Thursday, March 25, 2010


i'm gonna be up front, this entry is mostly going to be about crocheting and yogurt.

yesterday christina and i met up and walked home from work together and it was delightful ! having someone to talk to made the walk go by a lot faster. i mean, it's like... a 15 minute walk, but it's a boring one with very little to look at now that those men's underwear that were stuck on the powerlines are gone. the urge to nap after work is incredibly strong since i got into that shitty pattern of napping after work and staying up super late, but i resisted- unfortunately i'm still staying up super late though ! i was like, basically catatonic after work because i was so tired, but i stayed up and started a new chewbacca since i got my dk yarn from knit picks.


doesn't it look like bigfoot's ghost right now? its eyes plaintively staring at me was a total mindfuck, too !

i know it's boring when people talk about what they eat but to work on ED stuff i'm trying to generally eat the same exact things at every meal, because it's much easier for me to control what i'm eating with a routine than when i try to be spontaneous or, you know, enjoy food. i have a feeling that i won't be able to enjoy food for like 10 years, or ever? anyway, i've been eating:

- yogurt
- fruit (pears !)

- almonds
- pretzels

- quorn patty (or veggie burger) on a wheat roll with spinach/artichoke cream cheese
- baby carrots

- red beans and rice and peas
- soup with spinach and pasta and white beans and olive oil
- some kind of fake meat thing, sweet potatoes, and a vegetable

when i write that out, it doesn't really sound like a lot of food, but i tend to eat larger meals at dinner time (and i've had trouble sticking to the dinner options this week) because that's kind of the uh, danger zone for me as far as disordered eating. anyway, the point of me telling you all that is that i deviated from my usual dannon all natural vanilla

dannon vanilla

and instead got stonyfield organic french vanilla


i really love greek yogurt texture (but never the taste? i'm american, i want really sweet yogurt, spiro) so i um... usually leave my tubs of yogurt sitting out for a night so most of the whey separates out and the yogurt gets thick. but this stonyfield yogurt is totally weird and every morning when i open the container there's like two inches of whey on top and the texture now is basically like noxema? it's really weird and tomorrow's breakfast is going to be grim !

i did just remember that i have an ice cream maker though:

ice cream maker

so i think this weekend i'm going to get stuff to make dark chocolate cherry froyo for me and christina.

i really truly have nothing to talk about. now that i'm not napping i don't even have cool night sweats and stuff to write about !

p.s. i'm kind of busy at work today and it blows


  1. seriously, those eyes. and no mouth.

    O O

    i wonder if those are chewie's hungry eyes.

    i wish someone would make vegan greek yogurt 'cause i HATE sweet yogurt. also i just bought a tub of plain soy yogurt and opened it this morning and the top, beneath the sealed plastic thing, was ALL MOLDY. worst :[

  2. ahhhhhhhh that's awful ! have you ever tried making home made soymilk? i'm not sure how it strains though since there's no whey !

  3. Please don't apologize for posting what you eat, I find this interesting. But I am also really boring. One of the nerdy things I do is every Monday I make a meal plan for the week so I know exactly what I'm going to be making. But this is more OCD than ED I guess.

    I actually just made the switch to Stonyfield Fat Free Vanilla and Peach from Yoplait Low Fat. And I love it. I mix the whey back in to combat the Noxema-consistency. Its one of the few yoghurts I can get at the normal grocery store that doesn't have corn syrup in it. I don't allow myself to go to the fancy grocery stores because I freak out and buy all sorts of crap.

  4. If I buy a big tub of anything usually it's just that Dannon vanilla for smoothies, but I looove the little 'cream on top' Stonyfields! Pretty sure there used to be a coffee version that was awesome. All I can find lately though is the 'smooth and creamy.'

  5. I am kind of obsessed with skyr yogurt, because it's awesome, and has no fat and 8 million grams of protein, and is super thick. I guess most brands aren't super sweet, but i think the brand's strawberry or blueberry flavors are pretty sweet. I keep telling vig he should like it because it's like his native food or something, but i don't think he is as excited about it.

  6. i actually looked for that at the store cause you mentioned it and i didn't see it !!!!! i also told him about some icelandic chocolate from whole foods that he should be required to eat instead of american chocolate but i don't know if he's transitioned yet.

  7. hahaha yes! We got that chocolate at whole foods and then ate it at the movies. It was pretty good and came with two bars instead of one, which was kind of exciting!

    also, if you find skyr, don't eat the siggis brand, cause you will not like it and it tastes like sour pudding.