Thursday, March 4, 2010

beware of peanut

i stayed home yesterday and managed to both get some real life work done and work on the elders achievement in wow. i also read a little bit of tender morsels- i hope it gets better, so far the language annoys me (i mean, it's an olde timey fairy tale, but every single line is like LIGA PUT THE ROOT PARTS IN THE STOVE PART AND THEY COOKED UP ALL FLAVORSOME @(!)(@)and within the course of 15 pages the author transposed the name of the main character and her daughter two times.

mouse came over after class, and we continued on with band of brothers- we watched "carentan" and "replacements." jesus christ, like... every time i watch it i like it more. i also realized that even though i'm not particularly pro-america or pro-war, i get a weird patriotic feeling when i see a sherman tank?

sherman tank

like, i've watched enough history channel (tanks of world war 2, tanks of the second world war, supertanks, world war 2's tanks, tanks of the third reich, hitler's supertanks, the tanks of hitler, hitler, hitler 2, superhitler) to know that sherman tanks are like, crappy tuna can death trap hot wheels tanks compared to panthers and stuff but like, look at that thing !

oh also i watched an extended trailer for the pacific and feel all excited and nervous like i have a date.

i sort of have knitting ennui right now. i'm an intermediate knitter- i taught myself from a copy of the vogue knitting book from the library, and supplemented that with youtube, and luckily have a knitting expert roommate, but when i encounter a simple thing i can't do perfectly i give up. right now, i can't get my yarn overs to look even so i'm frustrated with the lovely leaf lace scarf.


so far i've only done like 20 yarn overs ever but since i haven't perfected it yet and made them look even and beautiful i give up forever. i did decide to add this to my ravelry queue though:

burberry ripoff cowl by julianne smith (who hilariously ripped off a burberry design and has a big thing about how you shouldn't rip her off?)

knitting, young adult novels, warcraft, and WWII? i think i basically covered everything. wait, food ! i got a black bean burger from copa banana last night with jerk sauce and mango chutney, and it was good (if freezing cold) but i got jerk sauce in my eye. yes, i know that sounds gross, but please don't make a joke to minimize my eye trauma.

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