Wednesday, March 3, 2010

ooh, i think i'm getting a tumor

last night i went out to dinner with jeanne after work ! i haven't seen her in forever, and i don't know why, because she's the best coolest funniest person ever. we went to pietro's, which is a restaurant that has 2 other locations in philly/south jersey, which may as well be mcdonalds here, but whatever. we both got the pappardelle alla toscana (fresh wide ribbon pasta in a cream sauce served with sun-dried tomatoes, red onions, shitake mushrooms, marsala wine and pecorino cheese), which is my favorite, and i have to ask myself why i never make pappardelle at home?


i tend to make soup based off of this recipe (but um, not like that at all? fake chicken broth, farfalle, WHITE BEANS, olive oil, a pound of spinach, and lemon/apple cider vinegar) and i think i want to try making it with pappardelle, but i never have any around !

after dinner we got frozen yogurt- we went to, um, scoop deville instead of one of the pinkberry ripoff places because those places tend not to have real chairs and have fluorescent light that makes me look mustachey. i got vanilla frozen yogurt with pistachios and dark chocolate chips and it was the best ever (buuuuut that's what i always get there !). i also picked up a lindt touch of sea salt bar because i'm obsessed with sea salt and chocolate:


but it definitely isn't salty enough and didn't compare to the BEST sea salt chocolate bar ever, the mcelrath salty dog

salty dog

i ate like.. 4 of these? while i was in california. i wish i could find them online but a box of 10 is $50 and i could eat that in like 15 minutes.

anyway, on my way home i got a nosebleed and puked at the same time and thought i was getting the crazies because jeanne was telling me all the details of the crazies remake at dinner ! but i don't really feel crazy and i haven't hacked anyone up yet or anything. it was miserable though and i felt really sorry for myself and very alone on earth and had to walk into qdoba to get napkins !

when i got home, i regemmed and reenchanted all of my rogue's gear (which set me back 3000 gold !!!!!) and then we raided. the new 5% buff made everything pretty trivial, though we still wiped on bloodqueen before calling it. the most exciting news is that a new dagger dropped !


unfortunately i was in various states of gems/enchants/daggers all night so i can't tell if my dps improved (i also had to disable my damage meter because i think it was causing disconnects).

one last thing ! jeanne was talking about st elmo's fire, which i've never seen and i looked up some pictures of it- what the fuck could this movie be about?????


like, why is there a grandma there? why is ally sheedy dressed like paula poundstone? why is rob lowe dressed like the neighbor from empty nest???? why are 2/3 of them wearing their ties like necklaces????? why is demi moore... doing what she's doing? i hate it. i hope i never see it.

p.s. mouse has off this week but he's visiting his new nephew scott (i've gotten lots of informative texts like, "scottie likes pooping") and doing band stuff. i hope we get to hang outtttttt.


  1. But really, he does.

  2. i also heard that he likes sleeping and eating !

  3. Oh yeah. i thought I was always hungry. When I hold him, he turns his head and starts looking for a boob. Good luck with that one, buddy.

  4. "it was miserable though and i felt really sorry for myself and very alone on earth and had to walk into qdoba to get napkins !"

    i love you

    it took me forever to figure out what you meant by 'a grandma' - you mean the lady in pink? she is just 'the prude' but is everyone else's age, haha. i saw this many times when i was young but the only things i really remember are:

    - demi moore goes nuts, which you can tell by the fact that she... locks herself in an empty room with all of the windows open?
    - really sexual saxophone

    i can't remember ANYTHING about the plot really, but i think it might be sort of like 'the breakfast club goes to college'

  5. also i LOVED the song 'man in motion' when i was a kid and sometimes i still feel st elmo's fire burning in me. i think that i am going to start calling wine slushee syndrome (aka when i drink a wine slushee at the state fair and it makes my marrow feel molten) 'st elmo's fire' from now on.

  6. hahahaha i love everything you just said, brooke.

    1) when i hear the song 'st elmo's fire' i get goosebumps
    2) all jeanne could tell me is that demi moore has an andy warhol style painting of herself on the wall, which is the most 80s thing ever
    3) i can't believe that lady in pink isn't like, their teacher? wait, are they adults???

  7. they're in COLLEGE or have just graduated college if i remember correctly. generally college-aged.

    i have the most intense vivid memories of lying in bed at night as a kid and replaying that song in my head and feeling BIG INTENSE EMOTIONS that i didn't have words for yet.

  8. dude, st elmos fire is one of those that if you see it for the first time as an adult, you'll hate it. i saw it for the first time last year and i thought it was the worst pile of garbage ever. also i just sat here for a good solid 10 minutes with my friend and we wheezed until we cried about your photo description paragraph

  9. hahaha. well having only seen it recently can't you understand my confusion??? i refuse to believe there was ever a time or a context where that looked cool !