Thursday, March 18, 2010

your love is a river running soul deep

i had the best time with jeanne yesterday ! she asked me to hang out because it was so nice out ! while i waited for her, i went to mariposa co-op and bought some fake chicken broth and a dark chocolate bar with whole cherries.


then we walked to clark park and petted a billion dogs (well, two. but we saw some other dogs ! including a neapolitan mastiff right next to a chihuahua, an australian shepherd mutt, some pitbulls, a fox terrier). thennnn we stopped at a pet supply store on baltimore and went in because they had a kitten for adoption in the window from a local shelter. i bought pizza some catnip just so we could pet the kitten !

kitty !


she was super cute and suuuuper tiny and super chirpy and talkative. we're trying to get everyone we know to adopt her. she was reaching through the bars and batting our noses and hands !!

after cat petting, we walked down to vientiane, a thai/laosian restaurant. i really love vientiane but i basically always forget it's there. i had the tofu lad na (which is tofu, wide rice noodles, and this like... amazing thinly sliced broccoli) and it was awesome

tofu lad na

by the way, is anything more unappetizing than camera phone pictures of peoples' food? i've never seen one that looked less than disgusting. i don't know why i take them.

we went back to my house after that and hung out with christina, and (sort of) true to my word, i practiced crocheting. i did a bunch of rows of single crochet to work on my tension (though i used this sort of weird thick/thin tweed yarn which made it impossible to tell how i was doing !) and feel confident enough to start youtubing double and half double crochet. christina has also graciously offered to show me if i can't get it since she taught crocheting forever.

once jeanne left, christina and i watched the terminator


and i have to say- you know the scene where the terminator is killing all the sarah connors he can find, and one sarah connor just made an awesome looking sandwich and he kills her before she can eat it? that bummed me out, so i ordered a sandwich even though i'd gone out to dinner 5 hours earlier. i got a little bit of indigestion but i basically never want to miss a sandwich opportunity before i get terminated.

i'm going to go forage for breakfast food. i'm getting good texts from mouse today because he's super high on allergy medicine.

oh, yeah, i got accepted for penn's summer session ! that isn't a huge deal because uh, all employees really have to do is 1) have graduated high school and 2) give them $35 (and believe me, i understand that both things are a huge hardship for most people, so i'm not saying that like LOL ITZ EAZY !!!!), but i'm excited to register for a class on monday !


  1. - i love that cattttt
    - congratulations on getting your school stuff squared away! i can't wait to hear awesome school stories.
    - post mouse texts plz

  2. yesterday's texts from mouse:
    - braveheart of the rodeo
    - poop john paul
    - let's go to the outfield and tease victorino with muppet jokes (one of the phillies looks like a muppet)

    - mixing meds. feeling kooky.
    - i'm a little stoned on claritin. i wish you were here so i could hug you.
    - wait. it's not claritin. the box says mdma. is that for allergies?
    - okay, let's try this with pepsi (we have a joke that drinking soda makes him wild)

  3. alskhalhaha. braveheart of the rodeo is favorite text of all time.

  4. congrats on school stuff !!! i looked in the windows of that same shelter when i was in philadelphia ! luv u kittens.

  5. hmm might not be in the same place- it isn't a shelter, just a pet supply store on baltimore? but stilllllll you should've told meeee you were here !

  6. i love that kitty! and i'm following yours now too!

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