Wednesday, April 14, 2010

six million dollars

mannnnnn i'm in a bad mood because my crappiest most annoying coworker has inconvenienced me again !

yesterday we had a cute meeting about making our office "green". i joined the committee and hopefully we'll be able to do something to reduce the massive amounts of waste the people in my office produce (like using one non-recyclable paper cup for every drink they get all day, etc.) cause it grosses me out. i also found out some useful recycling facts like that you cannot recycle dirty pizza boxes in philly. only clean pizza boxes? which basically don't exist. i guess the pizza grease makes the machines sad because they can never experience pizza for real. not sure, i wasn't listening. after work i went to jeanne's house ! diana didn't show, so we got really delicious burritos and watched futurama.

bender and flexo

the burritos were really good ! i got a guacamole burrito and my only regret is that i didn't ask for hot sauce on it. i also had a mexican coke in a glass bottle which is a real treat for me because i don't live in california or south philly. the grocery store by my house used to carry it, but now all they have is mexican pepsi :(

jeanne has a lot of cool stuff in her room, including one of my most coveted items, the g.i. joe search for the yeti... yeti. while she was getting the burritos, i took some beautiful portraits of him:


oh no
right before he ate fig

oh also mike b. came over too and made lots of fart jokes and ate an enchilada. i tried to knit a little bit while we hung out but i got too excited and kept playing with toys or trying to upset fig the cat. mike and jeanne are the bestttttt. jeanne also split a cryptozoology playset with me which is the kindest most generous thing ever. she got chupacabra and the loch ness monster, i got bigfoot, mothman, and the jersey devil.


TOTALLY UNRELATED, but did i ever tell you guys about the time i saw the jersey devil? stephen decatur and i were at the hanover iron works (this was awhile ago, like early 1800s?) and we heard some hooves on the path, and it was the jersey devil. we decided to try to take it out but my cannon aim is terrible (i go to a cannon range on weekends now and i'm a lot better, but like i said, it was awhile ago) and i just clipped his wing. he flew away immediately though and wasn't even fazed by it. anyway, totally unrelated to me playing with jeanne's toys or her giving me this toy i found a picture of my encounter !

jersey devil !
good hair day for me

after i left, i came home and got sucked into killing professor putricide, which is probably my least favorite fight in the entire world of warcraft? so my night was like a wonderful meal with black licorice for dessert.

i wanted to end with two lists because i have to do a lot of last minute prep stuff for this event today !

stuff i continually search for on ebay
- remco monsters
- g.i. joe search for the yeti
- six million dollar man bionic bigfoot
six million dollar bigfoot

- clarks cute bar 10
- crocs alice 10
- my current pair of glasses (don't want to give away trade secrets !)

stuff inside my bag right now
- knitting bag containing two sock projects and 1 chewbacca arm
- extra ipod cord
- beautiful crappy umbrella

- wallet
- phone
- ipod
- keys (with pocketknife)
- birth control
- checkbook (simpsons checks)
- tide pen without a cap
- tampons !
- tiny stick of deodorant (to prevent chub rub)
- moleskine planner that i never use
- one dollar
- pens (one pink florida floaty pen, one pentel rsvp [the best], two beautiful pale green recyclable papermate pens that i won answering recycling questions yesterday)
- neutrogena norwegian hand cream
- lip balm (cherry chapstick, cococare cocoa butter balm, eos fruit flavored, gal collection vanilla scented vaseline, um, venus williams pink lemonade)
- 1 jersey devil
- 1 bigfoot
- 1 mothman

i basically only list the stuff in my bag when i have something stupid in it. see: the end of the list.

i'm gonna go do work now and probably complain a little !


  1. dude, they have the yeti on amazon for $100

  2. i know, he's just like... so expensive :(

  3. I could go on and on about office recycling but from a different angle. Since I work at the farmers market, all my co-workers are REEEEALY into recycling, but they suck at it! New Orleans doesn't have free recycling, so they told the market shoppers to bring their old newspapers to market and we'd recycle it, but they didn't actually figure out what to do with it so it sits in our office forever. I am waiting for it to catch on fire. Then I can say, "told you so."

  4. i was about to say I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU GUYS DON'T HAVE FREE RECYCLING but uh, i guess new orleans probably has bigger fish to fry still, as it were.

  5. this post made my heart swell with love