Tuesday, March 30, 2010

sweet happy life

my life has gone downhill since yesterday. two very terrible and weird things happened when i got home from work !

1) i took a nap, which i've been trying not to do !
2) i realized that torturing christina while she watches gossip girl has metamorphosized into me actually enjoying gossip girl

gossip girl

i still have not solved the mystery of gossip girl's true identity but i did come up with a pretty good plot idea for the show- if everyone just stops backstabbing each other, they would all be much happier. except maybe gossip guy's greedy uncle. the nerve of that guy !

today's going to be pretty dull. i have to enter updates in our database today, and go buy some tokens (and qtips !), and maybe make some time to go pick up my yarn order at loop (i probably will not have time to do that unless i take a long lunch). i'm even bored typing all of that out to you ! maybe if i enter all my updates before 1pm, i'll reward myself with yarn shopping.


i understand that rewarding yourself with material goods for handling things you are actually responsible for is unhealthy behavior, but the yarn i like is like $6 a skein and i already paid for it ! haha. cheapest consumer.

i'm sort of nervous about going back to school. i'm taking my first summer class starting at the end of may, and the application for employees for summer classes is basically like... "do u want to go here check yes or no" and i checked yes. for fall, the guidelines are still not that stringent (3.0 gpa from another school, letters of reference, etc.) but since my gpa in college was 2.95 (because i got a D in a humanities class taught by a baptist minister and kept taking these weird film classes where i got Cs cause i hate movies) i'm afraid i'll be rejected and have to take a bunch of community college classes. nothing wrong with community college, except it's downtown and i already work on penn's campus, and i don't really have the killer instinct where i do stuff that inconveniences me even slightly.


i guess i'll have to suck it up if i really want to do this, because it's dumb and selfish and spoiled of me to shrug off 100% tuition to a good school. i should also make an appointment with admissions, though my previous visits have been pretty unhelpful- i presented them with all of my transcripts and letters and they were like, "just apply and see what happens !!!!!(@()!@((#!#". thanks guys.

tonight i'm going to have an after dinner snack with mouse and then i have a raid. perhaps i'll also get to sing a song to christina with made up words about pubes, or the cat.


  1. "2) i realized that torturing christina while she watches gossip girl has metamorphosized into me actually enjoying gossip girl" <-- this happened with me, too, with both Sex in the City and GG. Except I watched it to make fun of it and feel better about my values - and then I started liking it.

    If I knew you had a blog I would have linked you/credited you for introducing me to Zenni like 2 posts back!

  2. haha ! hey ! i didn't know you had one either until i started looking at the captions on your flickr instead of just being like 'ooooooo kitty'