Wednesday, March 10, 2010

we few, we happy few, we band of brothers

hey dogs. last night mouse and i finished band of brothers ! no matter how many times i watch it (this is seriously probably my 20th time since 2001? not including watching individual episodes every time they air on a&e or history channel or hbo) the last two episodes still get me all choked up. i can say that mouse didn't cry at the end but an unknown assailant ran into my livingroom and threw sand in his eyes so it appeared that he was crying. THAT was weird !

band of brodogs

seriously i know i've been talking about it constantly for a week or so but you guys really need to watch it if you haven't yet. oh, between the gutwrenching 9th episode and the poignant 10th episode we went to green line to get cookies/brownies, and i have to say that the b.t. baking company cookie brownie is my favorite shit in the universe:

cookie brownie

after mouse left, it was raid time. we got through all the first bosses no problem (i'm a little disappointed because my dps has actually stayed the same or gone down since i regemmed and reenchanted everything? it's gone WAY up in heroics so someone suggested it may be a lag issue) and actually killed professor putricide. we've been having trouble with him because we haven't been able to get a perfect group on in awhile.


sooooo i haven't been as diligent at working on my plan (detailed in my first entry) as i would like to be. i'm not really sure how to remedy it- i have zero energy and motivation from being a stagnant lump all winter and it's hard to get myself going. i think i'm going to walk home from work today (i have a few episodes of the hardcore history podcast to get through, as recommended to me by ken) and maybe try to go do something outside after work. even if it's like... knitting outside.

p.s. i also ran into my friend mark and his dog little face and she is very soft
p.p.s. i was almost on time to work today !


  1. i love that one of the tags is "male crying." i am intrigued by band of brothers but i think it might be a bad time for me to watch it. also i am totally with you on the zero motivation/energy tip. realizing that netflix instant viewer works on my computer again has been like the most detrimental thing ever, haha.

  2. i can never find anything good on netflix instant viewing ! it's all straight to video stuff with lindsay lohan or ryan reynolds and is like 'date that girl' 'don't date him, girl' 'girls on a date' 'french fries' and stuff.

    yes, this is a bad time to watch band of brothers. <3 i don't recommend it right now.

  3. I'm still so pissed I missed Little Face.

  4. i would watch 'french fries on a date' in a heartbeat. a HEARTBEAT! there are sometimes cool things available. like right now i am watching Creature Comforts which is really really cute. but i mostly just put whatever on so there's noise in the background to distract me from the stuff i NEED to do, like homework and getting out of the house and books and stuff. haha.

  5. This should have been tagged "man getting maced" because that's what really happened.
    Did you happen to see this in the news today?

  6. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh <3 that article is great. it combines some of my interests !

  7. I LOVE Hardcore History!! I think his enthusiasm and willingness to make totally unwarranted conjecture are entertaining, and I especially love how he is constantly reminding us to actually visualize these things happening and how we would feel or react.

  8. my only complaint is that someone pointed out to me that he says 'basically' constantly and now it's like fingernails on a chalkboard !

  9. Some jerk came by and kept throwing sand in my eyes while I watched the last two episodes too. What's up with that?