Wednesday, June 23, 2010

i eat stickers all the time

heyyyyy dudessssssss. i'm feeling pretty good ! i slept pretty well last night and once i'm done writing this stupid thing i'm going to get a gigantic iced coffee !

you guys haven't really missed much. our internet was out for a few days, so comcast came and replaced our router. it confuses me that no one at comcast understands how the internet, computers, tvs, or cable works. like every single person i talk to is clearly doing that thing where they make up an answer and hope you don't understand computers or whatever enough to question them.


among other things, he told us that the reason our internet was fucked up was because our router was too old and not "compatible with xfinity" (really? it isn't compatible with an intangible thing that amounts to little more than a marketing campaign?), that hdmi cables "don't work" (the sound on our dvr box cuts out, and he said it was because "hdmi cables don't work" and no one uses them and we should use component cables, which are "the same"), and asked me if i painted my frank frazetta prints.


anyway, our new router seems to work. i'm really nervous because i'm taking online classes starting in july and i hope to have a reliable internet connection so i don't have to take them at work.

when christina got home from work yesterday, we watched youth in revolt. i remember liking the book, which i got in the same shopping trip as girl by blake nelson, both based solely on their covers, with a walden books gift card i got at school for being a nerd.

youth in revolt + girl

i can't say i actually remember much about the book so i couldn't really compare it to the movie, but the movie was really wooden and dispassionate. like, there were definitely some really weird/funny things in it, but overall it seemed like everyone was phoning it in. they had a great cast too ! it just like... lacked any kind of feeling or excitement which seems like important stuff for a movie about first love and blowing stuff up. i assume the book wasn't that good either though because i barely remember anything about it, though i totally hated girl and i remember every single word of it (todd sparrow, cow dress, we are all pretty candy, sins of our fathers, etc.).

i knitted for awhile and made some progress on the entrelac scarf. i'm being super annoyingly insecure about it because i can't believe anything i don't like is desirable in any way to any person, so give me some reassurance. here's some stuff i don't like.

entrelac scarf
entrelac scarf

john krasinski

bell peppers

mint stuff that is green instead of red, pink, or white

no one likes any of that stuff right? ugh. i hope my craft swap recipient has an art teacher aunt she can pass it on to if she hates it.

last night i was going to kill zombies with ken, but i missed my chance, so i ended up watching love in thoughts, which i only added because i'm weirdly fixated on daniel bruhl (my celebrity crushes have no rhyme or reason- my last big one was bill paxton? and this was before big love ever aired, when he was pretty low profile). i'm happy to report, though, that i am into him even when he isn't dressed as a nazi (my biggest fear being that i'd somehow developed a "nazi thing") !

love in thoughts

the movie is about a suicide pact gone awry. it takes place in the 70s and involves a straight virgin and his openly gay best friend getting involved in a weird love triangle (virgin is in love with his best friend's sister, sister is in love with HANS, best friend is also in love with HANS, HANS makes out with brother AND sister, sister's best friend is in love with virgin) that leads to them deciding to kill everyone who stands between them and love (aka sister and HANS) and then kill themselves. it was really beautiful to look at, and they did a wonderful job portraying first love/first sexual experiences. the actress playing the sister, hilde, was really amazing, especially considering that she was like 18 or 19 when it was filmed. it was a little frustrating to watch a german subtitled movie though because i could understand what they were saying 75% of the time and it didn't always match up with the subtitles exactly. so like, maybe don't watch it if you took a bunch of high school german?

by the way, the reason i kept capitalizing hans is because hans was super funny looking and it was so funny to see people pining for him !


i have to go make fundraising calls now. twice a year, every year, everyone in my office has to do it, and it's always the worst day of the year. at least hardly anyone answers !


  1. roxy, i can promise you she will LOVE it. the colours are absolutely beautiful and the swatch you posted is knitting up to be really cool looking. i am not an art school teacher type (at least i dont think i am??) and i would love an appreciate that craft so much.

  2. thanks ! i think it looks pretty as a THING, like... a blanket or pillow, but it's hard for me to imagine a person wearing it just because i wouldn't.

  3. i can reassure you that no one really likes john krasinski or bell peppers and everyone who says they like either is playing a practical joke.

  4. i think christina said she thought john krasinski was CUTE. ugh !

  5. i think she was crossing her fingers at the time.

    ps did you tell the cable guy you painted those frazettas?

  6. i reallllllly wanted to but i didn't want to get into a whole sitcom thing where he'd ask me to make him one.

  7. i love bell peppers & mint anything of any color.

    i like that scarf but uh, i'd never wear it. but don't pay attention to what we think, we're punk!

    p.s. my little proof captcha word was "butch" teeheee

  8. I hate all of those things except green mint but I hate CHOCOLATE so I'm like...a total freak of nature that shouldn't be trusted.

    I also agree that non scumbags will like that scarf.

    ps. holy shit, hans

  9. do they even make green mint stuff WITHOUT chocolate?!

  10. You can sometimes get green mint julep syrup in a milkshake and get a vanilla mint shake which is my favorite (next to banana flavor with no real bananas) because I'm the grossest. Seltzer is also my favorite soda. ha.

  11. vanilla mint is truly one of the best flavors and smells