Wednesday, June 2, 2010

whole world in his hands

i'm back at work for the first time since last wednesday ! so far it is very weird because i don't think my boss has read the email i sent her about my dad dying (she was out of town for work/on vacation til yesterday) yet. i still basically feel nothing but i am starting to feel a little weird because all of my coworkers care about me a lot and are being really nice to me- i actually think that's what's making me feel weird, because i cry any time anyone is really nice to me or really mean to me.

basket case

yesterday was my last day with my mom before she goes home ! her flight leaves at 2 today. we farted around the house in the morning and then jesse called me and was like, "WHAT ARE WE DOING FOR LUNCH????" so we made plans to go to chinatown. we went to lee how fook, the most highly recommended place in chinatown (i have no idea where real people eat cause i always just go to one of the billion veg. chinese places) and it was not that great. every time i go with people who eat meat, they LOVE their food, but i've had every vegetarian option at this point and every single one was gross.

bean curd with mushrooms at lee how fook

so those huge chunks of tofu? not pressed. so they were like waterlogged flavorless sponges. also there were 4 mushrooms in it. also we saw two live cockroaches on the ground. jesse and my mom liked their food though !! haha.

after that we... went to the first nail place we saw and my mom got her mustache waxed and jesse got a manicure and i got a manicure and pedicure. it was like $18 and totally worth it because my feet are disgusting. i say that with 100% pride- my feet are like leather and i can walk on any surface, i never wear socks, and i had alarming witch toenails. and they're like that because i use them ! but my callouses were getting uncomfortable (like, dry and CRACKING) and my toenails were all fucked up, so i paid $18 to have a guy use a dremel on them.


that was pretty cool ! it was also kind of brutal because i'm super ticklish- i had to stop him during the foot massage portion of the pedicure because it tickled and also i am generally uncomfortable with the ART OF THE MASSAGE being done to my body. i got my nails and toes painted these colors:

hot and spicy jade is the new black
opi hot and spicy and jade is the new black

i ended up buying both colors cause i like them and cause i liked the dude who did my feet (AS A FRIEND) and wanted to support their business.

after that, we took the trolley home and got stuck underground ! my mom was having a conniption because she's super claustrophobic and hates being underground anyway. and then once we started going, the line that attaches the trolley to the power source disconnected and made a huge bang and i'm pretty sure my mom thought it was a crocodile or something and freaked out. we made it out though, and the whole ordeal only took like 20 minutes.

trolley !

when christina got home, we got a car and went to pick up a few things- most notably, we got a really exciting curtain to put in our livingroom doorway to keep the AC in, and uh, paper towels? and and and uh... some hand towels for the bathroom.

unfortunately, i had a bad allergic reaction to those mosquito bites and i took two baby benadryl earlier in the day, so i was like... totally wiped out and out of it for the entire last day my mom was here. i kept switching between feeling like my brain was awake and my body was asleep and vice versa. how do people take benadryl? how do BABIES take baby benadryl?


anyway, i'm sad that my mom is leaving. i wish she lived up here, but then my brother would be bummed.

what else? i got an xbox but i didn't set it up yet or um, buy any games. i didn't want to ignore my mom for it (though she felt A-OK ignoring me for FARMVILLE !!!!!). i signed up for gamefly and got borderlands and put red dead redemption and alan wake in my queue, but i'm going to have a lot of setting up to do. borderlands is the only game that came so far and my borderlands friend is on vacation.


now that i put my air conditioner in my room and am going to hook this up and watch netflix on it and nerd off with some of my nerd friends, my chances of going outside this summer are getting slimmer and slimmer. HOWEVER, i am going to make a real effort to do stuff outside and hang out and go to peoples' houses.

p.s. i hope.
p.p.s. i miss my mom.
p.p.p.s. i got a bunch of nice clothes but i feel weird about it.


  1. nice clothes make me feel weird, too.

    it seems like meat eaters never want to trust a vegan's appraisal of a restaurant's food, but i have been to SO MANY restaurants beloved by meat eaters only to find that their veg options are a total crock of shit!

  2. i think it's downright weird to not be able to prepare tofu at a chinese restaurant because it's like... not a special vegetarian food in china, and they have it in lots of their meat dishes too ! but all their vegetable dishes are super greasy and the only vegetable in a lot of stuff is like 400 green onions.

  3. dude. that tofu looks disgusting

  4. I take Benadryl all the time in spring, in as low a dose as possible. I take birth control, too, and I think that sometimes THOSE pills make the Benadryl work even HARDER. Like, the other day I took a pill and then a Benadryl right after, and in 30 minutes I was a zombie crybaby. So... I don't know. It's the best for my allergies but damn.

  5. you know, i take birth control too ! maybe that did it. i'm STILL feeling the effects of it and i took it at like... 1pm yesterday. i definitely feel 100% like a zombie crybaby.

  6. how did i miss this? i am super sorry about your dad. though you've always been pretty straightforward about the nature of your relationship with your dad, i'm sure it's a mishmash of your own feelings and how you might feel expected to feel? does that make any sense? either way, i will say that i'm glad he contributed to you being here.

    those mosquitoes destroyed me. i didn't start wearing shorts or, like, above knee skirts until right around the time i met you because my mosquito scars were so bad that they gave me a complex. they were especially terrible for me that night. no more outdoor parties at my place!

  7. oh also i am really skeeved by any type of massage but especially on my feet which are all rough and disgusting from walking barefoot and on gravel most of my youth-hood. also because - ew. i feel less relaxed when getting any sort of "sensuous" massage.

  8. MANY more outdoor parties at your place!

  9. i agree with mouse ! many more outdoor parties at your house, though this time maybe i'll use bug spray? i have NO IDEA how i got so chewed up by mosquitos.

    thanks for your words about my dad. i'm still not sure how i feel about all of that.

  10. My feet are very calloused, I always assumed if I went to get a pedicure, they would throw me out. "No roughie feet allowed."

    Alan Wake looks like a great game.