, and my schedule is almost totally clear today.

the most exciting thing about yesterday is that i drank 44 ounces of iced coffee, which probably doubles the amount of iced coffee i've had in my life (i guess triples, i've had it a few times recently), so i was like cornholio after dark last night and couldn't sleep and couldn't stop annoying everyone. i had a wawa iced coffee and an iced mocha from gia pronto.

iced mocha

the iced mocha tasted too much like real, good coffee which isn't something i'm into though. despite being a purist about a lot of really unimportant things, i only like coffee that is made from a lot of sugar and cream and like the air that surrounds a coffee bean.

last night i mostly hung out with christina and tried to get our DVR box working. i was on the phone with stupid comcast for over an hour while the dude ate into the phone and patronized me by making me turn my tv on and off and stuff ! what a butthole. we watched some terrible episodes of SVU and sang songs to each other. generally we put whatever we're doing into whatever song we hear but we're also pretty committed to doing that every chance we get and we end up with a lot of like, really lazy weird unfunny output? last night i had "i'm gonna get you" by bizarre inc. in my head ("WHY WASTE YOUR TIME, YOU KNOW YOU'RE GONNA BE MINE !")

bizarre inc

and it resulted in gems like, "why waste your hoagie, you know it's gonna be mine" and "i'm gonna get you pizza, i'm gonna get you yes i am" (my cat is named pizza, if you didn't know, we didn't just stick to food ones).

i cut my bangs which was really stupid- i don't really understand how to do it but i'm in desperate need of a haircut. my bangs are also tricky even for another person because i have two big cowlicks in my bangs and i also don't have depth perception. i ended up with this:

i cropped this cause i thought it looked weirder

what the fuck? haha. i was so proud of myself but now that i looked at that picture, they don't even look close to even. i dyed my hair after that because i had two inches of roots


and it looks pretty good even though i didn't have enough dye for my whole head and kind of haphazardly smushed it all over my head without looking !

oh ! that reminds me. the other night christina and i were (again) watching SVU, and there was a scene where stabler had his shirt off

this is from "bored hunks" magazine

and christina made some appreciative noise, and my response was "HEY BUD !". christina then pointed out to me that the last three times i expressed appreciation for a dude on television, i said:

1) "i bet i could fit my whole fist in his mouth !"
2) "i'd like to see HIM in a pair of shorts"
3) "hey bud !"

something about this indicates to me that maybe i am bad at this? but i tried to think about what i'd say instead and i can't really come up with anything. diet coke break?

tonight i'm going to try to do three things. first, i'd like to attend the west philly knitting group thing at the green line. second, i'd like to see mouse's band play, where ever that may be. third, i'd like to possibly get home in time to raid. we'll see if the third will happen, since i have zero idea about when or where mouse's band is playing. i know it's in west philly though, which is a good start !

p.s. my project for today is moving all my blog images to a second flickr account so i don't risk having them deleted or eventually replaced with a camera phone picture of an "emo teenager" a la tinypic.


  1. i feel kind of the same way about coffee, especially iced coffee! i used to be really bad about just ordering the very expensive fake coffee beverages but then i discovered that the thing i like the most is iced americanos flavored with delicious sugar syrups, and then i add milk/cream myself -- usually a little bit of half & half makes it delicious without having to worry about the MILK BREATH issues of some kind of latte beverage

    also it costs like $2 less to do it that way

  2. i think i might branch out to more legit coffee type drinks for the summer to seem more sophisticated !

  3. those are my bangs. deja vu because you did this before & maybe said the same thing & then i said the same thing.