Thursday, April 1, 2010

hey there blimpie boy

i finally did it yesterday ! i finally put together the dumb shelf i'm going to put my clothes on ! once my dresser fell apart, i decided to switch to a shelves instead of drawers because DID YOU KNOW it is very easy to shove a bunch of shit in a drawer and not be able to find anything?!


it took me like.. two hours? to put it together even though it's a $14.99 sub-ikea shelf from target, because i spent like 1.75 hours sitting on the floor feeling sorry for myself because i hated putting it together so much. i also somehow lost a bag of the parts halfway through even though i never left the living room at any point, so christina and i kind of improvised and just used a drill to attach shit to other shit. i'm positive that it will never hold books, but it will hold clothes.

oh ! christina's work friend kathleen came over for awhile and she was super nice. she's learning how to knit so i gave her some yarn i'm never going to use (christina got me yarn for mittens for christmas buuuuuut i'd already secretly bought myself that yarn ! gift of the magi !) i wish i had work friends ! well, not really. i guess i'm satisified not having any coworkers i hate.

i rewarded both of us with iced coffees after that (food rewards and present rewards ! unhealthy !), because i guess i'm into iced coffee now

iced coffee

and a slice of stuffed vegetable pizza from the wurst house. i actually got two slices because one slice of pizza isn't enough for anyone over the age of 6 months old, but they turned out to be gigantic. like, i made it through 2/3 of one slice before giving up, and it took me so long to eat that 2/3 that i got bored while eating it. it also had green peppers in it, and green peppers are a disgusting thing that isn't food, but i swore to christina that i'd eat them without being a picky baby (turning over a new leaf for spring 2010 !) and i totally did it. it was gross though and was literally without exaggeration the worst thing that has ever happened to me.

green pepper

after that, i got invited to a ten man group to kill the lich king and it was kind of a bust. we weren't really making progress and everyone was super grumpy and we gave up after 2 hours. the fight seems pretty cool to me, but it's frustrating to just keep wiping without getting any further.

soooooo tonight my two possible social options are a cat birthday party and a 25 man raid. it is the 2nd birthday of vinegar bukowski, mike's dopey cat who i actually found in the basement of the aforementioned wurst house. i went there to get something and i heard sad tiny mewing and looked down the stairs and there was a 4 week old kitten crying and desperately trying to climb the stairs.


vinegar !


i called jeanne and brian and they took him in and fed him every 3 hours and hung out with him, and i got to wipe his b-hole with a warm washcloth to make him poop ! then mike adopted him and he grew up into a totally austere and non-weird dude


his eyes changed color


so anyway, jeanne and mike are having a crazy person cat birthday party for him which will involve solemnly watching him eat salmon and probably freaking him out a lot. it sounds like a really good time but i'm unsure about navigating south philly/SEPTA from south philly at night. plus, i have a raid at 9:30 !

p.s. yes, this is my life
p.p.s. west philly is beautiful

cherry blossoms

that is not my house, but i'm obsessed with that house


  1. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH THE PICTURE WITH THE FAKE EYES!!!!!!!!!! for a second i thought he turned out to be the pug of cats.
    did vinegar's name used to be meatball? he's soooooo handsome.

  2. meatball is a different kitten jeanne and brian helped ! he grew up to be very beautiful and poofy.