Wednesday, March 17, 2010

decorative popcorn

what's up dudesssss. yesterday after work i went to mouse's to theoretically help him hang a mirror. he has a big mirror that goes into a frame built into his door, and the frame broke. it turns out that the two of us together are not strong or smart enough to fix something like that though ! but i did get to see him attempt a one-armed push-up (he's not there yet, though i did make him try one knowing he just decided to start learning to do one recently) and watch part of a pavel tsatsouline video with him. pavel tsastsouline is apparently some russian guy whose schtick is that he's a tough russian guy who whipped the red army into shape, and he is really into bodyweight-only exercises and kettlebell.


anyway the only reason this is interesting at all is that he totally exaggerates his russian accent so he sounds insane, and he starts every. single. segment. with "comrade,". like "comrade, now we are going to attempt a one armed push-up." like, we gettttt ittttttt dudeeeee you're russian.

after that i walked home, and stopped at milk and honey to look for treats. they were totally cleaned out and the only cupcake they had was a squash cupcake. isn't that ridiculous? that is like the dessert that a kid would get in a roald dahl book after his parents died and he was put in the care of some cruel relative. i gave up and went home and made fake chicken soup, which is really just fake chicken broth with thin egg noodles and an egg beaten with parmesan. usually it has a ton of carrots and green onions too but i didn't have either of those things and it's like, one of my ultimate comfort foods. it reminds me of mrs. grass' noodle soup which my grandma used to always make us when i was little.

mrs. grass

so, i'm nervous about this school thing. i applied for the summer session yesterday and am working on my slightly more complex fall application and in general i'm worried that my college grades from 10 years ago will count against me. i have like, a 2.95 or something (because i didn't take school seriously and i kept taking these weird film classes that i hated with the same professor, whose claim to fame was consulting on the script for 'beverly hills cop 2' and getting Cs) and they prefer that transfer students have a 3.0. but like, that was 10 years ago ! what does it matter !


i mean, i get it, even though the qualifications for this program are much less stringent than regular penn admission, they still have to have some standards. but like, i'm smart ! and i'm 28 now and not 18 and will totally take school seriously and do my homework and maybe even study ! what a crock.

anyway, hopefully i at least get accepted for the summer session. this is the class i'm interested in taking:

American Cultural History to 1865
This seminar will examine the everyday lives of early Americans as well as the key sources of cultural change between 1600 and 1865. We will look at a range of issues, including: sexuality; changing conceptualizations of death and childhood; the rise of consumer culture; and the racialized and gendered politics of early modern identity. We will visit halls, taverns, city streets, churches, slave quarters, shops, and bed chambers where we will observe the comings and goings of some fascinating people. We will also interrogate the pivotal interdisciplinary methods and theoretical approaches scholars have used to write early American cultural history. Readings will comprise a sampling of recent scholarship as well as a variety of colorful primary sources such as diaries and private correspondences. We will also study objects, 18th-century prints, and photographs. Requirements for the course include active discussion, critical reading, a mid-term paper (3–5 pages), and a seminar paper (10–12 pages).

can you imagine how much time i will spend either freaking out at people or wanting to freak out at people? i'm really excited !

last night was a raid night, and it was all right. we recruited some random combat rogue (i am a mutilate rogue) and i offered him a flask and the first thine he said to me was, "thanks, i'm LAGGING LIKE A HOE". this is amusing because like... every disagreement i've had in my guild was about someone saying something sexist (we have a policy that people can't talk like neanderthals so no sexist/homophobic/racist jokes or slang and no use of the word 'rape') and the first thing this dude said to me was a totally nonsensical sexist thing ! we sorted it out though- he apologized profusely and told me he's 16 years old. this is my life !

mama's little baby

p.s. i just noticed that i said i was 28. i guess i'm 27, but i've been saying 28 since january because i passed the six month point after my birthday. haha.


  1. ok, so what does "lagging like a hoe" even mean?

  2. well, lagging in video games just means that your connection is slow, causing the game to 'lag' and you to be a few seconds behind everyone else. what that has to do with hoes, i am baffled. the hoe is fast by nature. everyone knows that.

  3. that is the BEST part. it's a little rubbery ball that dissolves in the soup and basically just has a little bit of oil in it.

  4. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH D: i wish you could see my face right now