Wednesday, September 1, 2010

reunited blah blah blah blah goooood

hey guyssss i'm back at work. today our new website launches anddddd it's move-in day for penn students. today is going to be really, really cool.

my mom is still here until tomorrow- i initially thought that she was leaving september 5, but she's leaving the 2nd ! it's been great having her here, though i have lost my patience a few times. like, the #1 thing that stresses me out is people asking me questions and making me repeat stuff and she is like... a constant stream of repetitive questions. she told me that i was being mean on monday though and i'm proud to say that i've been the nicest daughter ever since. yesterday she asked me some iteration of "what are we doing today" 13 times in 2 hours and i didn't even get mad !

la toilette
this is my mom's favorite painting cause it looks like me and her

we've done all kinds of stuff this week, but most of it has been shopping. when my mom visits, we end up shopping a lot, but like... shopping at ross and the dollar store and stuff. it's hard for me to post about this stuff because the least interesting conversations and blogs are all about the stuff people bought, but at the same time finding cheap plus size clothing is pretty exciting. i always forget that ross is a decent option for plus size stuff (well, shirts and dresses- they had a single pair of pants in my size and it was a pair of old lady peach elastic waist pleated pants). i got two neat stuffy society lady dresses and a bunch of shirts with puffy sleeves and a shrug by my favorite company, candy rain.

chocolate rain

i wonder where ross gets their plus size stock from? like, i've never seen any of these brands in stores or anything ever. if i knew what stores carried like, candy rain and leena jeans and steves of new york and stuff (that last one is made up) i'd definitely go there and get work clothes ! though i guess getting everything for like $7 each is a plus.

we also went to famous footwear, where i got... two pairs of shoes made by fergie. i don't really know anything about fergie except she peed herself in public and didn't give a shit (cool) and she's in the black-eyed peas (not cool) (also i think EVERYONE is in the black eyed peas, but especially wyclef and ?uestlove), butttttt her shoe line is called FERGALICIOUS? she has to know how disgusting that sounds. it sounds like putting your tongue on a moldy piece of cheese. i hate it ! they were $30 and buy one/get one, so it was a pretty good deal. they also fit my advanced ankles (though i don't really have comparatively big ankles)


so, what else did we do? we've hung out with mouse a few times, mike, and diana, and of course christina. we've watched a few movies, walked around, and eaten a lot of food. i love my mom, but it'll be exciting to get back to (relatively) normal eating once she's gone because my bowels are in turmoil.

oh, i also finished reading mockingjay. i can't really get too in depth with a review because a bunch of people i know haven't read it yet :(


i'll try to not ruin the book for you guys. overall, it was much better than catching fire and a good ending for the series, buttttt

- katniss became the most unlikable character ever by the end of the books (and suzanne collins kind of went nuts with the EVERYONE LOVES KATNISS AND ALWAYS HAS AND THINKS SHE'S SO SPECIAL AND LOVES HERRRR thing)
- i do not agree with the resolution of the team gale/team peeta thing
- some major characters died and there was like no reaction or emotion or even proper death scenes for them?
- muttations are the dumbest

okay, i guess i'm going to go. i should be able to write a better entry tomorrow when i don't have 10,000 people breathing down my neck !

p.s. please remind me to post about adult mutant ninja turtles (a series of texts mouse sent me).


  1. 1. That does totally look like Baby Roxy. I still have some baby pics of you in my room in Orlando.

    2. You realize that Fergie is Stacy from KIDS Incorporated, right? I think that is cool.

  2. i did know she was on kids incorporated, but i didn't have cable so i only really saw that show once !!

  3. Fergalicious sounds like a delicious concoction of Ferguson from Clarissa Explains It All and Sarah Ferguson? Which isn't actually delicious at all.

    I have always wanted to go to Ross, but there's never been one close to me! We should go sometime on one of my future visits to Philly because I wear the same three things everyday it seems.

  4. ahhh we should go, we have the biggest weirdest ross.