Tuesday, September 14, 2010

the winds of quiet change

mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn i woke up this morning and my eyes were dry, swollen, and itchy. i've never had this happen ever, but i've deduced that it's probably allergies? but allergies to WHAT ! i'll never know. i'm going to die.

hayyyy. so last night was my first writing seminar and... i'm underwhelmed. the professor was very nice, but there was a weird exchange at one point- i missed the first class, and we were supposed to bring laptops to do a writing diagnostic (which just involved... typing in a word document? why couldn't this be done on paper?), but i didn't have mine with me because i wasn't at the first class. i had to use hers, and we had this exchange:

her: please don't look at any of my documents
me: i wasn't planning on it !
her: good. that would be very disappointing


it seems like it will be a pretty easy class (knock on wood) so i'm not too worried. what i ammmmm worried about is that i bought my textbooks on amazon (because they were... $111 cheaper) and i may not get them by tomorrow. i really hope i do- amazon prime hasn't failed me yet. in the meantime, i may stop by the last word after work and see if they have a used copy of the huckleberry finn book (which is not just huckleberry finn) that i can take a look at.

creepy hand

i have like.. nothing else interesting to say because i'm hungry, dying of allergies, and dying of death, and am miserable. my morning was obliterated by a stupid meeting, and also i just realized i have to read like 238293088923 pages for genocide class !!!

p.s. remind me to talk about knitting tomorrow


  1. yo! it could be the new cat dander making you allergic, especially if she has been outside a lot and not bathed (not that i advocate bathing cats regularly, okay, don't flip!)

    also, not to be chicken little, but i hope she wasn't just being a sweet stray because she's pregnant. after my last time with nat, i will never, ever ever, foster a pregnant cat again! holy moly.

  2. boooo her owners took her back and she's ALREADY OUTSIDE AGAIN.