Monday, June 21, 2010

love those wildwood days

what's up dogs ! this weekend was kind of brutal because our internet is fucked up ! it was out for the majority of the weekend, so i had to watch dvds and regular cable and knit and read like a CAVEPERSON.

on friday, mouse came over to watch the phillies game. it was pretty great, except for our catcher getting obliterated by a broken bat. poor chooch !

looking at these pictures still makes me all choked up !

on saturday, christina and i went to loop to look at yarn for the craft swap i entered. the entrelac scarf calls for a variegated yarn, and i don't really like varigated yarns so i was a little apprehensive, but all the noro yarns came in beautiful colors. i got noro kureyon 250 for the craft swap project:

noro kureyon #250

and weirdly fell in love with this one for myself:

noro taiyo #8

i wasn't going to get the second yarn for myself, but i got $5 off and couldn't pass it up... even though i'm realizing more and more that really, i REALLY do hate variegated yarn and have no idea what i'd make with it ! that said, i started on the entrelac scarf for the swap and the pattern is like the most fun ever to knit.

it's much brighter in person, like the yarn above

i'm very concerned that it's too art teachery and patchworky and "crafty" looking. like, that look is the exact opposite of everything i like so i can't tell objectively if it's something that a young cool person would think was cool and would actually wear? but it's blue, purple, and geometric !

christina and i went to new jersey on saturday afternoon to pick up nick and sandi (he was there for his grandma's birthday party !) and take them back to philly ! !!!!! we had the best time, though i was feeling kind of sick so i wasn't my usual super exciting entertaining really cool self. we went out to vientiane for dinner and by'd our ob (one 950mL bottle of la fin du monde is enough to do me in now because i never drink anymore !). instead of getting tofu lad na, like i always do, i got the crazy pineapple fried rice. it was okay, i guess.

like this, but with white rice. and no peppers. and more vegetables. and not as pretty !

after dinner we got dessert treats from the gas station (they didn't have any fudgicles or choco tacos, so sandi and i were bummed, respectively) and went back to our house to watch movies and be weird. nick and sandi are the best and i hope they move here and live here forever and i get to keep them and marry themmmmm. what?

on sunday, our internet worked intermittently, so i spent most of the day knitting and watching the second season of party down. it definitely isn't as good as the first season (less ken marino and no jane lynch !) and i don't know if i've actually laughed at much, but i enjoy the story and the characters enough that it doesn't matter? also i'm romantically in love with lizzy caplan.


i do find it suspicious though that she's a comedian on the show but they don't really give her any funny lines? i guess cause she's miserable and hates her life and job?

ahhh, what else? i'm starting to get preliminary junk for my summer classes (which start july 6) and i'm really, really nervous. we're getting our router replaced on tuesday, but what if my internet goes out ! what if i don't remember how to write papers ! what if i can't manage my time effectively in an online class ! i know i'm an adult now (unlike the first time i went to college when i was like, 18) and i have way more tools to keep me organized now, and even as a dumb irresponsible teenager i did most of my work on time.

a stock photo of the typical college student

i've spent so much time lately with literally nothing going on that i feel really easily overwhelmed at the thought of suddenly having a few things to do. the classes are only six weeks long but i feel like i'm going into a convent or something because my evenings will be all tied up (well, from 7:30 - 8:45pm on MW and from 6:00pm to 8:45pm on TTh). i might try to make dinner after work with mouse and/or christina more often so we can hang out.

blahhhh i also just realized that this means i may not be able to play call of cthulhu with mike and co. depending on what day they do it ! school is the worst ! it's already making my life suck and i'll probably have to do it for like 6 more years !!!! blehhhh.

the stress is driving me mad !

i guess i should do some actual work now.

p.s. any time i see the phrase "male nurse" on wikipedia i edit it to just say "nurse".
p.p.s. i'm catsitting for the IT guy at work for the next two weeks, so look forward to some blurry cellphone pictures of ms. hoolie:


p.p.p.s. i just realized i haven't actually applied for the fall semester yet (summer semester is basically open to any employee without applying to the program) and i need to submit my application.


  1. i love variegated yarn so much. i dream of finding one that is all pinks and yellows cause one of my favorite looks is 'grapefruit.'

    lizzy caplan looks so familiar to me but i can't figure out why!! she reminds me of a beautiful thoroughbred though <3

  2. she was on an episode of 'freaks and geeks' as the girl who was into disco? and she was janice in 'mean girls' ! i loveeeeee e e ee e e e e her.

  3. YES FREAKS AND GEEKS!! She was nick's gf after he and lindsey broke up. ahhhhhhh thank you. she is so cute. party down stresses me out a lot though; i watched one episode and i felt exactly the way i feel at my own real life job that i hate so much.

  4. i have to say that it's been so long since i worked a shitty job that it's like... refreshing to me?

  5. i am taking a german class this summer and was also really worried since i haven't had to learn like that in 10 years. downside so far is that after 2 weeks i still keep trying to make plans for fun stuff on the night i have class! on the upside it is really fun and easy to learn something i am interested in. mostly because i am not busy thinking about whether or not everyone else in class noticed that i just got boobs like the first time i started to learn a new language.

  6. haha megan ! for me, german was a little unpleasant the first couple of years because there were legitimate BAD KIDS in my class who were sooooo mean to the teacher. also my teacher acted like an alien who didn't understand english or america even though she was american?

    i'm interested in both subjects, so i'm hoping i can keep myself focused and organized.

  7. hahaha! those kids who would sit in the back of the room and read gun catalogs!