Tuesday, March 9, 2010

alas and alack

i wasn't going to update today but i wanted to point out this awesome blog comment that sums up how america feels about fat people. gabourey sidibe announced, pre-oscars, that she'd already found her oscar dress. in a comment on the dumb celeb gossip blog about it, someone posted the following:

"I doesn’t matter what she wears. She’s still gonna look like crap.
She has got to lose weight or she’s going to die young. Having said that, even if she loses the weight she’s still unatractive."


it has everything !
1) justification of fat prejudice under the guise of caring about the fat person's health.
2) assertion that the person is, indeed, physically ugly
3) driving home the point that the fat person will always be disgusting and ugly

i wish i had a flame thrower and like... a lot of flame thrower fuel and a tank and a twitter where i could warn the people who don't hate fat people to get into their cellars.


  1. there has to be a bomb that does something like that? a shit-head seeking bomb?

  2. maybe i can make a poison that only reacts to axe body spray

  3. man i'd be fucked, i don't have a twitter OR a cellar! maybe we can work out some sort of biblical system where non-shitheads can swipe the blood of a lamb or something less gross over their front doors so the angel of death will pass them by. We could call it the fatsover?