Wednesday, March 31, 2010

in the wise words of kristen willoughby

(in reference to a woman being attacked by a man during a show while being called a bitch and a dyke, and the general male response that they didn't understand how that was misogynistic and/or how rare and violent misogyny must be)

"experiencing misogyny isn't always about getting physically abused. it's also about microinequities--"death by a thousand papercuts." it's like every day is december 31 and every person thinks it's funny and acceptable and original to make the "see you next year!!" joke except the joke also features something about how you are inadequate, ugly, public property, invisible, disposable, or otherwise unacceptable for being female. experiencing that on some level every day is just as wrong and hurtful and degrading as getting physically assaulted at a show, but in that case it happens all at once. it is terrible any way you slice it.

i just don't think people (esp. dudes) even stop to consider that one rape joke, one shitty comment about a woman's looks, any one little thing that may seem so small and insigificant to them is actually the 50000th message a woman has gotten like that on THAT DAY and it is like a slow, painful death. that's what misogyny is.