Thursday, June 24, 2010

hoo's on first

they're cleaning the windows at work so all the blinds are open and it looks so sunny and cheerful in here. unfortunately the building is like... entirely windows so if we live the shades up we get cooked like ants under a microscope.


i got my first textbook yesterday and intended to do my reading for my first class ! and then of course i totally didn't do it. class doesn't start til july 6, so i have time ! heh? i helped paul make a website, which so far just contains a picture of his dog

tico garcia

and ate some m&ms and tried to watch another movie with daniel bruhl called ladies in lavender, where he um... plays a violinist who washes up on a beach and is nursed back to health by maggie smith and dame judi dench. i have to say, it is not quite as exciting as it sounds.

what the fuck
they're all... wearing lavender

what the fuck ! what the FUCK ! why am i watching this shit ! my celebrity crushes (though i don't get them frequently) rarely make sense and usually involve me watching a bunch of movies the person was in and then resenting them because i had to do that- my biggest celebrity crush ever was BILL PAXTON, and this was all wayyyyyy before he was on big love. for every aliens and near dark he made, there's like 20 boxing helenas and twisters. he wears a MESH SHIRT in boxing helena and utters the line, "hasta whatever." that's what i had to put up with ! god.

what? anyway, i unfortunately could not make it through ladies in lavender. i think i was supposed to feel for the old ladies, who were clearly hopelessly in love with their young guest, but as a young person it made me uncomfortable? like the dude obviously thinks of them like grandmothers and they let him rest his head on their shoulders and get grandma hugs and stuff while wanting to fuck him? that's weird, right? unfortunately the plot had not become apparent an hour and 20 minutes in so i am not actually sure what the story was.

bill paxton

there's bill paxton at his best to cleanse our palates.

after giving up on that, i did another left 4 dead 2 campaign with ken. this one was in a swamp, and it was sort of comforting because it looked like the black hammock (the area i grew up in).


i did half as well as ken which i've deduced as promising because he's MORE than twice as good as me. not sure how i worked that out, but whatever. this is only the second time i've played and i think i actually did worse this time. i definitely need a bigger tv, but that's going to have to wait until i'm very rich which is never going to happen because i have no ambition and i hate money, and i'm also not going to buy a tv just for video games.

or am i?


tonight mouse is coming over to eat spaghetti. i'm going to try to get him to bring a watermelon too but i'm not entirely sure how that's going to go. my plan is that he and i can both have some watermelon and then WHO WANTS TO CARRY A CUT WATERMELON HOME?? so i get to eat the rest of the watermelon.

mouse gets that little piece !

i gotta go, i have a meeting. BYE


  1. hasta whatever, roxy.

    ps i have a similar celebrity crush annoyance thing with tilda swinton. she forced me to watch constantine. CONSTANTINE. :[.

  2. tilda swinton is the coooooolest weirdesttttttt. i hope my friend francesca sees this !

  3. i'm probably never ever ever going to recover from how hot she was as gabriel in that crappy movie. like i think i immediately changed my livejournal profile to include 'tilda swinton as gabriel' as one of my interests, hahaha.

    oh also, TICOOOOO.

  4. you should break into paul's house while he's at work and pet tico !

    i was just looking at the website of that photographer who took those cool/weird portraits of naked ladies with wolves, and he had a series of tilda- (lots of naked people)

  5. ooooooooooooooooooooh i will def check that out when i get home. i'm kind of afraid of what tilda + wolves is going to do to my brains @#$D

  6. to the bride to be in the kitchen stuck,
    an asparagus cooker, with lots of luck.
    sincerely, cookie barfspringer.

  7. the cleansing the palate thing is the funniest