Monday, March 22, 2010

it's pearfection

i just ate the best pear in the universe, fyi.

heyyyy dudes. what's happening? my weekend was pretty good overall- on friday, i tried to go buy pants and jeans after work but that wasn't in the cards. i went to lane bryant (one of like... three fat people clothing stores? but this one is expensive and mostly has mom clothes) and their system of sizing jeans is baffling. like, there's three colors representing three body types, and within each color there's sizes 1-8? with 1 being a 14/16 and 8 being a 28/30 maybe? the girl working there was busy intently flirting with the security guard and wouldn't actually explain the sizes to me so i gave up. i did try on a few pairs and every pair of jeans on earth is low rise, which is a bummer for me.

mom jeans

then i came home and farted around and crap. on saturday, christina went to nyc, so i had to drive by myself ! it wasn't too bad- my only real problem was parking and unparking. also, on the way there, i was surprised to see a guy actually doing appropriate traffic signals with his arm (the likes of which i haven't seen since driver's ed), only to discover he was actually just fucking around with his arm in a way that turned out to mean something. i went to trader joe's and whole foods to pick up some groceries, including the trader joe's dark chocolate sea salt almonds


on saturday night, mouse and i went to our friend lauren's birthday party in ambler. we got to see bj, helen, and james, and uh... lauren, obviously ! haha. i haven't seen her in a million years and she was a very gracious host. also, our friend jessica who i haven't seen in like four years (who is very nice !) was there with her baby and i got to hug him and hold him and give him a bottle and he pulled my hair ! p.s. sorry to embarrass lauren but her mother was there and told us that when lauren was 2 or so, her mom was changing her baby brother's diaper and lauren pointed to his junk and asked what it was, so her mom told her, and she was like, "oh, i love peanuts"


mouse's spring allergies (and reaction to claritin) are totally nuts this year, so we went home pretty early. i had insane queasiness and stomach pain so i ended up staying up until 6am (last night i discovered that i forgot to take my birth control for like three days !). on sunday i woke up early and... well, i did some heroics with paul and ibrahim, but then i made pasta salad for a picnic in clark park !

pasta salad

my um, signature pasta salad is just avocados, tomatoes, and pasta (i'd put red onions too but mouse doesn't like them) with dressing- i like drew's smoked tomato dressing, but this time i used trader joe's tuscan italian and it was pretty good ! i also got some fake oreos (joe-joe's !) and pretzels and uh, capri suns, and we went to fairmount park and ate at an area mouse and i refer to as "the affair park" cause we saw two people definitely having an affair there once !

mouse enjoys some unappetizing-looking pasta salad

mike follows suit

then we went to old navy so i could return something and i got four of the same skirt:


in black, blue, green, and this print:


i say "skirt" but it's actually a tube dress. i tend to wear my pants and skirts up at my fucking armpits so these fall to the knee- their regular summer skirts like, reveal my vagina.

when i got home, i started crocheting my chewbacca. dudes, crocheting is easy? just look at youtube ! it took me 30 minutes tops to teach myself well enough to follow an amigurumi pattern ! unfortunately though, i used worsted weight yarn instead of dk, like suggested, and it's fucking huge ! i ordered some dk from knit picks to make some reasonably small ones, but i also ordered some larger eyes from 6060 so i can complete this chewbacca.



so far it looks pretty good, but i have to attach the eyes before i finish it, and they haven't come yet (because um, i just ordered them at like 8pm last night). i may make the arms tonight !

aaaaaaaand, finally, the second episode of the pacific aired last night, and i say with regret that it hasn't really pulled me in yet.


- i hate the tom hanks narration. i guess it's necessary, but i really don't like it. he has the WORST VOICE.
- the title sequence is beautiful but it's like, 400 minutes long.
- the episode was only 50 minutes long !
- it felt rushed and weirdly paced just like the first episode
- they keep TELLING INSTEAD OF SHOWING. like, they're being super heavy handed with the characterization of the main characters- like, "LECKIE, YOU REALLY KNOW HOW TO KEEP EVERYONE'S SPIRITS UP, YOU REALLY HAVE A WAY WITH WORDS, YOU'RE A BARD" and "BASILONE, YOU'LL GET A MEDAL FOR THIS ! YOU'RE A HERO !!!"
- it's just so clumsy trying to cover 3 years of time between 3 separate units (well, 2 right now) who don't interact with each other.

overall i'm cautiously optimistic. i also have to say that i keep comparing it to band of brothers, which it will never live up to, and that when band of brothers aired, i didn't know ANYTHING about what was going on so it was all novel and a surprise to me, but i've learned all about this stuff in the past 9 years, so knowing what's going to happen and to whom might kill it a little for me.

phewwwww that took forever. i'm gonna go have a ginger ale.

p.s. i bought a bunch of healthy food for lunch and brought everything but my veggie burgers to work
p.p.s. as i try to work on eating disorder stuff, my brain has shut down and no food seems appetizing to me anymore. i keep coming up with creative menus each week and i don't want any of the stuff i buy or make. ugh.
p.p.p.s. i registered for my first class for summer 2010 and i start in may !


  1. PEARFECTION ^___^

    "my um, signature pasta salad is just avocados, tomatoes, and pasta (i'd put red onions too but mouse doesn't like them) with dressing- i like drew's smoked tomato dressing"

    This sounds PERFECT (pearfect). All of my favorite things. That dressing is so good.

    That Chewie looks so pettable!

  2. i have to admit, the 'pearfection' thing was brooke baiting ! though i did eat a pear with breakfast.

    it really is the best pasta salad, the avocado chunks mostly stay chunky but a few break up and become part of the dressing and it's awesome. rotini is the best pasta for it cause it really catches the dressing/avocados.

  3. I am gonna get an avocado at the market on sunday and make this and put a ton of pepper in it.

    ps that peanut story. i am dead.

  4. Did you forget to mention that we saw relationship drama again at the park?

  5. "in front of all these white people !"

  6. We are bottoms (as in pants and skirts) twins. I physically cannot wear low cut jeans and every shorter skirt won't even cover my butt and/or vadge. This makes it complicated to find clothing.