Wednesday, April 7, 2010

when you're climbing up a ladder

yesterday we went to lemongrass for lunch for my boss' birthday. they have an awesome lunch special ($8.95 for soup, an appetizer, and an entree !) and it's probably my favorite thai restaurant in the city. i opted not to get the royal bath (according to urban dictionary this is when a king throws a bucket of jizz on you ! probably, i didn't look it up), which i get every time, and opted for the siam noodles which as far as i can tell is like.. pad thai with a few more vegetables?

pad thai
here is some pad thai for reference

it was really good ! the restaurant is a 20 minute walk from my office, and it was like 75 degrees out, and my coworkers kind of treated it like a grim death march on the surface of the sun, but it was nice to be outside. unfortunately, i got the world's most upset stomach after we got back. like, ridiculous cramps and running back and forth to the bathroom 9230283 times. i ended up having to go home early, where things weren't much different but i had a decent book to read in the process:

the explosionist by jenny davidson- young adult alternate history fiction with spiritualists and bombs !

uh, what else? we raided last night and did bloodqueen first, and then did the plague wing. my mouse is broken and it's extremely hard to play video games on a computer when you can't turn your character and shit ! it was super frustrating and my dps during some fights was super embarrassing because it took me 10 seconds to turn around.

i also looked all over the internet for masculine sock patterns so i can make a pair of socks for mouse. it's hard to knit presents for men because men's clothing and accessories are boring, and scarves are also kind of boring to knit unless there's a fancy pattern (which most dudes wouldn't wear), but he likes socks ! so i finally settled on this pattern:

guitar man socks (stupid name) on ravelry

and i got these colors (since they're $1.99 a ball) to see which i prefer:

asphalt heather + verdant heather
asphalt heather (a black with grays) and verdant heather (a moss green with turquoise, gold, and olive)

i'll probably end up going with the black because the other is a little extravagant for mouse !

what else? eating disorder stuff is not going well. lots and lots of food seems disgusting to me now so it's impossible for me to stick to any kind of meal plan or routine. i've seriously never had this happen before? i've been able to control it to an extent by sticking to a set plan and i ate like.. the same exact meals for every meal every single day for a year, but now like.. cashews seem gross to me, beans and rice, brussels sprouts, veggie burgers, etc. basically everything but fruit and noodles right now. like the thought of them makes me want to puke. i'm in transition with ED therapists (i'm in a program where the therapists are students doing their practicum with ED patients, and my newest person quit her program ! coooool.) right now and it's been about a month since i saw someone, but it would be nice to get a professional opinion in the interim. i have my old ED therapist's contact information so i may e-mail her, since she doesn't seem to mind that. maybe i can paypal her for her time !


it sort of bums me out to write about this stuff cause i think my blog is otherwise fun/funny but life is not always fun/funny. even though mine mostly is. here's a baby muskox:


p.s. netflix has created these genres to recommend to me based on my rental history:
- Military Historical Documentaries
- Wilderness-survival Adventures
- Witty Romantic Comedies


  1. Those socks are very similar to the ones I'm making!

    Where do you get sock yarn for 1.99? Yarn is so overpriced here ;( I miss Hobby Lobby & JoAnn's

  2. ohhhh crap. SANDI.

    the wool of the andes worsted weight yarn is the yarn i use for almost everything, and i've tried the palette sock yarn and stroll sock yarn and both are super soft and come in really bright/pretty colors. i also used the merino style dk yarn for my chewbacca and it's lovely.

  3. Roxy! You just blew my mind. I always thought $4.99 was the best I could do for a decent skein. Daaamn.

  4. i am dying over the juxtaposition of a diarrhea story and THE EXPLOSIONIST, hahaha.
    ps i love that explosionist's coat!


  6. i cannot stop laughing sdhsdfs help
    i thought for sure it was intentional!