Friday, June 18, 2010

romeo and juliet

hey ! last night i went over to mouse's after work- we initially were going to watch pulp fiction, because christina hasn't seen it and she's like the #1 bruce willis fan of all time, but christina had to work late. we ended up watching the rescue, a doctor who two parter that introduces the second companion, the hilariously named vicki.


the basic story is that a human ship crashed onto the planet dido, and then a mysterious explosion killed all the native... didonians and humans, leaving only a teenage girl, vicki, and a jerk named barrett. barrett and vicki are being imprisoned by a weird space monster named koquillion, and barrett pressures vicki to be nice to koquillion so they can escape. because a rescue ship is coming to perform the titular rescue. the twist was pretty predictable, and sort of nonsensical, but the costume for koquillion was pretty awesome. the other great thing was that there was a scene where vicki is being descended upon by a sandbeast and barbara instinctively zaps him with a laser, and vicki bursts into tears and says, "you killed sandy !!!". cutest.

sandi jo mcsandmonster

mouse is cool. i'm glad i went to his house. he's been pretty accommodating since i've started being a weird hermit, about coming over to my house (i do have the superior movie watching tv, though !!!!) but i'm going to try to go over to his house more because i'm comfortable there and if i were him, i'd want to be able to hang out at home more too.

soooooo big plans for the weekend ! i'm going to like, hang hard and watch muppet things on my xbox ! christina and i set a brodown date for this evening, since she's been so busy with class and work lately and i've been like, hanging out in my room killing zombies. i assume we're going to eat dinner and get something stupid on payperview? and knit? i signed up for a craft swap on an online community i participate in, and of course i got this amazing woman who does amazing shit as my recipient. i have NO CLUE what to make her. i might try the pfeiffer falls hoooded scarf

pfeiffer falls

or this entrelac scarf i found on ravelry if i can find a way to do it without spending $50.

entrelac !

i don't really have plans on saturday. nick and sandi may come down from nyc and hang out with us??? i've already promised to let them watch me play video games and i think they're like, beside themselves with excitement. okay, i'm gonna go do some junk.

p.s. don't forget father's day if you have a cool dad ! since i had a deadbeat dad and he recently croaked, i got my mom some reusable grocery bags with philadelphia scenes on them- they had them at the grocery store and they have beautiful photographs of all of her favorite shit here on both sides, and she loves reusable grocery bags ! haha.
p.p.s. hi


  1. eeeeeeee Sandi Jo McSandmonster! Hahahaha! You are right, Nick and I are beside ourselves with excitement! Which is why I am using all these exclaimation points! ANYWAY, for me, watching people play video games is waaaay more fun and relaxing than playing them myself,so this is a good plan.

  2. i really hope you guys can make it, you are the besttttttttttttttt and we'll have the most fun ever !

  3. that monster reminds me of The Horror At Party Beach!

  4. they do have similar terrifying hands !!!!