Friday, March 5, 2010

like the fool i am and i'll always be

dudesssss. last night mouse came over and watched band of brothers with me and christina ! we watched "crossroads" which i think is the most poorly-paced of all the episodes (the only episode directed by tom hanks, too.). it isn't bad by any means but the narrative is really stilted and it's frustrating because you can SEE what the narrative is supposed to be ! but after that we watched "bastogne" which is my second favorite episode.

doc roe and sgt lipton
you know, i think donnie wahlberg is a wonderful actor

i'm getting super amped up for the pacific and have spent like 24 hours caught in a wikipedia loop about the pacific theater. i guess my biggest worries are that it will be like pearl harbor, or (this is the bigggg one) they will try to downplay or gloss over the atrocities committed by US soldiers. like, yeah, the japanese were fucked up, but we were fucked up too (two sides to every war-y?). if you feel like hanging yourself, check out this handy wikipedia article about rape during the occupation of japan.

i was talking to someone about this and they suggested, probably correctly, that minor characters will commit war crimes while the major characters act appalled. the problem with this is that it requires the injection of a lot of fictional characters to be created to commit the war crimes, because i'm pretty sure there aren't that many marines who came home and were like, "oh yeah i killed a bunch of civilians cause i wanted to send my brother a jap skull, and while i was at it i raped like 40 women !!!!!"

i don't know. i'm still interested to see how it turns out, and i think it's cool that they're making a mini series about the pacific theater because i think very few people know/care about anything that happened during WWII besides like, the nazis.

nazi punks fuck off

i can't think of a good transition between war crimes and knitting so i'm not even going to try. while we were watching, i finished my mittens ! this is the first pair of mittens i've ever made and i'm super proud of myself, even though the pattern was really easy. also, i could've finished them in a week if i wasn't a lazy procrastinator.


oh, and after band of brothers, i had to raid. i was super tired, and we just kept wiping on professor putricide so it wasn't that much fun, but it's important to show up for progression stuff and non-fun constant repetitive deaths !


i've been super productive at work today and yesterday, by the way, and i think it's because everyone has been out of the office. i love my team and don't think they disrupt me, per se, but i think i'm less focused when there's lots of people talking around me.

i don't really have plans this weekend- mouse is going to be at red planet a lot recording, so i may just hang out with christina, knit, play warcraft, and if it's nice out, go outside???? jeanne also expressed interest in hanging out !!!! the world is my oyster.


  1. I was just at the bookstore. Guess which book I was looking over.

  2. i far prefer him to marky mark !