Tuesday, April 27, 2010

it could have been a sauce

mannnnnnnnn today is going to be the most annoying day. like, ever. i have to take minutes for a conference call which i'm not even sure how to do (i'm a slow writer, and i automatically tune out anything i'm not interested in, AND i'm not good at distinguishing between voices !), i have like 85+ e-mails from yesterday (i was out of the office yesterday), and a million other things to do. plus two meetings ! i do want to update though.

i had like, the most laid back weekend ever. christina and i mostly like, hung hard around our apartment and knitted and watched tv and drank sodas. on saturday we met at the green line and went grocery shopping, which was pretty fun (i don't know why, but grocery shopping with christina is always like, the equivalent of going to lake tahoe for spring break with anyone else). i did cravings based shopping again (since i've been trying to work on eating disorder stuff, my brain has basically been shutting down to all the foods i like/should be eating) and ended up with:

cocoa puffs

kraft macaroni and cheese

mrs t's pierogies

right? i'm already sick of everything i got though.

on saturday i finished reading catching fire, the second hunger games book.

catching fire

i was dissatisfied at first because there's so much re-capping of the first book, and also she adds in details that she obviously didn't think of until after she wrote the first one that will be important later- like adding in that people were related or people did stuff they didn't do. like, the book was good and pretty entertaining/exciting, but i wish she'd fleshed it out more as a series before she started writing. i also really wish there were more books where a female character is brave and strong and clever and capable ON PURPOSE. the protagonist of this book spends so much time being like, "i didn't even MEAN for that to happen !!!!! i didn't know this cool exciting thing would happen, it happened by accident @#)@)(#(@#" that it really diminishes her accomplishments. despite that !!! it's good, you should read this series.

on sunday, mouse came over so he could watch the second episode of the new series of doctor who with us. i'm not entirely sold on matt smith as the doctor yet, but i love the new stories so far. i hope they mix it up a little so moffat doesn't get totally burnt out. my only real problem with this episode is that they have a great villain


but they don't really explain where these dudes came from or why they exist or what exactly they're for. like, obviously to kill people who question stuff sometimes...? but not all the time. or whatever. mouse hung out for awhile and it was nice to see him but i felt boring because we didn't really do anything.

i guess the... big exciting news from yesterday is that after like... a billion tries, i finally got the swift zulian tiger mount !

swift zulian

i've seriously been trying to get this forever- basically there's a 0.7% chance it will drop off of a boss you can kill every 3 days and i've been trying to get it (though not religiously) for almost a year. it was also my 100th mount (i've had 98 for awhile and wanted to fill up the last two slots with rare mounts, though one ended up being the the least rare mount), so i got this super ugly thing as a reward !

ugly mount

actually, due to my commitment to talking about wow in this journal like my readers understand/care i'm going to post all of my rare mounts tomorrow. fuck you !

okay, i have to go have a long stressful day at work ! maybe you guys can see me complain about it on facebook.


  1. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh that dr who villain looks like one of THE GENTLEMEN from buffy!!

  2. ps i love your posts about WOW 'cause they allow me to peek at all the stuff i theoretically enjoy about the game (cool-looking stuff) without having to do all the stuff i theoretically hate about it (run around for days and zzzzzzzz)

  3. those bad guys were so cool- they were smiling dudes inside a book (like zoltar or whatever from 'big') and when you did something wrong their head turned around to a frowny face, and if you persisted, you got THAT face !!!!

  4. I know zip about WOW but that thing you got as a reward looks pretty awesome.

  5. I showed my SO your tiger mount and he exclaimed, "LUCKY!!" Plus they just look cool, so I'm looking forward to seeing more WoW stuff, haha.

  6. I almost fainted when the Dr. Who villains got out of their booths.

    The white collar makes them even scarier.

  7. chrysta, he would be so jealous of my rare mounts !!!! haha.

    valerie, THAT WAS SO SCARY !!!!! i loved them.