Friday, September 10, 2010

ning ning ning nang ning nong ning nang

dudes i am having major allergies ! well, not major allergies- i'm actually more accurately having minor allergies- but i don't usually have seasonal allergies !!!! my sinuses are killing me and so are my teeth. blehhhh.

sooooooo i had my first real class last night. not to say my summer classes weren't *real*, but they were both online. i was really, really nervous and ended up being like 30 minutes early, andddddd of course it was a classroom with these crappy desks:


i don't know if thin people have to think about stuff like this, but these are like the bane of every fat person or big-boobed person's existence. there was a woman in my class with big boobs whose boobs were just like.. resting on the desk and taking up all available desk space. for me, they're just super uncomfortable and it's a three hour class, so i opted out and just sat at a little table in the front. everyyyyyyyy other classroom in the building just had long tables and chairs ! every classroom !


aside from that, the class was really fucking cool and interesting. like everything she said made my brain excited. the professor herself is extremely knowledgeable and engaging, and surprisingly (for a genocide class) kept laughing? i think it was a combination of enthusiasm and incredulity. the only problem is that it's a 400 level class? i didn't know.. levels.. was something, i guess, so i didn't pay attention (i don't know how to go to school !) so i consulted with her after class. she said she thinks i'll do great and that first years have taken her class and done well, and that she doesn't grade on a curve because she's really into individual improvement and development of work, and she isn't a stickler about paper deadlines.

i'm going to go to the writing center on campus because i'm a good writer generally, but don't remember how to write papers. we have ten one page papers and one ten page paper, and for the ten page paper we have to hand in our proposals, our outlines, and our rough drafts so she can guide us and make suggestions, and i think that will work perfectly for me. i'm still nervous though and afraid i'm in over my head.

here's a picture of raphael lemkin, because there's not a lot of fun genocide pictures to post in a blog

i'm going over to the bookstore in a minute to get my books and i'm going to treat myself to some school supplies. hoorayyyyy.

okay ! big news ! tonight is jeanne's show at benna's. the show is called unclean spirits and it's russian folklore stuff and everything looks fucking awesome. check out her blog for more pictures of everything. i think this is my favorite piece and the one i'm going to try to buy:


i'm so excited and super proud of her because everything looks so great and because she worked super hard on this. her work keeps getting better and better with every show ! alksdkjaskd jeanne. !!!!

alsooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo jess and laszlo are coming tonight and coming to the show with us ! i'm passing on my old laptop to jess so she's coming down to get it. which reminds me that i forgot to take all of my shit off of it so i'll have to do that tonight while everyone is sleeping.

this weekend is going to be cool.


  1. i'm seriously in such awe of jeanne's work; i know i say that all the time but it consistently blows my mind!

    i honestly never thought about the desk issue until i started going back to school and there was a girl in one of my classes who couldn't sit comfortably in any of the desks, and since i go to a crappy underfunded community college she seriously had to fucking sit on the floor at the back of the room for the first few class sessions. ON THE FUCKING FLOOR. it really drove home for me how privileged i am that i do not have to worry about something so basic as seating availability.

  2. i think a lot of people don't realize that it's so uncomfortable for a lot of people- fat people, pregnant people, disabled people, people with big boobs, etc ! but it sucks that it isn't just something that is built in to the classroom- like, one table at the back with chairs or something couldn't possibly cost that much.