Monday, March 15, 2010

warm woolen mittens

i did promise an abbreviated list of things i'm into so here you go:


1) dinosaurs
1a) every single animal living or dead
2) monsters (almost any monster)
2a) dracula, specifically vampires that are like dracula and are gentlemanly counts but also MONSTERS, not vampires with sunglasses and girlfriends and a single earring
3) young adult novels. well, reading and books in general- for adult novels i like margaret atwood, joan didion, jm coetzee, thomas hardy, james joyce, etc.
4) christina and living with christina
5) crappy punk music
6) bicycles
7) most stuff that mouse says
7a) eagle scouts
7b) interesting non-internet nerds
8) history
9) knitting
9a) learning new knitting things
9b) ravelry
10) world of warcraft (horde only)
11) food
11a) all fruits except canteloupe
11b) all vegetables except bell peppers
11c) the food network
12) the simpsons (seasons 1-11)
13) my mom and my brother
14) everything jeanne has ever drawn
15) being a woman and hanging out with women and being a feminist and feminism

it was really hard to stop at 15 but no one will probably even read 15. it's also just the first 15 things i thought of. big ups to coca cola, sleeping, "wayne's world", gary larsen's far side comics, motown records, cartoon teeth, the muppets, indian buffet, handsome dudes, the honda fit, all fruits except canteloupe, westerns, pentel r.s.v.p. ballpoint penns, my job, and farting.


  1. I love those RSVP pens! I just bought some. But what about your floaties?!

  2. i haven't really cared about those since like.. 4 months after i started caring about them !

  3. 1) all animals except for DOMESTIC INSECTS (spiders excluded)
    2) yelling BOO and BO-RING
    3) butts of women, as of like two years ago
    4) homos
    5) befriending/admiring old ladies
    6) video games
    7) records
    8) punk rock
    9) patti smith
    10) wasting my genius