Tuesday, March 2, 2010

adult books

i am the crankiest person in the world today and am barely hiding my contempt for a coworker and i need to adjust my attitudeeeee. i guess it's good that out of 70-ish people i only work with two or three frustratingly annoying people, though. also while typing that sentence i realized i need to revise my first sentence and more accurately say i am NOT hiding my contempt for a coworker.

last night i had to work late, and spent most of my night playing warcraft (notice a trend?) but i did actually make a real dinner ! i made:

quorn roast

- quorn roast
- orange sage gravy
- peas
- spanish rice from my beloved tube of rice and seasoning

the gravy was inspired by only having like 1/4 cup of orange juice left, which isn't enough to drink- i basically made my regular gravy recipe but replaced 1/4c of water with 1/4c of orange juice and added a splash of apple cider vinegar. i have to say though that this will be the last quorn roast i'll ever make. i've made about 6 or 7 of them in my life in various ways (cooked from frozen, cooked thawed, cooked in a roasting bag with oil and herbs, cooked in a roasting bag with marinated, taken from the oven and put in a sauce while warm) and it's always so dry it's hard to swallow. last night was no exception ! like, a log of vegetarian garbage shouldn't be hard to eat. hear that quorn? fix it !

after dinner, i did part of a 10 man icc (and of course no good loot dropped). i also think i may have figured out my connection issues? i disabled two of my mods and my disconnections totally stopped, but they are two of my favorite mods :( i left early to have some couch time with christina and we watched some tv together and i half-heartedly cast on for the lovely leaf scarf. i started it the other night during band of brothers but ended up ripping it out because my yarn-overs looked weird.

yarn over

tonight i'm having dinner with jeanne and i'm totally going to drink 100 sodas because i'm so cranky !

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