Thursday, March 11, 2010

you've gotta rub me the right way

last night i dozed off during the simpsons (as is my wont) and woke up to american idol. how is this a show that people watch? i don't understand why you would want to watch nerds do acoustic christina aguilera covers? or pretend that the winners will be doing anything in 5 years besides giving handjobs in a bus station? i think the only thing more baffling to me is so you think you can dance because i'm pretty sure there isn't even a career we're pretending those people are gonna get?


as you can tell i didn't actually do anything after work (i did walk home though ! and was like GOD THIS IS TAKING FOREVER NO WONDER I'VE BEEN TAKING THE TROLLEY LATELY and then when i got home i was 18 minutes into my history podcast that i started when i left work, which included a trip to the store to get ketchup) so instead of my life i'm going to talk about star wars amigurumi. i'm not usually into amigurumi (besides LOOKING at it) because i am an adult and don't need toys, but i bought these patterns on etsy yesterday:

ewok !

chewy !
from lucyravenscar on etsy

and i'm going to make a million of them. like, i can't think of anything more satisfying than like 500 of those ewoks covering every surface of everything i own, like a crazy person.

i also want to draw attention to this- the "NOT SURE WHAT IT IS" in this person's etsy store.


what the hell is that??? someone BOUGHT it !!!! my friend tori's best guess was, corn with intestines hat and i think that's about as correct as anything can be. i also want to add that it baffles me that that person has so many etsy sales of stuff like:



when i regularly come across etsy stores with uh, actual good shit and beautiful art and awesome craftsmanship who have like, two sales. i'm quitting my day job and selling corn with intestines hats on etsy !

p.s. i am the saddest crappiest ever today.


  1. omg that chewbacca is so fucking cute!

  2. does he have blue eyes... in star wars? i almost said 'irl'. i assume he has brown cause he's a brunette.

  3. i also would want those ewoks all over the place. one would never be enough !

  4. I made a bunch of amigurumi one year for Christmas, and my hands turned into claws. I haven't made one since but it's fun watching them COME TO LIFE~ as you crochet.

  5. the best part for me is that to get the fuzzy effect you're supposed to BRUSH THEM WITH A CAT BRUSH !!!!!!! brushing teeny chewbaccas !