Monday, March 15, 2010

i've got you in my sights

what a good weekend ! on friday, nick and sandi came down from new york. christina and i met them at monk's (monk's on a friday night during happy hour times ahhhhhhh) and had the best time. i tried the seitan cheese steak and was kind of disappointed- it was hard to eat and had no real flavor besides "seitan". i'll stick with the antwerp burger from now on (vegan burger with sottocenare truffle cheese & shitake mushrooms) !

this is not the vegan burger

nick and sandi came back to our house after that and we drank the fancy, extremely bitter beers nick brought and had the best time ever but all i can really remember was we laughed a lot and painted our nails? i think we convinced them to move here though, which is awesome because nick is the best and sandi is like, the best cutest funniest.

on saturday, we ran some errands- we dropped off my laundry, went grocery shopping, and went to a.c. moore to get chewbacca and ewok fixins. the chewbacca pattern is pretty weird- she was like 'get rust and greyish silver variegated dk weight yarn !!!' but that's a magic thing that doesn't exist. i just got, uh, "brown". and i bought a million creepy eyes on etsy !

doll's eyes
from (ahem) fashion diva crochet and 6060

then we came home and i watched some crocheting youtube videos and made a swatch and brushed it to see if i could get the furry effect needed for the chewbaccas:


i was worried because i had to get acrylic yarn, but it furred up nicely ! after nick and sandi left, mouse came over and we watched enemy at the gates, to continue our WWII kick.

enemy at the gates

it was... pretty silly but entertaining? i love that all the russian people had british accents and all the germans had british OR american accents but when people on either side spoke to each other they could all understand each other ! haha. i didn't have high expectations because mouse has been suggesting i see it for years but made no bones about it being anything but silly and entertaining. also, ed harris is totally a great nazi and joseph fiennes looks just like my brother ! i could have lived without seeing jude law get a siberian handjob though.

on sunday, i slept as much as possible. it was rainy and cold and miserable and i didn't feel like doing anything. mouse took me to get my laundry, and then christina and i made kraft macaroni and cheese for dinner ! i had that and morning star buffalo wings and v8 to celebrate remembering to pick up zantac so i can eat like that.

morning star

and ! the moment i've been waiting for since it was announced in 2007 ! mouse, christina, and i watched the first episode of the pacific !!!

the pacific

some observations
- i will reserve judgement, but the pacing of the first episode seemed rushed. there's some dudes, some dudes went to guadalcanal, it looked like they were losing but they won, some other dudes came to guadalcanal, the end.
- the tom hanks narration at the beginning was a bummer but i guess necessary
- the characterization seems a little slim, and it's going to be tougher because it's based on the stories of three random people who don't really interact (sledge, leckie, and basilone) rather than the story of a company of buds
- we're basically 1-for-1 with the man's inhumanity to man thing (japanese soldier blowing up the medics, american soldiers taunting and torturing the japanese soldier)
- that one guy looks like stifler
- the characterization of leckie is really clumsy- they made him seem like a pretentious asshole that no one likes and are reallllly trying to drive home the fact that he likes to write
- some of the actors seem wayyyy too old
- tim from jurassic park as gene sledge !
- i'm confused as to why they cast a short non-italian dude as john basilone? i'm used to hollywood thinking that no one can tell the difference between an italian person and a hispanic person, but this is especially weird because the actor playing "manny rodriguez" looks a lot like the real john basilone?


the actor playing basilone

the actor playing manny rodriguez

overall, i was entertained, and i'm curious to see where they're going with it. it's hard to remember what my first impression of band of brothers was since i first saw it almost 10 years ago, so maybe i was reticent then, too.

anywayyyy hay guys.

p.s. at like 2am i got obsessed with how romantic "hungry eyes" is and even though i've barely seen dirty dancing all the youtube videos were clips from the movie and i was like, "godddd this movie looks so gooooooood."


  1. 'hungry eyes' was a serious part of my youthful sexual awakening, haha. like it blew my mind because i KNEW it was about boning but i could NOT figure out how exactly? so i would always listen to the words very carefully. because of this song i was convinced for years that people could tell if you were thinking about sex just by looking at your eyes.

  2. haha it didn't even occur to me that it was about sex ! i was like IT'S ABOUT MYSTERY AND ROMANCE AND MYSTICAL CONNECTION. i still think i'm right.

    i feel the magic between you and i-i-i-i.