Wednesday, April 21, 2010

blue cyclone

guys ! i had a revolutionary idea last night while i was eating a bowl of cereal while standing over the sink (saddest dinner?) ! i'm going to buy one of those sandwich press things.


totally serendipitous too, because i was digging through my wallet and found a $25 target gift card that my boss gave me for christmas that i totally forgot about ! imagine what i can do with this thing before i get tired of it ! it has terrible reviews on target's website because it's one piece and super hard to clean, but i don't care ! i want to make a HOT sandwich with fake ham, cheese, and tomato !


so yeah, that idea was basically the most exciting thing to happen to me yesterday. oh yeah, i also bought some alice crocs on ebay to wear in the rain:

#1 favorite rain shoe

and they sent a size 9 instead of a size 10 ! i was totally bummed, but the shipper refunded me and gave me $6 to ship them back to her. i knew it had to be too good to be true because i got them for like $14 with shipping included ! now all of my regular shoes will be ruined in the rainnnnnnn.

what else? we raided last night, much to my chagrin. i'm just not really feeling it anymore. our attendance is low because of the summer, so we do all the boring easy bosses on tuesday, and then no one shows up thursday to do the hard stuff, so i feel like i'm wasting a night a week doing boring old stuff. i guess we're still getting some gear for people who need it, but i feel like my time could be better spent staring at christina or reading a young adult novel.

icecrown citadel

i do like playing with paul and ibrahim and jeff and gavin and a few other dudes though. last night i had an extended conversation about dr bronner with them and another about how we think people do not deserve gifts for getting married !

tonight i have to get working on my sock ! i assume christina and i are going to the west philly knitter and crocheter meetup again tomorrow, and i want to have at least SOME of the pattern knit (i started over, remember) because last week i mostly fucked around and didn't knit and i want to um, prove my knitting chops. fuck you nerds !

p.s. christina and i didn't start a blog of the weird things the other says while we are watching tv or hanging out- that would be weird.
p.p.s. two of my friends' gmail accounts have been hacked, so i assume my gmail will get hacked next. obviously don't open any random viagra or online casino links from me !


  1. Those sandwich makers are the best!!!

  2. we had one when i was a kid and i don't remember them being a hassle, but i'm also POSITIVE my mom was the one who had to clean it. haha.

  3. they had that exact sandwich maker in a hostel i stayed in in amsterdam and i SWORE i was going to get one when i got home but i never made good on that. i do think about it often, though.

    ps gift of the merkji = i'm dead
    it is my heart's most ardent desire to hang out with you and cdk!

  4. god pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee come visit us please please !

    what are some vegan sandwiches i can make in it? i want to accommodate mouse. so far i thought of like, peanut butter and banana and... that's it.

  5. seriously this should be there year i finally trek to philly!

    yeah i made pb&j ones because they put out free bread and jelly and i had a jar of peanut butter. the problem is that in order for it to be satisfying, it needs to have a MELTY element while lacking any vegetables that get gross in heat. which is pretty much the opposite of how most vegan sandwiches are constructed.

  6. An ex had one years ago, that was my intro to them. We were vegan at the time and this was when there were no vegan speciality foods. We put spaghetti sauce on it and...that's it. It was delish though!