Friday, March 12, 2010

first you stick a rag, put it in the bag, bump bump

i want to start this entry with a quick list of things i'm not into. i was reminded of this the other day when an acquaintance suggested that i might love an internet comic strip. i think as a fat girl who opts for mostly dark colored clothing (this is not a style choice but a choice determined by fat girl clothes makers who only make stuff in black, pastel, or grimace purple (which does not work if you are the general shape of grimace)), a lot of people make a few common mistakes about my interests/personality.

hated it !!!

things i am not into
- cherries, skulls, bettie page, that emily strange thing, any kind of dumb rockabilly stuff or mall goth stuff
- anime or like... 75% of japanese pop culture stuff
- internet humor, internet slang ('fail', the baffling contingent who thinks 'ftw' means anything but 'fuck the world', lolcats), internet comic strips (achewood, xkcd, that dinosaur one, etc.)
- stand up comedy (i do like patton oswalt, but that's like... it), british comedy like monty python, eddie izzard, the IT crowd, etc.
- any kind of vampire besides dracula (no vampires with sunglasses, jobs, love interests that aren't pure bloodlust, etc.)

my next installment will include a list of things i am into. maybe i'll do that this afternoon if i get bored !

yesterday i was profoundly depressed because i've been screwing up my birth control schedule (i forgot it monday, took two tuesday, forgot wednesday, took one randomly yesterday morning...?).


i didn't make the connection though, i was like, "welppppppp, life suddenly sucks and i have no friends and everything sucks and everyone hates me and i hate everyone" until that night. christina met me after work to take an exciting trip to cvs with me (wooooo cat litter), and mouse graciously came over to keep me company and give me long hugs. hormones are fucking weird. taking these has lessened my anxiety a lot but since i started taking them i've been pretty bummed and lethargic and tired all the time. maybe i'll talk to my doctor about other anxiety management stuff, though i'll be sad to say goodbye to all the indiscriminate rawdogging microgestin has afforded me.


this weekend should be fun- nick and sandi are probably coming down from nyc to stay with us tonight. it's going to pour so i think we're playing a board game? apples to apples? christina explained it and it sounds like i can't cheat so i'm not sure i'll have fun. on saturday, mouse and i are going to continue our theme and watch enemy at the gates. i'll also see if i can get mike around, and diana should be in town doing hair.

oh ! i forgot to mention this, but no one was really on to raid last night so we did a 10 man and i had the best time? i was totally exhausted but we had a really good group with almost no duds and talking to everyone on vent was fun. i got to show off my french skills (i know three colors, man, woman, and i can count to two but i couldn't remember one) to the two french canadians who were in the group. one of them also told me that in quebec, the simpsons is called 'les simpsons'.


  1. xkcd is the absolute worst thing ever and it kind of gives me anxiety, because the dude who writes it is like...the archetype of dudes who are attracted to me. UGHHGHGLDFHSKLH.

  2. mike and i had a big problem where EVERY MORNING he would link me to that day's xkcd. mike takes criticism really well and good naturedly so every day i was like GOD FUCKING STOP SHOWING THAT TO ME IT'S SO STUPID I FUCKING HATE IT and he was like 'okay !!!!' and then would just do it the next day. i think not having access to aim at work is the only thing that stopped him.

  3. Regarding non-dracula vampires, what about ones in 'The Lost Boys' or 'Fright Night'? Or I guess if you don't like them, would you put them in the same camp as Twilight/True Blood et al... ?

  4. i'm truly not into 'lost boys', though i love 'fright night'(but of course i love peter vincent)