Wednesday, March 31, 2010

i keep getting chills

ohhhhh dudes. i feel (physically) terrible and couldn't sleep last night ! what a terrible thing.

i did get a few things done yesterday- i updated 100 contacts in our database at work, did everything else on my work to-do list (minus one thing that i have to wait for a coworker's input on), and went and got q-tips and tokens ! i didn't have any time to go pick up my yarn, but i have a doctor's appointment later today and i might swing over and grab it then. buttttt i also feel cruddy so i may just go and come right home.

yesterday i met up with mouse and we went to green line, where i got a vegan chicken salad sandwich on a bagel and an iced coffee for dinner (i don't like coffee? but if i put like 53949034 sugars in an iced coffee it tastes like coffee ice cream ! i'm an adult !) and um, mostly talked about stephen king? i'm not sure why i brought it up, i think because my friend mentioned the dark tower and i remember mouse finishing the last books when they came out (since he started them at 14).

stephen king

before i start talking about this, let's acknowledge that we all know stephen king is an awful writer. basically his books are like 2000 page dr. seuss books and are perfect for around age 11-12 when you have the stamina to read a long book but you don't yet understand adult language and themes. he comes up with stories that would make a good wikipedia entry and instead makes them thousands and thousands of pages.

anyway, mouse explained the plot of several stephen king books to me and they all sounded super interesting, and i know they aren't, so i'm actually going to read their wikis sometime soon ! i also found out that the stand is about everyone dying of the flu and since christina used to work in pandemic flu preparedness i have decided to bug her by asking her stuff about the stand like it is a real life thing ! she's going to love it !

look how scary stephen king is ! a coincidence since he writes horror novels.

after that, i came home and we raided. the icecrown buff is up to 10% now and everything was easier than usual- we downed putricide in 3 attempts and also killed the princes. it was our most successful night so far... exceppppppptttttttttt that i got in a fight with a normally cool dude who was ardently defending his right to use the word 'bitch' and another guy made a rape joke ! the second guy is just some random recruit so i wasn't surprised, but the first dude is normally a nice person who got realllllllllly hostile and weird when i tried to talk to him about it. i wonder why dudes think it is their place to tell women that misogyny isn't offensive?

call robert stack

or why some dudes are so adamant about using misogynistic language/terms as if it is a god-given right? i will never understand it. like, it's already a guild rule, how is it not even possible to reign it in for 4-8 hours a week? after the past week, it is a bummer that i have to put up with misogyny in a video game i play to have fun, but it was nice that there are some dudes (paul, gavin, jeff, ibrahim) who will speak up to other dudes about it rather than supporting you in private and not wanting to rock the boat publicly. our guild leader said he would talk to the dude but whatever.

annnnnnnnnnywayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy last night i was looking for masculine sock patterns on ravelry so i could make mouse a pair of socks, and i found these:

holy shit

holy shit ! i want to make them ! they're pretty advanced for me because i haven't really done much colorwork or even made a sock yet but i'm pretty confident that i can teach myself to make them. the pattern won't be on sale til april 10 but i'm excited ! i don't wear socks and jeanne isn't like, a precious bird sock person, so i'm not sure what to DO with them, but i really want to try making them.

so, yeah, i had a dark spot in there and i don't feel well, but stephen king and complicated socks are balancing it out a little. i'm going to do some work from home before my appointment (and maybe burst out of my room right now to scare christina before she goes to work, since she probably thinks i already left for work ! why does this entry have two things about hassling christina? i'm turning into a problem child).

p.s. jeanne is getting vaccinations today for her trip to colombia and she thinks needles suck, so wish her luck !
p.p.s. tomorrow is vinegar the cat's cat birthday and i'm going to see if i can make it ! i'm scared of walking in some parts of south philly at night because it's so teenagery.


  1. So I was at this dog enthusiast's house and he had a female dog that was pregnant with all white fur. He referred to her as a "pregnant white bitch," and though he didn't mean it offensively and it its technically correct, it still combined to being one of the most uncomfortable moments of my life. The dog was jumping up and licking his face while he said it in baby talk voice. So weird...

  2. i wonder why dudes think it is their place to tell women that misogyny isn't offensive?

    I think this will be the title of my scathing tell-all memoir that I write when I'm old.

    Also I used to sneak Stephen King books to read when I was 12/13 and it made me feel SO COOL and sophisticated, but they scared me because my parents taught me that they were demonized and if you read them, demons would like. enter your heart and take over. i have the most distinct memory of reading this huge, plastic-covered hardback copy of CUJO in the bathtub because it was the only place I had any privacy.

  3. that guy was absent the day where they taught the difference between connotation and denotation i guess? haha what a turd.

  4. hahaha i remember reading stephen king on the bus in fifth grade to look smart and being TERRIFIED of 'salem's lot'. in sixth grade i switched to pretending to read 'anna karenina'. like, i could read all the words but had NO IDEA what i was reading.

  5. So my Stephen King defense is that, he's def NOT a good writer but he is a good story teller. Like a joke about a dude walking into a bar...the more details you have the better the story. SOOOOOoooooo, audiobooks of his stuff are kinda like him tellin you a story around a campfire. AND Dark Tower is REALLY cool.

    Also, dudes suck.

  6. Those socks are awesome. I think they would be fun to make if you do them both at once. I found out that the hardest part about making socks is that you need to make two. The pair I'm making for Nick still has no toe or partner ;(

  7. sandi ! get cracking !!!!!!!

    mike, i'm kind of torn, because i think stephen king is a good story... comer-upper-wither, but that his storytelling is marred by pacing issues and his inability to edit himself. like, he goes back now and adds MORE SHIT to his old books ! my idea was to pair him with someone who is GOOD with stuff like that (under my totalitarian dictatorship, where i will SHARE leadership with someone who is good at.. government stuff, cause i'm ONLY good at ideas), and mouse pointed out what a success 'the shining' movie was as evidence that my plan will work !